After decades as something of a self-serious fashion institution, Vogue seems to be loosening up just a bit. Not only did the iconic magazine put Lena Dunham, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian on recent covers, but March has brought us 31 Days of Cats and Shoes at It’s exactly what it sounds like.

Editor Jordan Bickhem picked 31 of spring’s best kicks and had them photographed alongside cats both professional and amateur (and some adoptable!). Sometimes the choice of cat is a sly nod to the brand – the kitties alongside Chanel’s sandals looks suspiciously similar to Choupette Lagerfeld – but generally, they’re just cuddly animals and some aesthetically pleasing shoes, demonstrating once again that the simplest concepts are often the best. Check out some of our favorites from the month so far below or page through the full month of cats at

Despite getting plenty of presents under the tree, there’s one thing I couldn’t help but wish I would have included on my wish list this holiday season, the Connor Shoes Calendar. I’m a sucker for cute, kitschy things, especially when it involves shoes, and it’s a plus if it comes in gold. Thankfully, this has all of the above.

The calendar pack includes all 12 months for 2014 as well as the gold easel, and a neat little box to keep extra months tucked away if you’d like. The shoe banner varies in gold, rose gold and silver, depending on the month of the year. If this isn’t the perfect accessory to kick off 2014, I’m not sure what is.

Buy the shoe calendar for $135 via Barneys.

The Fendi V-Neck Fur Ankle Boots were a source of much office debate just now. Bea? Bea is not having these at all. Me? My feelings are a little bit softer, and the more I imagine them on a foot, the softer they get. In fact, they’re so soft that they might be…downright positive. (more…)

First: I’ve never been so confused in my life, y’all.

Second: Let me be clear. I grew up outside of Atlanta and attended the University of Georgia, so this is not my first time at the theme-boot rodeo, so to speak. I’ve seen boots with my school’s logo on them before, and my thought has always been the same. Namely, that anyone buying a pair of those monstrosities isn’t doing much to battle southern stereotypes. Now I know that the problem is wider than that, and that Neiman Marcus is enabling those poor theme-shoe decisions by carrying literally dozens of Gameday Boot Company University Cowboy Boots.

This stock choice makes a little more sense when you remember that Neiman Marcus is based in Texas, but as much shoe ridiculousness as I’m willing to put up with, I cannot abide these things. I’m mostly fine with cowboy boots – after all, they’re some of the most detailed and finely constructed everyday shoes on the market, and they’re well worth the prices that most of us pay for less detailed, lower quality shoes – and I love school spirit. I flew back to Atlanta in April so that I could go watch a Georgia football scrimmage. Not even a real game! A scrimmage. But slapping a patch on a boot is a poor way to combine the two.

I’m interested in what kind of market research NM has on their online customers that would indicate their thirst for exactly this kind of product, and I’m even more interested to see when and if these boots (all 61 pairs of them) get marked down. In the meantime, you can shop the full selection via Neiman Marcus – both tall and short versions for a variety of colleges (including some outside of the South) retail for $399.

Gameday Boot Company University of Florida Cowboy Boots Gameday Boot Company University of Georgia Cowboy Boot

I’d ask you if you remember the bizarre fur pumps and Birkenstock-like sandals from Celine Spring 2013, but how could you forget? The shoes set the fashion Instagram world ablaze from the moment they debuted on the runway and spawned countless blog posts, Twitter conversations and even a few serious articles about what they mean for fashion. Personally, I’m doubtful that they mean anything more significant than that Phoebe Philo is taking a page out of Margiela’s book, but they’re worth a closer look anyway.

Is Phoebe Philo trolling us? Probably. Not only are the shoes furry, but they’re from a summer collection. Philo is purposefully challenging our ideas of the ways in which material like fur can be used and when it can be worn, and with fur pumps debuting next to flat, manly fur-line sandals, she seems to also be challenging our ideas of what kinds of shapes can be stylish. Will everyone be wearing fur-lined shower shoes come July? Doubtful, but everyone will still remember that the team behind Celine is pretty clever. Check out all of the furry options from the Celine lookbook below.

When you combine a competition for footwear designers with one of Asia’s biggest fashion weeks, the entrants are bound to be cutting-edge and more than a little crazy. But that’s ok – that’s just how I like it. If it’s going to be a real design contest, you can’t just have everyone submitting black pumps, can you?

These photos from showcase some of the best entrants to the 12th annual Footwear Design Competition at Hong Kong Fashion Week, which is a show I’d certainly like to see. Check out a few more of my favorites after the jump or take a look at the full photo set on (more…)

Images via Hint Mag

The man behind the heelless shoes that Lady Gaga made famous, Noritake Tatehana, has had a pretty good year as far as things go for avant garde shoe designers. To say that Tatehana’s footwear is “taste-specific” is perhaps far too general; he makes shoes for the Lady Gagas and Daphne Guinnesses of the world, and almost no one else.

To celebrate the holidays, Hint Mag reports that Tatehana has created a five-shoe capsule collection to be sold at Trading Museum Comme des Garçons in Tokyo from now until December 25. It really is just a five-shoe collection, though; there is one pair of each design, and they only come in one size. I’m betting it just happens to be Ms. Gaga’s shoe size. Check out the full collection after the jump. (more…)

This clip from upcoming footwear documentary God Save My Shoes started floating around the Internet yesterday, and we just couldn’t help but post it. How often, outside of an episode of Sex and the City here and there, do you get to see the inside of the Vogue shoe closet? Never, that’s how often. This clip is a quick run-through, but the documentary itself promises interviews with a slew of world-famous shoe designers and tons of eye (foot?) candy. I cannot wait until it comes out. (more…)

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