Flats for the holidays? Yes, please! About this time last year, we saw an uptick in fashionable flats, and it looks like flat footwear is still going strong for another season. While we still have a soft spot for extravagant heels, kicking back with family and friends in a glamours pair of point-toe flats or loafers sounds just as appealing as wearing a pair of heels.

These very festive flats are just like your very festive heels, minus the height and, hopefully, the pain. You’ll find lot of different kinds of textures and embellishments below, and pairing these decorative flats with cigarette pants, jeans or a flowing dress will add a polished touch to your outfit.

If you’re planning a vacation to the tropics during the holidays, you should be jealous, because I’ll be enjoying a fabulous stay-cation here in NYC. Okay, so maybe I’m the one who’s jealous. We know the hardships of packing, and with the added stress of holiday travel, it’s not easy. To help alleviate the stress just a bit, we found some great shoes to accompany you while you are walking along the sandy beaches or exploring a new city. Nothing like a Sophia Webster mule, a rainbow-colored Rockstud or a sleek Giuseppe Zanotti sandal to brighten up your winter getaway!

It’s officially December, and that means one thing: the holidays are upon us! While hectic holiday shopping may be the first thing that comes to mind (at least for me), we also have lots to look forward to. Fun holiday parties and family get-togethers are just scratching the surface of what’s on this season’s social calendar, and that’s where this very luxe roundup of all kinds of extravagant shoes comes in handy.

Even for the minimalist shoe-wearer, the holidays are a time to bring some sparkle and luscious materials to your footwear, and these shoes fit the bill perfectly. With your little black dress, you can try a pair of Louboutin Crystal Daffodile pumps, or an old-time favorite, the intricate Alaïa bootie. Of course, what’s a holiday shoe list without a classic red Jimmy Choo Anouk pump? We deliver below.

While I sit here in my boots and fuzzy socks, all I can think about is the warmer weather that went by way too quickly. To help cheer me up a bit, I decided to delve into all the upcoming Resort 2015 collections, and I realized the upcoming is all about the ability to make a statement.

These shoes are playful, carefree and a little irreverent, which gives them plenty of personality. From what we can see, resort shoes are going to be super fun this year. Whether it’s through the abundance of neon colors, colorblocking or playful prints, our shoes are going to be conversation-worthy very soon. These shoes make a statement on their own, so if you’re going to splurge on some accessories in the upcoming months, they’ll be your best bet.

The more new arrivals we see in stores, the clearer it is that glitter shoes are stealing the spotlight. While we weren’t sure if glitter was going to have its shining moment, it’s certainly starting to look that way.

A while back, we showed you the all-over glitter shoe from Saint Laurent, and it made us wonder if glitter shoes were going to develop into a larger trend. With the holidays approaching, it makes sense for glittery shoes to be on the rise, but the preponderance of glitter in resort collections makes us think that these shoes are intended for more than holiday party outfits. (Wait until you see the Givenchy sandal in the gallery).

No matter what you decide to dress up as this Halloween, a great costume requires an equally great pair of shoes. We’ve found more than a dozen pairs that could be the focal point of any costume.

You may be inclined to wear some of these shoes beyond this creepy holiday, while other pairs will be best kept in a box, stored far away until next Halloween. We wouldn’t want those hands on the shoes above to come and find us in the middle of the night.

The ubiquitous black bootie may be everywhere this time of year, but no two pairs are the same. We’re here to act as that little voice on your shoulder, giving you encouragement to buy that pair of black boots you are holding in your hand (or in your browser tab) right now. Whether you splurge on one pair or invest in three of four this season, we have a reason in the gallery below why everyone should own a black ankle bootie! After all, can one person really have enough pairs of black boots? Our vote is a definitely NO.

Fall is one of my favorite seasons, but it’s also one of the most expensive. Over-sized knits, cozy cardigans, boyfriend jeans and printed scarves all add up, trust me. I don’t want you to fall victim to a plummeting bank account, so to help you avoid this at all costs, I spent a good portion of my hunting the Internet to find 25 pairs of boots all under $250! This boot selection features winter snow boots, sexy over-the knee boots and everything in between. Instead of buying one boot for a thousand dollars this season, you can get a whole new boot wardrobe from our picks below.

And for more great boots to help you stay on budget, check out all these great boots under $350!

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