Suede pumps and sandals may raise some eyebrows in the heat of the summer, but trust us on this one. Some of your favorite designers have incorporated this luscious, luxe material into their summer collections, and the results are mesmerizing and vibrant.

The brightly colored suede shoes are so saturated and vivid against this plush fabric that it’s almost hard to resist. Even the blush and neutral suede options have an ultra-sumptuous appeal; they’ll make for the perfect finishing touch. Check out all of our favorite suede shoes that we can’t get enough of, below! (more…)

So far, we’ve seen a resurgence of lot of trends this season. First it was the comeback of the platform, then it was a blast from the past with a 1970s footwear invasion of groovy prints. Now, we’re moving on to the rise of denim shoes. In its seasonal Trend Report, noted that “Denim Deluxe” was going to make a major comeback. While the included mainly denim clothing in its report, make no mistake: this trend has found its way onto footwear.

When we investigated, we found tons of denim washes on every kind of shoe from espadrilles to single-sole pumps. Even shoe mavens like Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik have worked the material into their signatures styles. As I write this, I myself am wearing a denim-on-denim ensemble, but, sadly, no denim shoes. (I am, however, wearing my favorite pair of Adidas sneakers). If I were to invest in denim shoes, I would definitely start by considering the 13 listed below.

According to my friends, I’m having a bit of a sneaker moment, and I think they’re right. Last week, I bought my first pair of non-gym sneakers since high school, and I’ve been wearing them every chance I get. Most of you probably aren’t surprised–we’ve discussed the rise of athleisure and how workout attire, especially footwear, are becoming a common fashion choice.

If you want to get the look this spring, trust us, your feet will thank you. Check out some my favorites, which pair I currently own and which I really want to own.

Coachella kicks off this weekend, and you know what that means, music festival season is about to begin! With every passing year, Coachella becomes more synonymous with fashion–the festival-goers are all young and stylish, and their particular mix of boho trends has infiltrated the industry as a whole. Whether or not you’re attending the festival this weekend, we’ve found plenty of shoes that will help you get in on a bit of the fest’s style. You’d be surprised at how many of these Coachella-ready shoes line up with spring’s biggest footwear trends.

Some people say, “New year, new you,” but I’m a firm believer in my saying, “New season, new you,” and the upcoming warm weather is giving me the itch for some new shoes. We recently looked at the season’s best pastel shoes, but if these sugary shades aren’t for you, I suggest indulging with a pair or two of spring’s polished flats.

A flat doesn’t have to be as dull and boring as its name suggests. These polished flats for spring are just as ornate and opulent as the ones we love during the holidays, and you can bet these colors and patterns have some flair all their own! You can try some of our favorites this spring, including everything from demure stripes to upbeat, colorful hues that pack quite the punch.

It doesn’t quite yet feel like spring just yet here in New York City–in fact, it snowed on the first day of spring last week. Clearly, we are not on Mother Nature’s good side. While we haven’t been able to shed our winter boots just yet, I think it’s safe to say we are all in need of a pick-me-up, and these sugary-sweet shades are just the thing.

Springs softest shades are everywhere this season, but they feel fresh and a bit more modern than in years past. The refreshingly pale makeover sprinkled onto some of our favorite footwear is just what we need to assure us that spring will start to feel likes spring soon enough.

There’s no denying that Spring 2015 is influenced by the style of the 70s. We discussed the domination of mega platforms, and that was only the beginning.

Fashion is cyclical, and you could argue it was only a matter of time before this carefree aesthetic came back for a modern revival. Even I was crushing on the kaleidoscopic prints from Valentino’s 1973 line before it was certain that 70s inspiration was going to have a major moment.

The 70s were a powerful decade in fashion, mainly because it was anarchic. Styling was effortless while staying bold and independent. Designers took this idea and resurrected it to fit 2015, and the results are 70s-influenced shoes are statement-making and a whole lot of fun. Check all of my favorite 70s redux shoes below!

While the temperatures may still read in the mid-30s here in NYC, the calendar says spring has sprung. I keep refreshing my weather app to see when I can appropriately start wearing ballet flats, sandals or at least slip-on sneakers! The warmer weather can’t come soon enough, but the only downside to the changing season is the negative effects it has on my wallet.

I tend to get carried away and buy way more shoes, clothes, lipsticks and jewelry than I need, but not this year! We’ve discussed the five types of shoes to own this spring, and today, I’ve found some budget-friendly options that are just as lust-worthy as their luxury counterparts. They’re all below, all under $300.

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