Here’s Kiernan Shipka, walking the red carpet at the Mad Men Black and Red Ball in a black embellished Miu Miu dress and a matching pair of Miu Miu Crystal Embellished Metallic Sandals. These exact sandals aren’t available online yet, but you can shop an extensive selection of Miu Miu shoes at Saks.

The Mad Men press events have been going full-force for over a week now, but I suspect the ball is their big finish (I’ll just assume my invite got lost in the mail). Mad Men will return to the airwaves for its final season (or its final half season, as it were) on Sunday, April 5th at 10 PM/9 PM central time.

Actress Zoe Kazan recently walked the red carpet at the premiere of What If in a pair of Miu Miu Cap-Toe Slip-On Sneakers. Casual slip-ons are an interesting choice for any red carpet, but I think Zoe pulls it off here. Frankly, I find it refreshing to see a little variety during a long summer full of single-soled sandals. You can find Zoe’s exact sneakers for $490 at Saks.

Zoe very much looks the part of “young, fresh new Hollywood ingenue,” but she’s actually been getting steady work in films since 2007. Her new flick What If is a rom-com (of sorts) that also serves as a send-up to the genre itself. Daniel Radcliffe plays her friend and potential love interest.

Rain boots are having a bit of a moment. Unlike seasons ago, rain boots are now a chic, sought-after staple, and fashionable rain boots are certainly in demand. It’s hard to walk down a rainy NYC street without seeing a pair of Hunter boots, or any kind of rubber rain boots. Luxury designers have also jumped on the rain boot bandwagon, and leave to Miu Miu to excite us (or revolt us) with these high heeled rain boots.

The patent-leather-and-rubber design of these Miu Miu rain boots is definitely an interesting one. The drawstring nylon upper, rubber cap toe and patent leather heel give this rain boot a futuristic appeal. I never thought I would like a rain boot like this, but I have to say I’m smitten! The heel isn’t too high to make this an impractical choice in the rainy weather, and the thick rubber sole will keep me grounded, even if I step (or jump) in a puddle or two.

Now that I’ve shared my little spiel, do you love ’em or would you leave ’em?

Buy your Miu Miu rain boot for $850 via Neiman Marcus.

Miu Miu is exactly what you would expect of a sister brand to Prada. Miu Miu’s designs are edgy and quirky, with a little more of an irreverent spirit than Prada. The Miu Miu flats and pumps that are rolling out for fall are a bit more kitschy than I was expecting, and it got me thinking. Do you love the brand’s fun side, or do you stick to its more refined, traditional footwear?

I wouldn’t say Miu Miu is quite on the same level of kitsch as Charlotte Olympia, Sophia Webster or Kate Spade, but every so often the brand will incorporate some really irreverent designs that bring about strong reactions, both positive and negative. You all know by now I love shoe with jewels, or better yet, a pump with a jewel-printed design, so I can stand behind the Miu Mius in the gallery below. Can you?

Miu Miu, with its utra-femme use of rhinestones and glitter and embrace of shapes both girlish and sexy, has always had certain things in common with relative upstart Charlotte Olympia. Olympia, for one, tends to skew a lot more literal with its nostalgic references; Miu Miu generally prefers to embody, say, the mood of a retro stroll down the boardwalk instead of making a capsule collection that includes shoes festooned with fish.

Charlotte Olympia’s meteoric rise and exponential grown is undeniable, though, and a lot of brands are looking to dabble in a little bit of her signature literalism. On that note, both literally and figuratively, come the Miu Miu Patent Music Note Pumps, which I genuinely thought were labeled with the wrong brand on Neiman Marcus’ site until I checked out the aerial view of the shoe, complete with sown-in Miu Miu tag. It’s too bad that it’s too late for someone to wear this shoes to the Grammys, because that’s where they’d fit best, but I’m sure that won’t stop kitsch-lovers from using them elsewhere. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $675.

I didn’t think I’d ever be smitten with a denim sandal, but I suppose Miu Miu has that effect (at least on me). Miu Miu is a brand that pushes both aesthetic boundaries as well as shoe lovers’ comfort zones by suggesting the use of unusual materials, like the denim on these Crystal-Detailed T-Strap Sandals. Demure, posh and intriguing, these sandals are a spring find that I really covet.

At first, the denim material raised doubts in my mind about wearability and comfort, but when it comes to both these points, neither are ultimately a big concern. When styling these T-strap sandals, it’s probably best to wear it with a vividly colored dress or sleek white denim. Even though I’m usually in favor of a denim-on-denim ensemble, a denim top, jeans and a denim shoe would likely result in a bad clash of blues. With a statement-making sandal like this, make your Miu Mius be the key to bringing your spring ensemble together.

Buy your denim Miu Mius through Barneys for $695.

It’s really no surprise that spring is full of floral prints and the vibrant colors, but what does comes as a surprise is the illustrative approach that Miu Miu takes to create the floral design on these Miu Miu Printed Leather Pumps.

Since I included white pumps in my Want It Wednesday post last week, I’ve been lusting over all variations of these pale shoes. Everything from single-soles to ankle straps, to white booties; they’ve basically held a soft spot in my heart, and that includes these Miu Mius. The floral illustration looks as if it was drawn on with a fine point pen, and flowers are colored-in in a very jagged way. By doing this, it gives these pumps a playful, energetic and modern vibe against the classic white silhouette. If I had the option, I would style this pump with a wide-leg pant or with a short romper, as you see above.

Finding an embellished shoe that you love that comes in a sandal, platform pump, and a single-sole pump? Jackpot! Miu Miu has not only given us one lust-worthy embellished shoe, but three, all covered in sumptuous blue suede and decked out in a colorful assortment of rhinestones. In fact, as I went through our archives of all the Miu Miu pumps and flats we’ve covered, almost all of these shoes are covered with some sort of glimmering embellishments; whether pumps or flats are your thing, Miu Miu has you covered.

While all three options are decorated similarly and use the same materials, they are all completely different in structure. The sandals give you just a little bit of shine, while the platforms turn it up several notches. (The pumps fall somewhere in between.) On both heels, the multicolored rhinestones run on the back, and on the platform pump, the rhinestones are present on the platform, heel and ankle strap. All three pairs are opulent in very different ways, so the question is, which pair are you lusting over?

Miu Miu Jeweled Suede Sandal
$690 via Saks

Miu Miu Jeweled Suede Sandal.jpg

Miu Miu Donna Jeweled Suede Platform Pumps
$1250 via Saks

Miu Miu Donna Jeweled Suede Pump.jpg

Miu Miu Donna Jeweled Suede Pumps
$990 via Saks

Miu Miu Donna Jeweled Suede Pumps.jpg

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