For anyone who is still clueless as to what you’ll be wearing during the big turkey feast, don’t worry, you’re not alone. While I still don’t know what I’m wearing, sometimes the clothes are not the first priority, but rather the accessories. Even the simplest of garments, or something you have already worn, will look reinvented when you pair it with some new bling, and it’s an easy alternative to finding the perfect dress if you are pressed for time.

Normally, I wear head-to-toe neutral tones for Thanksgiving, but this year I decided to spice things up. I figured a red pump would do the trick, and better yet, it’s also the perfect way to signify that I am indeed in the holiday spirit, even though I’m still trying to comprehend that December is next week. These STEVE by Steven Madden pumps are sexy without being inappropriate, and I instantly swooned. To coordinate with the red pumps, this C. Wonder Vintage Spike Lucite Cuff first caught my eye. Choosing art deco-inspired pieces will give any look a polished edge, and for the rest of the ensemble, I mixed and matched between C.Wonder and J.Crew for the coordinating earrings and necklace. Because of the lucite material used throughout all these pieces, you’ll have the advantage to wear any color of your choosing. If you’re like me and want to wear neutrals, then you are also in the clear!

After a long time trapped in thick socks and boots, our feet are happy to finally be seeing the sunshine. Because they’re fully exposed (for better or for worse) in sandals, we have to make sure our feet are looking their best. As shoe lovers, our feet go through a lot (especially when it comes to walking in stilettos) and can sometimes look a little on the rough side, but with the right products and care you can have your feet looking silky smooth and beach ready in no time. Here are our favorite skincare products with which to treat your feet.

Fourth of July was never really a holiday I looked forward to when I was younger. It was always just an excuse for barbecuing by the pool, which isn’t that exciting when you’re a kid who’s already out of school. Now, it’s evolved into one of the holidays I most look forward to. It’s the definition of summer and the perfect excuse to throw an outdoor party. (Not like I ever really need an excuse.) After all, who doesn’t love a holiday filled with fireworks, cheeseburgers and good weather? With so many options as to where you should spend this Fourth of July, we’ve put together a list of shoes to wear no matter where you’re headed. So whether you plan on spending the holiday on a rooftop sipping fancy cocktails or at a friend’s backyard with ice cold beers, we’ve got you covered.

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