In between writing assignments, I tend to clear my head by mindlessly scrolling through Twitter and Facebook, as I’m sure many of us you do too. Yesterday, this little detour ended up being topical, and it leads to the topic of our latest edition of TalkShoes Asks.

I’m getting to the age where my social media timelines are covered with engagement notifications, followed by endless wedding pictures and eventual baby announcements. Today, it was a wedding picture from a high school friend that made me stop scrolling; she and her husband were posed as if they were caught in the middle of a dance move, exposing the bride’s wedding sneakers.

Trust me, I know the pain of wearing towering heels all day. It can be excruciating and leave you throbbing for days. Footwear on a bride’s wedding day has become eclectic in recent years; bride’s can now wear anything vibrant “something blue” heels to demure, comfortable kitten heels and still be considered traditional. In the picture, my friend wore an all-lace dress with red and white floral sneakers with red laces, and I’m almost positive she was wearing Keds Champions.

Personally, the thought of sneakers on my wedding day would never occur to me, but if it’s done right, it can make for an edgy, playful touch. Would you consider a sneaker for your wedding day?

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This weekend, I did a bit more shopping then usual because next week I’m leaving for Las Vegas, and of course I need some new jewels for the occasion. When I was shopping at ALDO, I noticed an abundance of toe rings and ankle cuffs.

As I was looking through this jewelry, I remembered seeing foot jewels on Instagram from different fashion bloggers, which got me thinking: Is this a full-blown trend? Hard to say.

After doing some research, House of Emmanuele has some of the most exquisite foot baubles I’ve seen. They may be extravagant both in appearance and in price, but I would be lying if I said it wouldn’t have been nice to have a pair of these when I was roaming the beaches of Bermuda. If you’re looking for a way to liven your pedicure or swimsuit, these baubles will cost you a pretty penny, but you certainly won’t go unnoticed.

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Treating ourselves to a luxury item, whether it’s shoes, handbags or clothes, is an amazing feeling. I can’t help but walk out of the store with this massive, dorky smile, but I don’t care because I have something new and shiny that’s waiting to be unwrapped in my shopping bag. When I get home and take my shoes out of the box for the first time, the unwrapping is the most exciting part, and the sight and smell of your new shoes is one I cherish. For this week’s TalkShoes Asks, my question is, after the unwrapping and after you put them on your shelf and admire them, are you ever afraid to wear your heels?

Shoes are tricky. Unlike handbags, shoes are touching the dirty ground all day. When I bought my first pair of designer heels, for the first few months, I only wore them in my house because I had this fear that the first time I wore them they would get ruined. Yes, I would love to keep my soles free of scuffs and scratches but that’ll never happen. Why did I buy these pumps in the first place if I’m never going to wear them?

As soon as I got over this fear I wore them out, and guess what, they didn’t get ruined and to this day they are still in great condition and that was two years ago. I’m starting to think I have this fear with all luxury items, because after I bought my Chanel Flap Bag, I only took it out of its dust cover for special occasions. After owning the bag for over a year, I’ve learned that after all my saving and finally making that huge splurge, my bag deserves to come out of the dust bag more then a few times a year. Your heels deserve the same, so conquer your fear like I did and take your shoes out for a stroll. I promise, they won’t get ruined. You’ll have fonder memories of you actually wearing your shoes out than of you staring at them on your shelf, trust me!

Are you afraid to ever wear your heels? Tell us why or why not below!

Sneakers, whether they be athletic, slip-on or casual, have been popping up everywhere from street style looks to couture runways. Fashion sneakers are making big waves in the world of footwear, and with any sort of resurgent popularity comes both the lovers and the haters. For this week’s TalkShoes Asks, we want to know which side of the fence you are on when it comes to fashion sneakers.

I’ve come to realize there are three type of sneaker people out there. The first type loves sneakers and will wear them as often as they can. The second type hates sneakers and wears them only when absolutely necessary, like when it’s raining or they’re actually exercising. Then you have people who fall in the middle ground; those people wear sneakers to offer a different feel and attitude to their look. I fall in the last group of the three, and I have a feeling in the upcoming months, when more fashion sneakers become available, I may develop an even deeper love for sneakers.

The only downfall to fashion sneakers typically lies with their high price tags. So, what are your thoughts on the rise of fashion sneakers?

