Here’s that ever-changing fashion chameleon known as Lady Gaga, leaving her NYC apartment building in a pair of Saint Laurent Blake Bicolor Oxfords, which aren’t just inspired by menswear trends – they’re actually men’s shoes. She’s also carrying a vintage Hermes Kelly Bag and doing some crazy floral pattern power-clashing. You can get her ladyship’s man shoes for $715 at Saint Laurent.

Gaga’s currently in New York doing a residency at Roseland Ballroom until the very end the venue’s historic run. She’ll be livestreaming the final show on April 7th at 9 PM EST. A few completely unrelated observations: I love Gaga as a redhead, it really suits her coloring, and are these really the kind of crowds that gather outside celeb apartments in NYC now? Gaga, indeed.

I have so many FEELINGS about Monday’s How I Met Your Mother finale (mainly rage), but I can’t even start. Instead, here’s Cobie Smulders, looking extra glamorous at the NYC screening of Captain America: The Winter Solider. She’s wearing a gorgeous pair of iridescent PVC Saint Laurent Jane Sandals, which are a perfect complement to her outfit, as they are among the only shoes minimal enough not to compete with the asymmetrical hem of her dress. You can get Cobie’s heels in black leather for $795 at Net-a-Porter.

Cobie reprises her role as S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Maria Hill in the Captain America sequel, and her character is also set to appear in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Cobie also starred in the pilot of ABC’s Marvel series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, but there’s no indication that she’ll return as a series regular, even though her schedule recently cleared up considerably. I can’t say I blame her – after cashing those fat HIMYM checks for nine seasons, I would probably just retire.

As aesthetics go, punk rock is among the easiest to identify. Punks love things that are extreme, industrial, dark and a little bit dirty – studs, safety pins, black leather, excess hardware, heavy boots, aggressive heel heights. Saint Laurent has been heavily mining that look since Hedi Slimane joined the brand several seasons ago, and now the Saint Laurent Studded Pumps are trying to make punk work on a conservative shoe, with somewhat mixed results.

Shoes have been the highlight of Saint Laurent’s accessories business since Slimane took over, with rocker must-haves like stiletto pumps and chelsea booties dotting the lineup. All of those shoes have sold incredibly well because the shoes’ structure and their look matched up, which is in stark contrast to the studded, strappy take on the kitten heel that you see above. Kitten heels are an inherently conservative look, especially with a closed toe; they’re functional and demure, two words that you’d never use to describe anything remotely punk.

Slimane’s really bought into this aesthetic, though – kitten heels were all over his Spring 2014 runway, and now they’ve arrived in stores. Do you think they work as a punk wardrobe staple, or should Slimane stick to stilettos and boots? Buy through Net-a-Porter for $1,295.

After a brief respite, Reese Witherspoon’s love affair with Saint Laurent seems to have resumed. Here’s Reese shopping and/or going to the dermatologist in LA (judging by her shame-face, it might be the latter) in a pair of prim, white Saint Laurent Paris Pumps. You can find Reese’s pumps in black leather for $625 at Net-A-Porter.

Reese’s December 2013 wardrobe was pretty heavy on Saint Laurent booties – we caught her wearing the Saint Laurent Double Zipper Point Toe Booties and the Saint Laurent Rock Ankle Booties within mere days of each other. In other Reese-related news, she will apparently play the lead in the movie adaptation of Cheryl Strayed’s book Wild.

BREAKING NEWS: Jessica Simpson absolutely loves her Saint Laurent Janis Pumps. We know this because we saw her just a few days ago wearing these same pumps in NYC on PurseBlog, and here she is arriving at LAX from New York just a few days later, STILL wearing her Janis Pumps. (At the airport, of all places!) You have to be really committed to heels this high to wear them for cross-country travel. You can pick up your own pair of black Janis pumps for $795 at Saks. (They lack the capped-toe of Jessica’s pumps, but those specific Janis pumps don’t seem to be available online at the moment.)

Jessica’s bag is a luxe, leopard print-paneled Celine Triptyque Bag. We’ve seen Jessica with a lot of leopard print recently, which doesn’t seem at all surprising – here she is with a Givenchy Leopard Antigona Bag just last month. When you look at those two bags side by side, they are remarkably similar designs, to the point where owning both seems a tad redundant. To ponder the intricacies of Jessica’s handbag collection even further, be sure to check out “The Many Bags of Jessica Simpson” on PurseBlog!

It takes a brave soul to strap on shoes with pencil-thin heels in NYC in mid-December. This week, that soul is Bethenny Frankel – here she is traversing icy cobblestones in the frigid urban tundra that is NYC in a pair of Saint Laurent Janis Oxford High Heels. She’s also carrying a Saint Laurent Studded Shopping Bag. Her heels are sadly no longer available, but you can get similar Saint Laurent booties for $1,095 at Nordstrom. You can also pick up a comparable studded Saint Laurent tote for $2,250 at Barneys.

In other recent Bethenny Frankel news, her daytime talk show is still on the air, but has reportedly been suffering from dastardly low ratings over the last month. She was also recently denied entry to a private party at TAO nightclub earlier this week, and then tried to limbo her way in. We only know this because some smartphone-savvy bystander got the whole thing on video, of course. So it hasn’t been a fantastic couple of weeks for this Real Housewife, but we still applaud her shoe and bag choices, as per usual.

Ah, the jet-setting lives of celebs. We just saw Reese Witherspoon wearing a completely different pair of black Saint Laurent booties in a Whole Foods parking lot in LA last week, and now, here she is plodding down the streets of Paris in a pair of double buckle Saint Laurent Rock Ankle Booties. You can purchase these exact booties for $1,195 at Saks.

Reese’s excursion to Paris seems to be strictly for leisure – she and her husband Jim Toth were extensively photographed by paps during a full day of shopping. Meanwhile, Reese’s torrid affair with Saint Laurent seems to have only just begun, and we can’t wait to see which SL shoes she dons next.

Here’s Reese Witherspoon, cracking a rare smile at a paparazzo while exiting the Whole Foods in Brentwood. Reese is wearing a striking pair of Saint Laurent Double Zipper Point Toe Booties. Saint Laurent’s look is very “Rock Star,” so Reese isn’t a celeb who you’d necessarily expect to show up in the brand’s wares, and yet here she is, rocking these booties in a Whole Foods parking lot, of all places! You can purchase Reese’s exact booties for $995 at Neiman Marcus.

Reese’s bag is the Reed Krakoff Atlantique Bionic Mini Tote, which we saw her carrying last week on another errand run. (Stars, they’re just like us! They carry a handbag more than once! Sometimes.) Rees, of course, has a ridiculously impressive handbag collection, which you can peruse at length in “The Many Bags of Reese Witherspoon.”

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