Every morning on my way to the office, I read as much as I can about fashion-related news and events (naturally), and I opened my email to the MATCHESFASHION.COM newsletter and was struck by a gorgeous pair of leopard Gianvito Rossi ankle boots. The caption under these boots read, “Ankle boots are a year-round style staple,” and that quickly got me thinking: Is that true? Are ankle boots really an all year-round shoe?

Ankle boots are definitely a versatile option worth investing in because they’re a great choice for that pesky in-between weather. When you use the term year-round, though, we have to consider those hot and humid summer days (and living in NYC, we unfortunately have a lot of those), and that’s where things get tricky. The thought of putting my feet into even the shortest of ankle boots in July makes me want to break a sweat. As soon as the warmer weather comes and the sun is shining, I want to show off my new pedicure and show some skin and ditch my boots altogether in exchange for some great sandals and slides. If you’re in favor of boots year-round, I suggest trying a pair of cutout ankle booties; they’re a bit more lightweight

But if ankle boots are your year-round staple, may we suggest trying this summer these Saint Laurent Rock Double-Buckle Leather Ankle Boots, available through MATCHESFASHION .COM for $1,112.

Noe I’m curious to hear your thoughts – let me know in the comments below!

The fashion calendar is, without a doubt, terminally screwed up. By the time weather cools down, all of the fall and winter stuff is ready to go on sale. By the time it’s genuinely cold outside, there are a fraction of the apparel options you would have had for that weather in the swelter of August. If you, like us, have just about walked through last year’s everyday booties and need a new pair, we’ve rounded up the best of January’s options. (more…)

Black and white checkered board print may remind some of us of our grandparents’ linoleum kitchen floors (or maybe it’s just me?), but I assure you Daniele Michetti knows how to incorporate this print in the most a luxurious manner. The Daniele Michetti Dionne Checked High Heel Shoe Boots are a modern and elegant twist to the normally edgy print.

Before launching his eponymous shoe line, Daniele Michetti honed his skills working for luxury brands like Burberry Prorsum and Yves Saint Laurent. The micro and maxi print and the juxtaposition of similar styles of the same print are featured on several of Michetti’s shoes this season. While the color scheme is very conventional, these combinations certainly make a statement. This highly innovative and modern design give the shoe a feeling of boldness and power.

Normally I never gravitate toward check print because because I associated it for so long with punky shoes like Vans. With Daniele Michetti’s fresh perspective, these boots shed a new light on a traditional print, making it look as posh and refined as ever. Buy through my-wardrobe for $617.

How I ever lived life without an ankle boot is beyond me. Looking back, I can’t see why I would have ever actually had a need for one (most people don’t wear ankle boots on the beach in my native Florida), but living in New York means I can hardly remember life before them. Most of us spend endless hours amongst hours scouring the Internet for the perfect pair, and while we all love the additions of studs, buckles and cap toes, there’s nothing quite like the simplicity of just a plain, solid boot.

The Acne Pistol Boots encompass everything I’ve been wanting in an ankle bootie. Its buttery leather is simple yet beautiful, and the heel is just the right height to add the extra inches to make your legs look a tad bit longer, but still short enough to walk endless blocks. The long zipper pull is a simple touch that adds just the right detail. The only thing these shoes are lacking are my feet inside of them.

Acne Studios Camel Leather Pistol Boots
$570 via Barneys

Acne Studios Camel Leather Pistol Boots

Acne Studios Black Leather Pistol Boots
$570 via Barneys

Acne Studios Black Leather Pistol Boots

Acne Studios Ponyhair Pistol Boots
$590 via Barneys

Acne Studios Ponyhair Pistol Boots

Acne Studios White Suede Boots
$570 via Barneys

Acne Studios White Suede Boots

Let’s face it, we all wish money was no object and that we could afford to go into our favorite stores, pick out everything we ever wanted and never have to worry about how much we just charged on our credit cards. Sounds like a pretty great life, right? I figured if that’s not possible right now, the second best thing is to dream up the outfit I would be wearing if I could.

This week, I’m dreaming of piling on the layers. Fall is one of my absolute favorite times of year, not only because the leaves are changing and the weather has the perfect amount of chill in it, but also because fall clothes are, for the most part, really, really, cute. (Come winter, we’re all wrapped up in our warmest down jackets, looking vaguely like walking sleeping bags.) The only issue is, living in New York, I’m sometimes guilty of forgetting to wear anything other than black once the cold weather sets in. In trying to remind myself that other neutrals exist, I chose a softer color palette than what I’m usually used to wearing this time of year. This outfit is perfect for daytime (or in my case, wearing to work), with the mix of solid colors and pops of print.

Sometimes you look at a pair of shoes and know that no matter how much you love them, you’ll likely only wear them a couple of times before they get relegated to the back of your closet forever. Other times, you lay eyes on some shoes and know that they’re destined to be a go-to for as long as your cobbler of choice can keep them in solid working order. For me, the Iro Dankin Boots were the latter, no question about it. (more…)

Rhinestones, heavy embellishments a super-luxe look are the driving force behind the Le Silla brand. While some people may shy away from an overly ornamented shoe, the brand proves that subtle and impactful ornamentation does indeed exist, especially with the Le Silla Lace Up High Top Sneakers, Pointed Toe Booties and Studded Booties.

Even though all three share the same color palette and crystal studs, all are similar and yet drastically different. First first we have the sneakers which, out of the three, have the most ornamentation. The crystal studs are set on both the the cap toe and the back of the sneaker, while the rest of the shoe has a quilted leather pattern. Next up, the deep-v, all-leather Pointed Toe Booties are a subdued and luscious ankle boot with the crystal studs resting on the suede cap toe. Lastly, the Studded Booties are understated for a shoe with so much shine – the crystals set solely on the back of the boot. By placing these crystals on one small area of the shoe instead of throughout the entire upper, they become much more versatile when incorporating them into your wardrobe. This non-ostentatious approach illustrates that studs can even be worn on the most casual of days along with the fanciest of nights.

Le Silla Lace Up High Top Sneakers
$699 via Bloomingdale’s

Le Silla Lace Up HIgh Top Sneakers.jpg

Le Silla Studded High Heel Booties
$732 via Bloomingdale’s

Le Silla Pointed Toe Booties- Studded HIgh Heel.jpg

Le Silla Studded Booties
$891 via Bloomingdale’s

Le Silla Studded Booties.jpg

There’s no doubt all of us have that favorite pair of black boots we wonder how we ever lived without, but sometimes, you want a little change. While I spent most of my weekend perusing the Internet for new goodies to buy, I couldn’t help but notice the surprising number of navy blue boots everywhere.

I’ve never really been enticed to buy a colored boot, but the great thing about navy is that despite being blue, it’s a neutral because it goes with just about anything. Plus, dressing in all black can get a bit boring sometimes, and adding just a touch of navy gives your outfit an unexpected dimension. The only negative about a navy boot is that I don’t recommend wearing with a dark denim…but then again, with so many fun jean colors these days, who’s sticking to plain jeans? Check out my top 10 picks for navy boots below.

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