As we look ahead to all the new shoes that await us in 2015 (just think back to our coverage of Aquazzura’s or Gianvito Rossi’s Spring 2015 collections), I can’t help but think of some shoes that got away from me in 2014. Simple sandals had a major moment this past summer, so it’s no wonder I was yearning for a pair.

Street style stars and celebrities on the red carpet donned these minimalist sandals that, ironically, made quite an impact. While the Stuart Weitzman Nudist Sandal won my heart this summer, there was still one other simple sandal that I couldn’t stop thinking about: the Sergio Rossi Juno Embellished Suede Sandals.

Between the architectural heel, the luscious suede, and my favorite, the toe strap crystals–this had a little bit everything I wanted in a shoe and more. This sandal was fierce while somehow still coming across dainty and also the fact that it was a beauty just to look at.

Even though I look at and write about shoes constantly, I have yet to become immune to shoe lust. I remember searching for this Sergio Rossi sandal on sale in the weeks after I found it, and it ended up slipping away with the many (many) shoes I wish I’d purchased in 2014. Some of my other regrts include the Gianvito Rossi PVC and Glossed-Leather Pumps, the Rochas Embellished Metallic Flats and the Nicholas Kirkwood Suede Pumps–and that’s just to start.

I’m sure I’m not the only one with a running list of shoes that got away this past year. Share your thoughts in the comments!

New Year’s Eve is a night that begins a year with a midnight kiss and leads to the proclamation of resolutions the next day. On top of that, it’s a glamorous night filled sparkling dresses and dazzling accessories. While many women may focus on their glittery tops and sequin mini skirts, we prefer to think of our shoes.

Starting the year on the right foot requires your most glamourous footwear. The only way I’ll be ring in the New Year is with a pair of sparkling shoes, and this pair of Jimmy Choos is just what I want. Which shoes do you want to wear to start 2105?

Buy your own pair of Jimmy Choo Tartini pumps for $1,887 via Saks.

Now that your holiday shopping is (hopefully) complete, it’s time to start thinking about what you’re hoping to find under the tree. When people ask me what I want, I always draw a blank, but once I really start thinking long and hard, well, the list never really ends. I’ve already shown you all my wish list, but now it’s time to turn things over to you.

We are dying to know what you’re asking for this year! Maybe it’s that pair of pumps you’ve been eyeing for months but never wanted to splurge on, or maybe it’s a pair of boots that feels like it would perfectly complete your collection. Maybe you’re craving a new pair of slip-on sneakers or comfy flats this year, but whatever it may be, share your list with us in the comments.

Christian Louboutin So Kate Strass Swarovski Crystal Pumps for $3,945 via Saks

Leave it to Dolce & Gabbana to get me thinking about mixed media pumps; how can I not when I see polka-dots, florals and fruit (yes, those indeed look like peaches on the vamp) all happening on one pump? We’ve seen plenty of pattern-clashing, mixed-printed pumps recently, such as in Sophia Webster’s Spring 2015 collection, and every time I see mixed media pumps, I always go through the same debate in my head: do I love ‘em or should I leave ‘em?

Despite how much I love jeweled or otherwise embellished footwear, when it comes to clashing patterns, I can be a bit fussy. I try to keep an open mind about all shoes, but it really depends on how tastefully these patterns mesh together. One pair that comes to mind when I think about mixed-media pumps done correctly is a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti pumps that I wrote about two years ago while I was interning. (Time flies!) As opposed to this Dolce & Gabbana pump, what attracted me to those Zanottis is that the contrasting prints flow into one another. On this Dolce & Gabbana design, the patterns simply rest next to each other on the pump. There’s no transition, we go from fruit to polka-dots just like that.

I’ve always had conflicting feelings towards mixed media pumps, and it looks like that’ll be the case until I see a version that truly catches my eye. Let us know how you feel in the comments.

Buy this Dolce & Gabbana Pump through Net-a-Porter for $975.

There are few unspoken rules when you go sample sale. Arrive early to get the best selection (and if you think you’re early–arrive fifteen minutes earlier), grab everything you think you may want and decide later, and always bring plenty of credit cards, just in case your usual one acts up. You have to make big choices in the heated moment of a sample sale, because there’s no coming back a week later. I thought I was doing well by telling myself that I was only going to spend a maximum of $400 at the Christian Louboutin sample sale last week, but somehow that didn’t happen. (Does it ever?)

