This week’s round of shoe deals is extra special because it’s full of all the best shoes from many Memorial Day sales happening right now! It’s time to take advantage one of the biggest holiday shopping weekends of the year, and trust us, there are a lot of great sales. Be sure to also check out our Deals Page for more up-to-date sales happening this weekend. (more…)

We’ve waited so long for this moment, but sandal season is finally here! Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer, and Summer 2015 calls for some new sandals! Sandals can really rack up in price, but you certainly don’t have to drain your bank account to own a stylish pair or two. (I highly recommend you save the bank account draining on a fabulous vacation.) Shop these 25 summer-ready sandal options, all $350 and under, and just remember: your freshly painted pedicures deserve some killer sandals. (more…)

It’s Friday, and you all know what that means here at TalkShoes: another round of shoe deals awaits below! If you want to spruce up your spring wardrobe on a budget, you’ve come to the right place, because we found lots of heeled and open-toe sandals that are bank account-friendly. Check out the eleven best shoe deals below, and be sure to check out our Deals Page for more savings throughout the weekend. (more…)

We love Fridays and we love the first day of a new month, and the first day of May is extra special because it brings our latest edition of shoe deals. April came and went, and as we head into May, we have both summer and sale season to look forward to! Check out all the best shoe deals waiting for you below, and be sure to also check out our Deals Page.

Anytime we hear the words “Friends and Family Sale,” all of us here at TalkShoes go a little bonkers. We look forward to Friends and Family Sales from many of our favorite retailers, but Saks is always at the top of our lists. In the past, Saks has generally offered discounts between 20% and 25% off, so the 30% that it’s is offering right now is a big deal. Naturally we hit the site and went straight to the shoe section, and as we clicked around, our shopping carts somehow got bigger and bigger.

If you’re looking to add some new summer shoes to your closet, there’s no time like the present–this sale ends April 27th! There’s lots of great shoes to choose from, and we narrowed it down to our top ten. Shop them below, and then shop the full selection at Saks!

Yesterday, I woke up thinking it was Friday, and now that today is actually Friday, I’m twice as excited for the weekend (and my birthday tomorrow)! This week’s round of shoe deals means the weekend will be here in mere hours, and ladies, it’s time we treat ourselves to some amazing discounts this weekend.

No matter the occasion, we can all use a new pair of shoes, and this week, you’ll find great sales on everything from Tory Burch thong sandals to a bold pair of Givenchy oxfords. Shop all of the best deals below, and if you’re looking for more deals happening this weekend, be sure to also check out our Deals Page!

Some of life’s best secret pleasures come in the form of an amazing shoe sale. A great shoe sale is only as great as its selection, though, and right now, you can shop Forzieri‘s vast selection of summer shoes at 20% off!

Italy-based Forzieri is one of our favorites because it sells all of season’s most covetable shoes from our favorite brands, including some that are seriously difficult to find. Now through April 26th, you can shop some of your favorite summer shoes–that pair of Rockstuds you’ve been eyeing, or that whimsical pair of Charlotte Olympia pumps–for 20% off! This is a sale with minimal exclusions, so if you’re looking to splurge, it’s definitely the time. Use the code NEEDSHOES at checkout to receive this amazing discount.

Check out our top picks from this sale below and then be sure to head to Forzieri and shop away!

It’s Friday, and by now, you all know that another of our weekly doses of shoe deals is coming your way. You won’t find any winter finds in this roundup; instead, expect to see everything from neon shoes to furry sandals and much much more! Shop the ten best deals now, and be sure to check out our Deals Page for sales happening throughout the weekend! (more…)

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