As we continue shopping for new flats to start the season, we’ve definitely taken note of all the wonderful loafers that are currently available. While the style has made a strong impact within these last few seasons, their popularity seems to have skyrocketed. The classics, like Gucci and Tod’s, are reimagined in enticing warm hues like maroon and dark navy, while others feature details like it fringe and tassels. If you are craving that perfect model-off-duty style, loafers are the perfect way to achieve it (just think back to some of Miranda Kerr‘s favorite casual looks).

Boys may bother us from time to time, but we’ll happily borrow their menswear looks. Check out some our favorites below!

For seasons upon seasons, the fashion industry seemed to feel, collectively, that the only way to look polished was to wear heels, and high heels at that. Stilettos served as a badge of honor, a sign that a woman cared more about looking good than being comfortable, a word that’s often conflated with “slovenly” in style circles. Flats, for a time, were forbidden. We’ve chronicled the recent changing of those tides, and according to luxury retail executives interviewed by Business of Fashion, those changes will stay in place for the foreseeable future.

BOF talked to executives from Neiman Marcus, Opening Ceremony and Holt Renfrew, all of whom reported a big uptick in sales for luxury flats ranging from loafers to sneakers. Instead of looking at the increased interest as a trend, retailers are treating it as a fundamental shift in how women conceive of what a chic shoe can be. High tops, oxfords, kitten heels, midi heels – no longer do those of us who prefer more moderate shoes need to suffer the scorn of our fashionable peers.

If you’d like to add some more comfortable options to your repertoire, we’d suggest you start with our recent roundups of quasi-Birkenstock designer sandals and menswear-inspired flats.

I’m having a complete love affair with these Chiara Ferragni flats. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because Ferrangi’s the blogger behind The Blonde Salad. These flats are definitely kitschy and irreverent, but a lot of shoe lovers will be susceptible to their charms.

The literal element on these Chiara Ferrgani flats is on the vamp of each loafer. Because girly objects like lipstick, nail polish and (my favorite) a flirty winking eye, are set on top of a simple shape instead of incorporated to the structure of the shoe, this is what gives these flats a a hint of sophistication that other kitchy shoes (I’m sure we all remember the Charlotte Olympia soda bottle heel) sometimes lack. The rest of these flats are constructed with either lace or glitter materials, which give off a simple and clean allure. These flats fall at a price point of a little over $200, and for the that price, you can buy several pairs for what you’d pay for a single design from Charlotte Olympia or Sophia Webster.

Where I’m from, boat shoes are all-weather, all-season staples. The preppy ideal lives on in the American South, and when you combine that with mild winters, I’ve known plenty of people, both men and women who never send their Sperrys to the back of their closets to rest. Some of those people may or may not be blood relatives of mine. At least one of them would enjoy the Christian Louboutin Steckel Calf Hair Boat Shoe. That person may or may not be my mother. (more…)

[Editor’s Note: As we do over at PurseBlog, we’re going to be bringing you a periodic edits of the biggest shoe trends at prices that won’t break the bank. Up first in 5 Under $500, the best d’Orsay flats.] (more…)

Whether you love or hate flats, one thing is for sure: pointed-toe flats are going to be making their mark this spring. Even die-hard stiletto wearers may have a change of heart when they see the relaxed yet urbane allure of these polished, comfortable shoes.

We showed you that it was perfected acceptable to wear flats to all your holiday parties, and just like you can wear flats with your party dresses, you can wear them with a flared sundresses or sleek wrap. Or you can try one of my favorite looks: pointed-toe flats with sleek jeans or cigarette pants. Whichever look you prefer, this shoe is certain to be a fashionable day-to-evening staple.

These pointed-toe flats made quite an impression on me, and Amanda, I know the Prada Metallic flats have your name written all over them.

It seems like everyone in fashion loves the d’Orsay Jenni Kayne flats, and all in good reason. A few weeks back, we saw Jessica Alba wearing a pair while out to eat in LA, and she’s far from the brand’s only fan. This week alone I’ve seen blogger BryanBoy and co-founder of Who What Wear, Katherine Power, snap photos on Instagram of their beloved d’Orsay flats. Now the question is, will we be seeing the same kind of love for these Jenni Kayne Suede d’Orsay Pumps with their new kitten heel?

Give it some time, but I wouldn’t be surprised if these pumps get just as much traction as the beloved flats. Normally I’m against everything and anything with a kitten heel, but I’m having a change of heart with these Jenni Kayne pumps. Because the d’Orsay style shoe offers a subtle yet sexy not, the kitten heel doesn’t look as granny or outdated as it might otherwise. In fact, the opposite is true – these pumps look as chic and modern as the d’Orsay flats they’re based on. This luscious shade is perfect for festive holidays ahead, and if I were to try any pair of kitten heels, it would certainly be these!

Buy your Jenni Kayne Suede d’Orsay Pumps through ShopBop for $550.

Holiday parties present a whole host of problems, landmines and potential etiquette breaches, and we can’t pretend to solve all of them for you. What we can do, though, is make picking party shoes a little bit easier. Bea already toured you through a whole host of fancy, sparkly options, but being the resident flats aficionado, I thought it my duty to remind everyone that you don’t have to kill yourself in the name of glamour. Yes, you can wear flats to a fancy party. (more…)

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