The day of the sale, I arrived a minute before the doors opened and was immediately faced with stacks and stacks of signature Louboutin boxes. The rows were separated by size, and before walking over to mine, there were stacks of boot boxes. I grabbed the last box in my size without even looking at them and kept walking. In my row, it was just me and one other girl looking through the endless boxes that contained loafers, wedges, booties, platform pumps, single-sole pumps and slingback heels.

After opening each box and putting aside everything I wanted to try on, I had a stack piled up to my mid-thigh. I’ve never been so happy to be a size 35 because the rows for larger sizes were packed, and my row had a mirror and a chart that displayed the prices for each style. I put back the platform pumps, the slingbacks and the wedges, and when I tried on the “I Love My Loubies” leopard loafers, they were the perfect flat to match my style and were on sale for $350. A shoe that is the essence of me and within my budget–score!

I put back a few more pairs of shoes, and the last thing I had to try on were the boots. As it turns out, they were an all black over-the-knee leather boot, and they were beautiful. I tried them on, and after looking at myself in the mirror, I knew that I didn’t just want them, I needed them. It’s a classic that I’ll always have, and they were simply too beautiful to leave behind. This Armurabotta over-the-knee boot retailed for $1,795, and they were on sale for $500!

The only problem, of course, was that I had already nearly maxed out my budget on a pair of loafers I really loved. I decided to be spontaneous and a bit irresponsible and buy both; the prices were just too good to pass up. I left the sale nervous and giddy all at the same time, but in the end, I knew I made the right choice. Two pairs of Louboutins for $925 is easily the best shoe deal I’ve ever gotten.

Now that I’ve said my spiel, I want to turn things over to you: what’s your best shoe deal of all time?

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This weekend, I bought a gorgeous white coat in the style of Olivia Pope, and I’m swooning! I wore it yesterday for the first time and realized I had to avoid a lot more dirty surfaces on my way to work than I would if I had worn my usual black coat. My love for this coat is so strong, though, that I’m willing to take my chances. If I were this careful wearing a white coat, would I be able to survive wearing pristine white shoes in the dead of winter?

As much as I love everything and anything white, white shoes can be tricky because the faintest backsplash from a puddle will leave a hard-to-clean mark. You may be able to get away with white boots in winter if they have a lug sole to walk through slushy streets, but otherwise you’ll likely be looking more at your feet than what’s in front of you. If New York wasn’t such a dirty place, I would definitely wear an all-white boot in the winter.

If I wore my white coat with these Saint Laurent boots, I’d look as glamorous as a Kardashian. If you’re inclined to wear this Saint Laurent Paris Leather Boot, buy yours through Net-a-Porter for $995.

When we buy new heels, we already know the repercussions that come along with the purchase. We know the pitch will be steep. We know the heels are probably two inches too high. Most importantly, we know our feet are going to be in pain the next day. Killer heels are often killer in more than one way, and I knew all of that when I bought my pair of Christian Louboutin So Kate pumps.

You may grin and bear it because you love your shoes, but the next day you curse yourself and your sartorial choices. After wearing my So Kates for the first time, the first thing I did as soon as I got home was slip my feet into a fuzzy pair of slippers. Over that weekend, I read an article from The Coveteur that explained the importance of after-care when you wear your highest heels and the various exercises to alleviate the pain to both your calves and feet.

After reading, I realized that when I wear heels, I don’t do any of the things the article suggests, which included calf stretches and rubbing the arches of my feet with a frozen water bottle. I simply slip my feet into slippers and comfy shoes for a day or so until I feel like I’ve recovered, and then my feet go back into heels the next weekend. This was my wake-up call to start taking care of my feet after a night out in my Louboutins, and we want to know how you recover when you wear those killer heels.

I suppose you know I’m dreaming, because I want nothing more than to wear white boots in winter, and these Gianvito Rossi boots fulfill everything I am looking for in my dream white boot.

Over the past few months, Gianvito Rossi has made his way onto my list of favorite designers. I always find myself coveting his pumps and boots, and his designs frequently end up in my Want It Wednesday picks. Rossi’s work marries elegance with traditional silhouettes, but it still feels very contemporary. The velvety soft suede and the chunky heel of this design makes them perfect and comfortable for everyday wear.

Now, though, I suppose it’s time to snap back to reality, because the dirty city streets would turn my dream white boot into a nice shade of brown. Even though they may not be the most practical choice, as the saying goes, the heart wants what the hearts wants.

If you have the same dream as me, you can buy your Gianvito Rossi boots for $1,195 via Barneys. Tell me which shoe you would buy this season in the comments!

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