Luxury brands are the start of a larger domino effect when you’re looking for emerging market trends. When new styles and fads emerge from luxury fashion, the biggest trends often ripple down to contemporary fashion, followed by the mass market. With that in mind, I felt a little worried after seeing some of the new fall shoes from Saint Laurent, available at Net-a-Porter and MATCHESFASHION. It leaves me wondering if Hedi Slimane may be giving glitter its fifteen minutes of shoe fame.

Anyone familiar with me knows I love all things that sparkle and shine, but this abundance of glitter cheapens the allure of the shoe. Last fall, Miu Miu placed crystals on the heels of their shoes, and swapping glitter for crystals made all the difference. If we see more glittery shoes emerging in the upcoming months, we know where to point our finger.

Saint Laurent Glitter-Heel Patent Leather Shoes

Saint Laurent Babies glitter-heel patent leather shoes

Saint Laurent Glitter-Finished Leather Ankle Boots
$1,145 via Net-a-Porter

Saint Laurent Glitter Finished Leather Ankle Boots

Saint Laurent Glitter-Finished Leather Knee Boots
$1,395 via Net-a-Porter

Saint Laurent Glitter-finished leather knee boots

Saint Laurent Glitter-Finished Leather Pumps
$845 via Net-a-Porter

Saint Laurent Glitter-finished leather pumps

Heidi Klum recently hit the America’s Got Talent post-show red carpet wearing a dazzling pair of solid white Saint Laurent Janis Pumps. If you’re shopping for a similar pair, you can find Janis pumps in ivory for $795 at Saks. To browse through more of Heidi’s best looks, bags, and shoes (and a few that we find…questionable), click over to “The Many Bags of Heidi Klum.”

This is exactly the Heidi we like to see. All supermodels have their particular strengths, but Heidi has great shoulders and great legs (and a “whimsical Viking goddess” vibe that she should be legally allowed to trademark); this outfit shows both off resplendently. I don’t even mind the gold, military-style shoulder fringe! It all seems most appropriate for Ms. Klum.

Unfortunately, fur-covered boots are nothing new. Somehow, they seem to have snuck their way back into fall deliveries, despite your thoughts on fur. After some time spent in the fashion industry, things startle me, but occasionally I see something so bad that I can’t help but stare at it. As frightening as these Saint Laurent Goat Hair Ankle Boots are, I couldn’t look away from my computer screen when I found them.

This sheepdog look will startle innocent bystanders and leave them thinking that you possibly have small animals tied to your ankles. (And you do, sort of.) In addition to that, one of my many concerns with this boot is cleanliness. No matter the street, sidewalk or floor upon which you want to wear these boots, they will be ruined in a matter of seconds. My next concern is the studded, wraparound embellishment. It’s half covered by the goat hair, and because some hair is peeking over, it basically looks like my hair when I wake up in the morning: a disheveled mess. On top of that, I can’t think of a single thing in my closet (or in my endless Internet closet) that I could pair with these boots to justify them. No jeans, leather pants or leggings could make these boots work for me.

But don’t let my feelings stop you! If you wish to scare young children away, definitely grab a pair at Net-a-Porter for $1,995.

Shoes: Saint Laurent Suede Tribute Platform Sandals

Price: $1,145 via Barneys

Why They’re the Shoes of the Week: The Saint Laurent Tribute Sandal has struck with delectable suede for fall, and with its stacked platform and strappy design, these sandals prove that less is indeed more!

Here’s Heidi Klum, probably heading to some sort of business meeting in NYC, wearing a beautiful burgundy pair of Saint Laurent Suede Janis Pumps with a purple skirt and a color-matching knit top. She might not be wearing a “power suit,” but those Saint Laurents are definitely “power shoes.” You can find a pair of black suede Janis pumps for $795 at Net-A-Porter.

For a woman who has had quite a successful career on the runway and in the reality television realm of the fashion industry, Heidi’s personal style is all over the place. She has one of the most eccentric handbag collections we’ve ever seen (check out “The Many Bags of Heidi Klum”), and her tastes in practically everything fashion-related are a just a little offbeat.

Here’s Tamera Mowry, walking the red carpet at Sunday night’s BET Awards in a gorgeous pair of silver and black Saint Laurent Janis Cap Toe Pumps. For whatever reason, the only cap toe version of the Janis pumps left on the entire Internet appears to be this extra chic black on black pair, which is currently on sale for $402 at Saks. (And yes, that’s a jaw-dropping 50% discount!)

The Saint Laurent Janis pumps are essentially the platform pump’s last stand, and yet despite my platform fatigue, I’m incredibly partial to this style. The Janis seems exponentially more classic than the flamboyant platform pump styles of yesteryear. Celebs are also quite partial to the Janis pumps, we’ve recently seen them adorning the feet of supermodel Miranda Kerr, and country singer/reality star Jessie James Decker.

As the Rockstud is to Valentino and the BB pump is to Manolo, the Tribute Sandal is to Saint Laurent. The shoe has long been the brand’s footwear staple, launching YSL into the shoe stratosphere in the pre-Hedi Slimane days. With Slimane taking over and shifting the brand to an androgynous, rock’n’roll-glam aesthetic, is the Tribute Sandal starting to feel outdated?

The Tribute sandal debuted in 2004 under then-creative director Stefano Pilati, and even though Slimane took over in 2013, the brand continues to manufacture the sandal in various colors and heel heights. Without a doubt, the sandal is definitely profitable for the brand, but at the same time, a slight change may be needed. I think the sandal should still be featured in a platform version,but a single-sole option should also be made available to give this sandal a fresh twist on a popular design.

Do you think it’s time for the Tribute Sandal to be revamped, or do you think it’s fine the way it is?

Saint Laurent Tribute Croc-Stamped Platform Sandal
$895 via Bergdorf Goodman

Saint Laurent Tribute Two Mid Heel Croc Stamped Platform Sandal

Saint Laurent Tribute High-Heel Leather Sandal
$875 via Bergdorf Goodman

Saint Laurent Tribute High Heel Leather Sandal

Keeping with the brand’s edgy-meets-glam aesthetic, these Saint Laurent Janis Embellished Suede Ankle Boots are just that. The wrap-around silver buckle detailing gives this all-suede boot the signature rock ‘n roll edge, but unlike other boots from the brand, looking at the pitch of these boots gave me the chills.

The heel of this Janis Ankle Boot measures 130mm, which is equal to about five inches, offset by about an inch of platform. The heel structure of this ankle boot follows that of the brand’s popular Janis pumps, which has measured as high as five and a half inches. Maybe it’s the side profile view of these boots, but the brand had me fooled, because I thought this marked Saint Laurent‘s tallest heel until I read the description and stood corrected.

These boots did remind me, however, of the Christian Louboutin Allenissima Slingbacks, a.k.a the tallest single-sole heel from Christian Louboutin. If you were to ask which of the two would be easier to walk in, I would have to say the Saint Laurent boots; unlike the Louboutin slingback, the boot offers more support around the ankle.

If you are up for the challenge and can gracefully walk in these Saint Laurent ankle boots, buy yours through Net-a-Porter for $1,395.

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