Here’s Chrissy Teigen, taking her voluminous new ‘do for a test-run as she casually picks up some groceries at Bristol Farms in LA. She’s wearing a supermodel favorite, the Isabel Marant Étoile Rawson Harness Boots. You can find Chrissy’s Western-style calfskin suede boots in a slightly different hue for $890 at Barneys.

Chrissy’s kitchen expertise doesn’t begin and end with creating new cocktails for Captain Morgan rum; she’s quite the accomplished cook, and she’s currently working on a cookbook. The release date is TBD, but you can follow along as Chrissy tests out her recipes on Instagram and on her food blog So Delushious.

Charlize Theron is a paparazzi-dodging ninja, so it’s always exciting to see what she’s wearing on the semi-annual occasions when the paps finally do catch up with her. Here’s Charlize, exiting the airport in Melbourne wearing a pair of Isabel Marant Etoile Bart Sneakers, which, as we’ve noted before, look remarkably like the Adidas Stan Smiths. You can find Charlize’s exact sneaks for $475 at Net-A-Porter.

Every A-list celeb has a strategy for dealing with paparazzi. Some celebs, like Reese Witherspoon or Sarah Jessica Parker, choose to live their lives out in the open and ignore the paps altogether. Select A-listers like Charlize and Angelina Jolie, however, seem to have very strategic measures in place which enable them to almost completely avoid the paps. (The specifics of which I can’t even begin to fathom.) That’s why Charlize is basically only ever photographed at airports, on set or at events.

Here’s forever-preppy Reese Witherspoon, running errands on yet another idyllic day in Beverly Hills. She’s wearing a pair of unassuming sneaks that, on first glance, you might mistake for Adidas Stan Smiths. They’re actually Isabel Marant Étoile Bart Sneakers, and they retail for roughly 6X the price of a pair of Adidas. You can find them for $475 at Net-A-Porter. (To date, we’ve never seen Reese put anything on her person that costs less than $100.)

Reese’s natural leather handbag looks a lot like a Mansur Gavriel Small Tote, but we can’t see it quite well enough to be absolutely certain. You can see some of Reese’s best sneaks in “The Many Shoes of Reese Witherspoon”, and you can take an extensive gander at her designer bag collection in “The Many Bags of Reese Witherspoon”, and “The Many Bags of Reese Witherspoon, Part 2” on PurseBlog.

Designers like Aquazzura, Alexander Wang and Giuseppe Zanotti were among the first few to get on the lace-up sandal bandwagon last spring, and it looks like lace-up styles are reaching their tipping point. Gianvito Rossi will feature many, if not mostly, lace-up styles for his Spring 2015 collection, and celebs like Olivia Palermo and Kylie Jenner can’t get enough of these strappy designs. Now, we’ve spotted another designer adapting to the ways of the strappy sandal: Isabel Marant.

Known for her once-coveted sneaker wedge and Parisian-cool aesthetic, Marant has taken the lace-up trend into their own hands. This sandal features snake-effect textures, gold rivets and up-to-(or above)-your-ankle straps. Lately the brand has been following trends instead of making them; we’ve seen its version of the Birkenstock, the Pool Slide, and now the lace-up sandal, which looks similar to the designs of Malone Souliers’. Maybe this upcoming season, the next “it” design will come out of this Parisian fashion house, but until then, we can admire something from the brand that isn’t in the form of a sneaker wedge.

Buy your own Isabel Marant Lelie Snake-Effect Leather Sandals for $1,165 via Net-a-Porter.

We understand that while we claim this is Lindsay Lohan, we present no actual proof to that effect in these photos. But rest assured that this is in fact Ms. Lohan, leaving the Chopard Christmas party in London; she’s in town because she just wrapped a West End production of David Mamet’s Speed-The-Plow. Her pumps are the extremely holiday party-appropriate Isabel Marant Poppy Bow Pumps. The gold version is no longer available, sadly, but you can find an equally snazzy leopard print calf hair version on sale right now for $581 (down from $830) at SSENSE.

Lindsay did actually show her face to paps at some point in the evening, and I have to say, she’s looking pretty good. Also, I think it’s worth noting that she has mostly managed to stay out of tabloid headlines since her last rehab exit/Oprah intervention, which also deserves a round of applause. London is treating her well it seems – she’s getting decent stage reviews, she’s hanging out with Rita Ora – it’s all finally happening for Lindsay!

Here’s actress Jane Krakowski, taking her adorable son to Central Park for the 2014 Baby Buggy Bedtime Bash, hosted by Jessica and Jerry Seinfeld. Her bejeweled sandals are the Isabel Marant Caroll Sandals, which were a major “It” sandal last summer but are sadly no longer available. You can shop a broad selection of Isabel Marant footwear at Net-a-Porter.

30 Rock fans will be extremely pleased to know that Jane will be a featured player in yet another Tina Fey-produced sitcom called Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, a comedy about a woman who has recently broken away from a doomsday cult and started her life over in NYC. Ellie Kemper (from The Office) plays the Kimmy in question. The show is currently set to premiere in the spring of 2015.

In the not-so-distant past, Isabel Marant Bekket Sneaker Wedges (and their sister shoes of varying visages) were ungettable objects of desire for everyone from industry insiders to everyday fashion fans. They were like nothing else on the market at that moment, and Marant always imbues everything she does with her signature Parisian-cool style that makes it irresistible to a certain subset of stylish women. Two years after their debut, though, she’s having some second thoughts.

As you might guess, Marant’s new ambivalence to the sneaker wedges that she popularized comes mostly as a result to market saturation of bad imitations that have infiltrated seemingly every shoe line from Prada to Steve Madden. In fashion, ubiquity breeds contempt, and Marant told Women’s Wear Daily that she feels like the imitators cheapen hers. “I don’t wear them as often as I [used to] because I see too [many bad copies] in the street,” she said. Marant doesn’t feel entirely negative, though, saying, “They still have something special, even though there are a lot of copies, and the bad copies are super-ugly.”

I’ve never been on the sneaker wedge bandwagon and I’m glad to see the trend coming to a close, but Marant has a point – hers were far and away the most attractive of the bunch, and although the rush of knockoffs have probably helped hers reach wider acclaim, they’ve also brought about more ire than the shoes probably would have generated by themselves during the downward slope of their trend. Are you still into sneaker wedges, or are you glad to see them go? If you bought Marants during their heyday, do you still wear them?

If you’re just now coming around on them, they can be had for $695 via Net-a-Porter in several colors.

Whether it’s a pool slide, a Birkenstock or a little bit of both, Isabel Marant, creator of all things Parisian cool, has meshed several familiar ideas together to create the Isabel Marant Holden Sandal. Comfort and cool come together with this slide, but will that persuade even the nonbelievers to reconsider?

I’m not a slide-wearer by any means, but I’ll admit the velvet-soft leather sole looks very enticing. The construction of this type of sole is actually meant to mold to the contours of your feet, so even though the shoe is flat, your feet will be extremely padded. In general, that flatness is usually my only complaint about any kind of sandal; because the design of the shoe is meant to be, well, flat, walking after long periods of time can hurt the soles of your feet. If only every flat I owned had the velvety soft construction of these Marant sandals, I would be all set.

Spending $510 seems a bit much for a slide, but I have no doubt that these will sell out fairly quickly on Matches. Almost anything designed by Marant usually does, so if these sandals are calling your name, I suggest you act quickly!

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