Reese Witherspoon, heading into Dr. Harold Lancer’s clinic (a doctor who celeb rags dub a “dermatologist to the stars”) in LA. It’s slightly alarming how often stars with great skin visit the dermatologist. Reese is donning a black and white pair of minimal Proenza Schouler Ankle Wrap Sandals, which can currently be found on sale for $262 at (down from $595).

Reese has yet to disappoint us in the designer shoe department. Or in the fashion department, for that matter. You can check out some of her best designer looks and acquisitions in “The Many Shoes of Reese Witherspoon”, “The Many Bags of Reese Witherspoon”, and “The Many Bags of Reese Witherspoon, Part 2.”

Happy Birthday America! While we take the day to commemorate our nation’s independence, the TalkShoes team would like to wish you and your families a happy 4th of July! We hope you step out with some very patriotic footwear as you celebrate with family and friends!

Shop these Miu Miu Bicolor Wave Leather Slingback Pumps for $243 via Saks.

Before you head out for a night out with your girls, you check to make sure you have your essentials. Phone, check. Keys, check. Mirror and lipstick: check, check. And now your favorite lipstick has been replicated to be the heel of your pump thanks to Alberto Guardiani.

You may find this pump a little kitschy and irreverent, but without a doubt, these Alberto Guardiani Lipstick Heel pumps are very clever. Just like the shape of your actual lipstick, this lipstick-replica heel also comes to a point, so it will feel like you’re wearing any other pair of stilettos. The heel comes to four and half inches, so it’s a bit longer than your real lipstick. You can choose between a shiny, iridescent pair or the classic, black patent pair, but no matter which you choose, these lipstick heel won’t go unnoticed. The fact that the lip color happens to be red makes it feel all the more conspicuous.

A glam girl should never leave her house with her red lipstick or her lipstick heel pumps. I have a friend who could rock these pumps in the most glamorous and bad-ass way – do you?

Alberto Guardiani Iridescent Elaphe Pumps
$806 via Luisa Via Roma

Alberto Guardiani Iridiscent Elaphe Pumps

Alberto Guardiani Lipstick Patent Leather Pumps
$806 via Luisa Via Roma

Alberto Guardiani 115mm Lipstick Patent Leather Pumps

Finding a gift for dads can be difficult, especially if your dad is like mine and not very vocal in declaring what he wants. Every Father’s Day, I rack my brain trying to think of new things to get him, and I always default to my usual gift. Not this year! This year, I am going to retire mthe cologne and dress shirts for a new pair of boat shoes. The iconic design is a great choice for dads because it’s the perfect weekender shoe for whatever casual endeavors come his way. I know my dad will be thanking me; not just for my great taste in shoes, but also for saving him a trip to the shoe department. Below, check out great boat shoes to get your dad this Father’s Day.

It’s the last official weekend of spring, and judging by your recent Instagrams, it certainly looks like everyone is ready for summer. From bold blue python to patent pink, this week’s #showmyshoes was all about the brighter, the better. Take a look at some of our favorite snapshots of the week, and continue to tag your pictures for your chance to be featured! Be sure to follow us on Instagram for your daily dose of fabulous footwear.

Many people remember our moms sitting with us, patiently, as we learned how to tie our shoes. She told us to make the bunny ears, then make the loop-de-loop, tie it together and viola, we tied our shoes! (She always made it look so easy.) Tying shoes was just the start of much more shoe-related advice we would receive from our moms, though. They were the first ones to tell us that the power of a great shoe really makes a difference and can transform an outfit, among other things.

To celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday, we couldn’t help but think of all the ways our moms helped us be the shoe savvy individuals we are today. We may always be jealous of her shoe collection, but she’s given us the best shoe advice to help us create our own unique collection. Mother knows best, even when it comes to shoes.

1. She was the first person to tell us that a black pump will ALWAYS be timeless.

black pump

2. A strappy sandal is summer’s version of a black pump.


3. She was the first person to teach us the power of a stiletto.

Audrey Hepburn gif

4. Pedicures are an essential part of the beauty process.

Nail polish gif

5. Mom always says, “If you can’t wear those heels for an hour, then you definitely can’t wear them out.”

Emma Thompson

6. She taught us how to prowl through sale racks.

Sale can't stop won't stop

7. If you wouldn’t buy it at full-price, don’t buy it on sale.

Leo gif

8. There’s no such thing as too many black shoes.

TS gif

9. Color, color, and more color.

Colorful shoes gif

10. Moms give the most honest feedback.

Disney gif

One of the season’s hottest silhouettes, the ubiquitous simple sandal, has been interpreted by designers on both the contemporary and luxury spectrum. So many designers have created their own versions of this silhouette, and because of its clean design, there’s only so many ways to recreate this sandal. With so many similar shoes on the market, we think that calls for another round of Shoe Battles. Michael Kors, on the left, who’s been stepping up his shoe game recently, goes up against famed designer Giuseppe Zanotti, on the right, with his snakeskin simple sandal. I know I’m supposed to leave the voting up you, but we never promised this would be a secret ballot: I’m swooning over the Michael Kors Doris Sandal. The white and pink coordinate well for many summer ensembles, and it’s a very crisp and clean look.

Now it’s your turn. To vote, simply click on which simple sandal you like better, and after you vote, you can see the results of our simple sandal poll.

Buy the Michael Kors Doris Sandal for $450 through Zappos, and buy the Giuseppe Zanotti Snakeskin Sandal for $895, also through Zappos.

Shoe Battles: Michael Kors vs. Giuseppe Zanotti

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While looking at the Helmut Lang shoes at Saks, I knew I was hooked. Well, at least I thought I was. They had everything I would usually look for in a great pump: an ankle strap, a moderate heel and, my favorite, a black or white color palette. But then, I noticed it. The elastic.

At first, I was immediately disappointed by that particular styling choice. But the more I really contemplated my feelings on the elastic material, the more I realized the elastic gives these pumps a sporty feel that works well and, within the right context, would look great. If these pumps were available when I wrote the Sweatpants and Heels post, or even more recently the sport-inspired footwear post, any one of these Helmut Lang shoes would have been part of my roundup, because they are a great example of footwear that embodies luxurious athleticism.

Helmut Lang Diazo Strappy Stingray Sandals
$595 via Saks

Helmut Lang Diazo Strappy Stingray Sandals.jpg

Helmut Lang Mimeo Strappy Leather Sandals
$495 via Saks

Helmut Lang Strappy Leather Sandals.jpg

Helmut Lang Silt Stingray & Leather Point-Toe Pumps
$550 via Saks

Helmut LAng Silt Stingray Leather Point Toe Pumps.jpg

Helmut Lang Mimeo Ankle-Strap Leather Pumps
$450 via Saks

Helmut Lang Mimeo Ankle Strap Leather Pumps.jpg

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