It doesn’t quite yet feel like spring just yet here in New York City–in fact, it snowed on the first day of spring last week. Clearly, we are not on Mother Nature’s good side. While we haven’t been able to shed our winter boots just yet, I think it’s safe to say we are all in need of a pick-me-up, and these sugary-sweet shades are just the thing.

Springs softest shades are everywhere this season, but they feel fresh and a bit more modern than in years past. The refreshingly pale makeover sprinkled onto some of our favorite footwear is just what we need to assure us that spring will start to feel likes spring soon enough.

There’s no denying that Spring 2015 is influenced by the style of the 70s. We discussed the domination of mega platforms, and that was only the beginning.

Fashion is cyclical, and you could argue it was only a matter of time before this carefree aesthetic came back for a modern revival. Even I was crushing on the kaleidoscopic prints from Valentino’s 1973 line before it was certain that 70s inspiration was going to have a major moment.

The 70s were a powerful decade in fashion, mainly because it was anarchic. Styling was effortless while staying bold and independent. Designers took this idea and resurrected it to fit 2015, and the results are 70s-influenced shoes are statement-making and a whole lot of fun. Check all of my favorite 70s redux shoes below!

While the temperatures may still read in the mid-30s here in NYC, the calendar says spring has sprung. I keep refreshing my weather app to see when I can appropriately start wearing ballet flats, sandals or at least slip-on sneakers! The warmer weather can’t come soon enough, but the only downside to the changing season is the negative effects it has on my wallet.

I tend to get carried away and buy way more shoes, clothes, lipsticks and jewelry than I need, but not this year! We’ve discussed the five types of shoes to own this spring, and today, I’ve found some budget-friendly options that are just as lust-worthy as their luxury counterparts. They’re all below, all under $300.

Warmer weather brings out your usual summer suspects: lace-up sandals, flat sandals, thong sandals, wedges. This season, it looks like we have another shoe to add to the list: knee-high gladiator sandals. In the last few seasons we’ve seen knee-high gladiators emerge more prominently in the luxury footwear market; this season, it looks like the higher, the better.

Gladiator sandals, both the short and tall versions, have been in and out of the shoe spotlight for several years. We saw knee-high sandals begin to emerge in spring 2013, and last year, the trend continued. While it looks like Spring 2015 will also feature the knee-high gladiator, I think these sandals will not only be a summer staple, but also a good option for spring. Because the silhouette of the gladiators are reminiscent of a thigh-high boot, they feel very appropriate to wear as we begin to transition into summer. While the most obvious choice is to pair these towering gladiators with shorts, they are also great to wear with maxi and mid-length skirts.

The change I’ve also noticed from last year’s versions to this years is the new versions are a bit toned-down and don’t have such a dominant “cage” design to them. Instead, you’ll see more lace-up and wrap-around styles, and, aesthetically speaking, they look much more attractive both on and off the foot. The only downside to these strappy gladiators is the equally high price tag that goes along with them.

Floral footwear for spring is nothing new. In fact, in some ways, it feel ubiquitous and tiresome, season after season. While florals correlate with warm weather and bright skies, we’ve found some non-traditional floral designs that are bound to be anything but mundane.

We found everything from Gucci‘s androgynous floral loafer (don’t worry, nothing furry in sight) to J. Crew’s realistic floral print. We’ll warn you, though, these florals are a bit quirky, a little whimsical and some are just downright weird (you’ll see what I mean). One thing’s for sure: they aren’t your typical floral print.

We sprang ahead to warmer weather this weekend, and now we’re anxiously waiting to swap our boots in exchange for some colorful and playful footwear. With all the new spring arrivals, we went through and found all the best styles you can add to spring wardrobe to make an impactful, on-trend statement. (more…)

Lately, brides tend to make bold statements with their shoes. In recent years (ever since the Sex and the City movie), women have followed in the steps of Carrie Bradshaw and chosen their “something blue” to come in the form of shoes.

The Manolo Blahnik Hangisi pump is the shoe of choice for many brides, and it’s indeed the one that played a pivotal role in the SATC movie. Not everyone wants to wear the Hangisi, though, and recently, one of our commenters asked for a little guidance on what to wear for her special day. I’m sure she’s not the only bride out there searching for a “something blue” shoe.

Below, you’ll find quite a few options that are elegant, glamorous and may just be worth wearing on your wedding day.

Brands like Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik have become such a big part of popular culture that it’s no surprise that most of us, myself included, own a pair or two from these veterans. But owning shoes beyond these classics brings diversity and makes for a more well-rounded collection. The new year is always an exciting time to predict the newest batch of emerging shoe designers, and all of the brands below have something to offer the luxury footwear market. We’ve mentioned all of these brands before, but now we are looking more closely at why they will likely become more entrenched in the footwear scene in 2015.

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