Calf hair is one of the most popular fall and winter textures of the moment, and with loads of calf hair comes lots of animal prints. Last fall, animal-print footwear became increasingly popular, and this season, designers are again capitalizing on these popular patterns. Animal prints offer a sophisticated fierceness to footwear, even if you are just kicking back in a sneaker.

We already covered a lot of our favorite polished prints for fall, but with the abundance of animal prints and patterns, the idea is worth another look. These animal prints are simply done right, and they are definitely being added to our fall wish list. (Even though this wish list never really ends.)

Finding shoes that take your breathe away usually comes with one bad side effect: the price tag. We definitely know what it feels like to empty a bank account for the perfect pair. You may have to sacrifice a night out here and there, but oddly enough, looking at your newest shoe addition makes it all feel worth it, and we’ve found some shoes that will give you that feeling.

Some of our favorite statement shoes are both innovative and practical, as long as you consider the pursuit of compliments a practical concern. So when you find a shoe that you fall in love with, and after you revive yourself from seeing the price, remember you have one person here who supports your buying decision! Check out some of our favorite statement shoes that we’ll be saving for below.

Green can be a tricky color to wear. I’m all for bright shoes, but a neon green shoe is perhaps not the most versatile or enduring choice. With the changing season, though, dark green shoes are a great way to transition into fall, and designers are helping to make this transition easier by offering an abundant selection of greens. For those occasional warm days, some of our picks are adorned with bold prints for that added hint of fun. So whether you prefer a blue-green hue or a dark, dramatic forest green, there’s a green shoe out there waiting for you! (more…)

With the shortened week, we didn’t get to do our traditional Want It Wednesday, so today I’m making up for it by creating my fall wish list. Every season I get so overwhelmed with all the new shoes that it seems like my wish list could go on forever. Even though I’ve been thinking about boots since August, now that it’s officially September, I can publish my wish list without too much flack. I’m currently crushing on ankle boots, and, of course, you can bet a pair of Chloé Susanna Boots is on my list this season! (more…)

I bet you never thought you’d see the words “edgy” and “Mary Jane” in the same sentence, but Fall 2014 is here to change that. This season, the innocent Mary Jane gets a makeover; think of the shoes below as Mary Jane’s slightly more scandalous sister. Many of these shoes are decidedly sexy.

It’s been a while since the Mary Jane had such a strong showing in a single season, which could indicate that they’re an emerging trend. While the classic look has never fit into my personal style, I might have to reconsider because the Sergio Rossi below might be calling my name.

Along with transitional cutout bootie, we’re transitioning into fall a bit differently this season. Instead of opting for dark, autumnal tones right away, we will ease ourselves into the warmer color palette by wearing soft shades. Nude and blush shoes are great transitioning colors to slowly take us from the summer brights we’ve been wearing these last few weeks to the warm hues that will be ubiquitous soon. I guess you could say we are looking at the sugary side of things. Check out our ten favorites below! (more…)

Moto boots in seasons past have been daintily emblazoned with studs and spikes for a faint downtown cool attitude, but bigger may be better when it comes to this season’s wave of motorcycle boots.

All kinds of ankle booties are an excellent fall accessory, and it looks like our favorite motorcycle boot are taking a walk on the even more rebellious side this season. Studs and spikes are going to be the add-on of choice for fall, but don’t be fooled by the motorcycle boot name. Between all the crystals, studs and chains, these edgy boots can compliment even the most feminine of ensembles!

Check out my favorite moto boots in the gallery, and check out even more great boot styles at Neiman Marcus!

Perhaps you thought it would never be possible, but your new 9-to-5 pump may be a printed one. Designers are challenging us to see prints not just as playful and casual, but to see things like leopard or even camouflage as sleek and sophisticated. Whether you like the printed python So Kate pump (my personal faves) or a modern, polka-dotted Sergio Rossi pair; check out which printed shoe you might be strapping into come the fall!

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