Here’s legendary Aussie supermodel Elle MacPherson, heading in to tape an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live in LA wearing a pair of Saint Laurent Jane Sandals. Elle has recently embarked on a small press tour of nostalgia. She doesn’t seem to have anything new to promote, but she does have some pretty enticing tales about modeling in the 80s to share. If you’d like to take Elle’s Saint Laurents for a test-drive, you can find them for $795 at Net-a-Porter.

This minimal Saint Laurent design launched around the same time as the Stuart Weitzman Nudist sandals, but they aren’t nearly as popular among celebs. We suspect that’s probably because the Nudists have a surprisingly secure fit, given their minimalist look, while these look less secure and, as a result, a little sloppier in photos.

Here’s Jennifer Aniston, arriving at The Daily Show studios in NYC on Thursday night in a pair of Saint Laurent Paris Studded Slingbacks. You can currently pick up a pair of Jen’s pumps for the somewhat ridiculous price of $687 at THE OUTNET. That’s a whopping 40% off their original retail price of $1,145.

Jennifer is doing the late night talk show circuit (and braving raging mobs of overzealous autograph collectors) to promote her new flick Cake. You’re probably already aware of this film because of all the Oscar buzz, and subsequent Oscar snubs. Reviews have been mixed, but at least this film has given the media countless opportunities to dredge up old tabloid headlines.

Here’s Reese Witherspoon, signing a few autographs for fans after arriving at JFK on a post-Golden Globes flight from LA. She’s wearing Saint Laurent Paris Double Zip Ankle Boots. These boots have been discontinued, but the high heeled version is still available (and on sale) in select sizes for $693 at Bluefly.

We’ve seen Reese wear these Saint Laurent Double Zips before, in fact, here she is wearing these exact boots back in December of 2013. Reese is quite a fan of all things Saint Laurent, and you can see several of her favorite SL boot, sandal, and heel styles in “The Many Shoes of Reese Witherspoon.”

Here’s Angelina Jolie, pausing to comfort/take selfies of healing with an overwhelmed fan outside of The Daily Show studios in NYC. Her humanitarian reflexes just won’t quit. Angelina just happens to be wearing a beautiful pair of black suede Saint Laurent Paris d’Orsay Pumps while performing her requisite daily random acts of charity, a factoid which most other media outlets will probably fail to mention. You can currently find these exact Saint Laurents for $645 at Nordstrom.

Angelina is very particular about her designer wares. She does not seem to own a single Chanel bag, which makes her an extreme rarity amongst A-list celebs. In the last year, we’ve only seen her carrying the latest bags from Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton. Angelina doesn’t have her own edition of “The Many Shoes of…” just yet, but you can browse through her carefully curated handbag collection in “The Many Bags of Angelina Jolie” on PurseBlog.

Here’s Ariana Grande (who is apparently a pint-sized superhuman resistant to the UK’s frigid temps), greeting fans outside of BBC Radio 1 in London. She’s wearing a pair of the ever-popular Saint Laurent Janis Pumps, which you can currently find in both black and barely-there pink hues for $795 at Saks.

These pumps are super popular with extra petite celebs like Ariana and Scarlett Johansson. We actually saw Ariana wearing these exact same pumps, and traveling with the exact same body guard, in London just a little over a year ago. Her then-boyfriend didn’t survive the transition to 2014, unlike her gorgeous Saint Laurents.

This weekend, I bought a gorgeous white coat in the style of Olivia Pope, and I’m swooning! I wore it yesterday for the first time and realized I had to avoid a lot more dirty surfaces on my way to work than I would if I had worn my usual black coat. My love for this coat is so strong, though, that I’m willing to take my chances. If I were this careful wearing a white coat, would I be able to survive wearing pristine white shoes in the dead of winter?

As much as I love everything and anything white, white shoes can be tricky because the faintest backsplash from a puddle will leave a hard-to-clean mark. You may be able to get away with white boots in winter if they have a lug sole to walk through slushy streets, but otherwise you’ll likely be looking more at your feet than what’s in front of you. If New York wasn’t such a dirty place, I would definitely wear an all-white boot in the winter.

If I wore my white coat with these Saint Laurent boots, I’d look as glamorous as a Kardashian. If you’re inclined to wear this Saint Laurent Paris Leather Boot, buy yours through Net-a-Porter for $995.

Here’s Kris Jenner, wearing a pair of Saint Laurent Patent Knee Boots with an unusual sort of couture-Catholic school girl ensemble while frolicking around Paris with her daughter Kendall. Kris’ boots are new for fall, and they are currently available for $1,495 at Net-A-Porter. Kendall is wearing the fan-favorite Alexander Wang Anouck Boots, which you can pick up for $595 at Barneys.

Kris, Kendall, Kim, Kanye and North have all rolled into town for Paris Fashion Week, natch. The Kardashian clan seemed to keep their distance from NYFW this year, so as not to detract attention from their sister Kendall, who is making her mark on runways all over the world this season. It seems such courtesy does not extend to Paris Fashion Week, or probably any Fashion Week held on foreign soil.

Luxury brands are the start of a larger domino effect when you’re looking for emerging market trends. When new styles and fads emerge from luxury fashion, the biggest trends often ripple down to contemporary fashion, followed by the mass market. With that in mind, I felt a little worried after seeing some of the new fall shoes from Saint Laurent, available at Net-a-Porter and MATCHESFASHION. It leaves me wondering if Hedi Slimane may be giving glitter its fifteen minutes of shoe fame.

Anyone familiar with me knows I love all things that sparkle and shine, but this abundance of glitter cheapens the allure of the shoe. Last fall, Miu Miu placed crystals on the heels of their shoes, and swapping glitter for crystals made all the difference. If we see more glittery shoes emerging in the upcoming months, we know where to point our finger.

Saint Laurent Glitter-Heel Patent Leather Shoes

Saint Laurent Babies glitter-heel patent leather shoes

Saint Laurent Glitter-Finished Leather Ankle Boots
$1,145 via Net-a-Porter

Saint Laurent Glitter Finished Leather Ankle Boots

Saint Laurent Glitter-Finished Leather Knee Boots
$1,395 via Net-a-Porter

Saint Laurent Glitter-finished leather knee boots

Saint Laurent Glitter-Finished Leather Pumps
$845 via Net-a-Porter

Saint Laurent Glitter-finished leather pumps

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