Normally, a Perfect Pairs post is all pre-planned. This Perfect Pair was founded by accident, though, and this accident brought about a pleasant surprise. First, I spotted these Lanvin Polished Leather and Satin Pumps on Net-A-Porter, and they’re oh so lust-worthy. Between the fuchsia satin upper and the patent leather back, even I can be on board with this colorblock pump. As I continued my browsing quest, just like that, I saw the shoes’ match made in heaven, the Edie Parker Cassette Glow-in-the-Dark and Pearl-Effect Box Clutch.

This ensemble is both sophisticated and playful making it appropriate for a lot of different evening outings. This Edie Parker nostalgic clutch will instantly attract onlookers, and you can converse about your favorite cassettes (mine, hands down, was the Spice Girls). Pair with a monochrome ensemble of either fuchsia or black which allows your pump and clutch to pop and make a statement. How you would pair this clutch and pumps?

Lanvin Polished-Leather and Satin Pumps
$895 via Net-A-Porter

Lanvin Polished Leather and Satin Pumps.jpg

Edie Parker Cassette Glow-in-the-Dark and Pearl-Effect Box Clutch
$1,295 via Net-A-Porter

Edie Parker Cassette Glow-in-the-Dark and Pearl-Effect Box Clutch.jpg

It’s definitely a mash up all right. You have a snakeskin, suede and holographic collaboration with these Lanvin Snakeskin T-strap Wedge Sandals. While this wedge has the all the aesthetic appeal I could ask for, what is really throwing me for a loop is the black suede platform.

The wedge’s ombre effect from electric blue to clear caught my eye immediately. Anything with clear detailing grabs my attention right out of the gate. I want to lust over this wedge as a whole, but the black suede just highlights the overall bulkiness of this wedge. If the black suede portion was instead used an extension of the ombre heel, this wedge would be much sleeker. Even with the suede, though, this modern and futuristic wedge is without a doubt a walking statement.

Buy your Lanvin Wedge through Barneys Warehouse on sale for $789.

At this point, nothing you can put on a sneaker would genuinely surprise me. It’s a post-Jeremy Scott x Adidas world, and we’re just living in it. Most of the fashion taboos that still exit are for men, and usually for men who want to be publicly perceived as heterosexual. So where do these Lanvin Iridescent Snakeskin Sneakers fit?

Truthfully, I first found these sneakers because I accidentally clicked into the men’s shoe section of Barneys instead of the women’s. Once I found them, though, I was kind of fascinated. This particular combination of pinks, purples and teals is almost always reserved for women, and although there’s nothing non-masculine about the shape (it’s just a regular sneaker), the shoe struck me as particularly feminine. (Probably because sneakers are a huge women’s shoe trend right now.) I can imagine masculine men wearing a lot of things and pulling them off, but I’m not sure I can do it with these. I’m not even all that tied up in the idea of “traditional” masculinity (mostly because it encourages perfectly nice people to act like jerks a lot of the time), but if I was dating a dude who wanted to wear these, I might wrinkle up my nose a bit, despite being generally happy to be dating a dude who appreciates Lanvin.

I feel a little weird having that reaction to these shoes, considering that the motorcycle boots I’m currently wearing are not exactly gender role-compliant, but it’s my gut reaction nonetheless. Ladies, could you see your boyfriend or husband in these shoes? If so, pick up a pair for $995 via Barneys.

If there are two things I’m guilty of binge-buying during the summer, it’s definitely wedges and nail polish. A girl can never have too many of either. I’ve been lusting after these Lanvin Watersnake and Leather Wooden Wedges for quite some time now and found myself dreaming of the perfect pedicure to go hand in hand (or in this case, foot in foot) with the shoes. With the natural colors and exotic textures of the wedge, I thought it’d be best to pair it with a fun pastel color such as Butter London’s Kerfuffle.

The biggest thing to keep in mind when pairing a pedicure and a shoe is to always remember you want to make sure you compliment the shoe and not take away from it. The soft peach adds the perfect punch of color without distracting the eye from the beautiful details. Not to mention, the shoes will look twice as good if your feet have have gotten some color from the beach, because nothing compliments a shoe quite like tanned feet. Put your best foot forward in these wedges via The Outnet for $460 and score the polish via Net-a-Porter for $15.

Lanvin Watersnake and Leather Wooden Wedges
$460 via The Outnet

Lanvin Watersnake and Leather Wooden Wedges

Butter London Nail Polish in Kerfuffle
$15 via Net-a-Porter

Butter London Kerfuffle Nailpolish

Lanvin’s not immune to following along with a trend (these shoes are holographic, of course), but I’m continually impressed by often much the French brand finds ways to march to the beat of its own drummer when it comes time to make a shoe. The obvious thing to do with the Lanvin Pink Holographic Pumps would have been to turn them into a single-sole, pointed-toe stiletto, but that’s not what Lanvin opted to do. At all.

We’ve discussed my waning interest in platforms in the past, but with an implementation like this, I simply can’t be mad at a little extra oomph. The heel is so beautiful and sculptural that it justifies some balance at the front of the shoe, plus the extra height allowed by the platform gives way to a long, sloping heel that wouldn’t be achieved otherwise. When a design is thoughtful, all of my pre-conceived notions about what I like and don’t like go out the window.

I’m also not one for baby pink, in general, but there’s nothing twee or precious about the metallic finish of the heel and platform, combined with the shiny, holographic, embossed leather of the upper. It’s perfect, and it’s all perfect together, in a super-fierce Jetsons way. Buy through SSENSE for $1,850.

Lanvin Pink Holographic Pumps Back

Six months ago, Lanvin announced that it would be getting really serious about its bag and shoe lines for Spring 2013. I’ve waited patiently to see exactly what Alber Elbaz & Co. meant be that, and at least in the shoe department, it seems as though it means a big leap toward modernity. Designs like the Lanvin Pointy Toe Python Pump show no signs of the brand’s old-world French flare; instead, the Elbaz’s penchant for sleek lines has been couple with a heavy dose of modernity.

The delicate ankle strap and simple shape of these pumps, topped off with the sharpest of creases at the toe, is full-on Lanvin, but the sex appeal and high-tech holo finish represent something of a move forward, albeit an incremental one. The choice to do holo over python demonstrates that the shoe designers at the brand are still as clever as always; the natural scales of the snakeskin break up the holo just enough to keep it from looking cheap. Texture on texture is hard to pull off, but as always, Lanvin passes with flying colors. Buy through Nordstrom for $1,550 via Nordstrom.

One of my favorite modern fashion tricks is the mixing of unexpected materials. For me, it all started with Fendi’s brilliant silk-and-lucite platforms several years ago. Since then, I’ve spent a lot of time mixing textures in my own wardrobe – leather and lace, denim and chiffon, suede and satin. It’s an almost no-fail way to look luxurious and but together a modern, stylish outfit. If you need any more convincing, just take a look at the Lanvin Brocade and Neoprene Boots, which are as gorgeous as they are impractical. (But isn’t that true of all the best shoes, really?) (more…)

Based on the Lanvin Grosgrain-Trimmed Elaphe Pumps, I’d wager that no, in fact, there is not. Lanvin is the loveliest of them all. (more…)

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