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We all love all kinds of footwear, and while stilettos are some of the sexiest shoes to look at, they don’t always make for the best walking experiences. Behind every shoe, there’s a story to tell, and today we want to know: what was your worst shoe experience?

For me, my worst experience came from wearing a pair of sky-high black pumps back in college. While living in Staten Island, I traveled with my friends to NYC for dinner and drinks. Even though the dinner portion of the evening was fine, add a night of dancing, cocktails and needle-thin heels, and let’s just say I have never been so happy to see a yellow cab.

Otherwise, I would have thrown my shoes away and walked barefoot (and if you live or have been to NYC, you know how desperate I must have been). That night was just one of those crazy nights I’ll always remember, and even though my shoes were mostly to blame, I look at it this way: my experience made for a story to tell, so the experience was worth it (even if it is a few years later).

What was your worst shoe experience?

Finding a pair of shoes, both in your size and on sale, is a major score, and buying them can feel like the ultimate victory. It makes the acquisition experience all the more pleasurable for both you and your wallet. Every time you wear the shoes, you never forget of your little victory at the register and can’t help but treasure the shoes just a pinch more. With our weekly round up of Shoe Deals coming up tomorrow, I had a thought. As I’ve been browsing around, trying to choose the best picks for the round up, I started to think about my best shoe deal, and now I really want to know: what was yours?

One of my ultimate shoe deals happened last summer when I bought a pair of jelly BCBGeneration sandals that were originally $59 for the low, low price of $7! Macy’s was having a huge one-day sale, and I used a Macy’s coupon on top of the existing discount, making my savings almost 85% off. I’m not a math person overall, but give me discounts and percents and I’m like a human calculator.

So let’s hear it! What was your ultimate shoe deal?

Our shoe collection is ever-growing, so shoe closet organization is crucial. Whether you like all your shoes displayed openly for practical (or gawking) purposes, or you prefer to keep your shoes tucked away in their boxes, when it comes to closet organization, we all need a method that best suits our daily needs. With spring cleaning upon us, I’m wondering how all of you organize and store everything, from Jimmy Choo stilettos to Nikes.

Whenever I explain my closet problems to family and friends, they always tell me to stop buying shoes (never going to happen), or as an alternative, every item I buy something, I must also get rid of one item (again, never going to happen). When I remodeled my shoe closet last summer, it took a lot of research and planning, and to be honest, it was a lot more work then I had realized. I don’t have my dream walk-in closet (yet), but when I was planning how I want to store my shoes, I knew I wanted all my shoes easily visible and accessible. I decided to put my shoes to rest under my rack of clothes, so I bought shoe organizer unit where each pair of shoes rests in its own individual cubby. Visibility and accessibility: check!

There are countless ways to organize your closet, and I’m curious to hear them all! Do you use pictures outside shoe boxes to showcase which pair is inside? Do you house them on all on a shoe shelves? Do you place them in shoe cubbies? Maybe I’ll even be influenced by your responses and I’ll want to redo my shoe closet again!

We all remember our first. The first time opening the box in the store and rummaging through all that tissue paper. The first touch, when think about how it will be yours forever. We’re talking, of course, about your first designer shoe purchase. For this edition of TalkShoes Asks, we want to get a bit personal. It can be hard for many people to make this daunting first purchase, but when you do, you always remember it. We want to hear about those memories.

In college, I was the weekend manager at LOFT, and our employee hold closet was the best perk of the job, by far. Before merchandise even hit the sales floor, we were able to put a hold on anything we fancied (and to this day, I still have a colossal amount of LOFT merchandise). When this particular opportunity came, I had just started working at LOFT and was doing my best to make sure everyone liked me, as well as respected me as a manager. Sam Edelman sells a capsule collection every season on LOFT’s website, and one week, someone returned a pair Sam Edelman Tacoma Open-Toe Pumps to the store.

Even though I had just started, it was very clear to the associates that I was into fashion and had a deep love for all kinds of accessories. One of my fellow associates, Christine, put the returned pair on hold for me, and when I went in for my shift on the weekend, these beauties (in my size!) were waiting for me. When I tried them on, they were perfect in every way. The heel was high, but still very functional, and they were the perfect shade of nude to match my skin tone. It was this little act of kindness from my fellow employee that really sticks out to me every time I wear these shoes (and, I’ll admit, I also remember the amazing employee discount I got when I bought these pumps.)

We all have a great story to tell, and now I want to turn it over to you and hear how all of you came about your first pair of designer shoes!

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