The weather has been so bad this week in NYC that our usual crop of glamorous celebrity snapshots has basically been replaced with a bunch of pics of barely recognizable, bundled up celebs in sensible shoes. On Wednesday, NYC got five inches of rain, which is as much as it usually gets in the entire month of April. As such, Sarah Jessica Parker took her kids to school wearing sweats, a parka and a pair of her tried-and-true Hunter Original Short Wellies. You can get a pair just like Sarah’s for $130 at

We saw Sarah wearing these same rain boots back in January, while NYC was enduring several weeks of single-digit temperatures, ice, snow and torrential downpours. Hunter wellies are definitely the go-to rain boot of fashion forward New Yorkers during inclement weather. We’re especially fond of the collaborations the brand does with Rag & Bone, another New Yorker fashionista fave.

Here’s Liv Tyler and her son Milo, traversing the icy, slushy, snowy sidewalks and curbs that we’ve all been dealing with for over a week in NYC. For her journey, Liv has chosen the most fashion-approved all-weather boots that she possibly can: the Hunter x Rag & Bone Short Rain Boots. Hunters are a city-wide sight during this kind of weather, and the Rag & Bone collab versions are currently a particular fave with fashionable urbanites, for obvious reasons. You can find a two-tone version of this boot for $265 at Saks.

Further proof that Hunter boots are much beloved by celebs: we recently saw Sarah Jessica Parker navigating Greenwich Village with her own brood in a pair of Hunter Original Short Rain Boots. (And while we certainly don’t consider ourselves celebrities, Hunters are certainly a big fave around here at the PurseBlog/TalkShoes office as well.) If you’re on the hunt for boots that’ll endure all the ice and snow winter can throw at you, check out our picks for “6 Sleek and Chic Waterproof Boots.”

Here’s proof positive that no one is immune from the “polar vortex” that’s wreaking wintery havoc in the Northeast this week: even Sarah Jessica Parker got caught in a downpour. Here she is taking a very damp walk in the West Village with her daughter yesterday morning, wearing a pair of NYC’s de facto official winter boots, black Hunter wellies. SJP is sporting the Hunter Original Short Rain Boots, which you can pick up a pair for $130 at Nordstrom.

As New Yorkers already know, the weather in NYC has been fairly insane over the past couple of days. The city was subjected to single digit temps, a ton of snow and torrential downpours, all in the course of one weekend. Everyone in NY has been wearing their rubber boots for a week at this point. Is the Hunter wellie your preferred shoe for inclement weather, or do you swear by some other brand’s boots?

As things stand now, it looks like it’ll be raining for at least half of New York Fashion Week, which presents a bit of a conundrum. The vast majority of the fashion community defaults to Hunter boots when it rains outside, but during Fashion Week, you want something that stands out a bit more than boring black rubber. Lucky for us, Hunter has just come out with a pair of rain boots in one of my favorite nail polish finishes: duochrome. The Hunter Original Tall Pearlescent Wellingtons have such an interesting finish that maybe no one will even notice you’re wearing rubber boots instead of your favorite heels. (more…)

Hunter Festival Tall Wellies, $125 via Net-a-Porter in pink, green and orange

The only problem with spring is that it often brings as much bad weather as good – rain, wind and sometimes tornadoes, for those of us that live in areas which are prone to them. The South spent most of last week with its hatches battened down, hoping that the storms would shift and skip our towns, and I was lucky enough to be in a spot where not much damage was done. Hopefully the worst is over for the region, but I’m sure that won’t be the last rain I see before summer’s afternoon showers arrive. On those literally dark days, it’s nice to have something like the Hunter Festival Wellies in a bright candy color to don as a direct rebuke to the nasty weather. (more…)

Vlad and I are enjoying the last bit of winter on our Lake Placid ski trip right now. I know, everyone else is scurrying down south for sun and sand while we are traveling north for snow and cold. Maybe I am nuts, because I am questioning our vacation spot a bit as well. With temperatures still hovering below freezing and a couple of feet of snow on the ground everywhere, I do not know what I would do without my Hunter Wellington Boots. (more…)

I’m not exactly sure how I’ve spent all of this time looking at shoes and still managed to miss Hunter’s lace-up wellies, but somehow I did. I will overlook them no longer, however – in fact, I just haveto add a pair to my closet.

As I mentioned the last time we discussed rain boots, I live in a wet climate. Particularly during the winter, we get lots of precipitation that almost always shows up as rain instead of snow. With cold weather fast approaching, I need to be ordering the Hunter Original Short Wellington Boots immediately, if not sooner. For some reason, the laces totally make this pair of boots for me. (more…)

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