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Why It’s the Shoe of the Week: These Gucci sandals are totally worth the splurge; they fit with the season’s 70s trends, but they’re modern enough to outlast them.

A couple of months ago, creative director Frida Giannini suddenly left Gucci after almost a decade with the brand, and for Fall 2015, the collection was under the new direction of Alessandro Michele. During Giannini’s tenure, Gucci was often very wearable and approachable; it was definitely luxurious, and at times, it skewed a little safe. Clearly, Michele is looking to change that impression.

It was a very youthful and free-spirited Gucci that hit the runway a few days ago, and nothing says this more than the collection’s footwear. You’ll see loafers with a gamine charm and fully fur-covered shoes that reminded me a lot of Rochas and Cèline shoes from runways past. This bohemian-inspired collection certainly turned heads in Milan, but nothing caught our attention more than the irreverent footwear.

What do you think of Gucci’s newest runway collection?

I’ll admit: sometimes I forget about Gucci. They don’t get the spotlight they deserve, but I’m here to fix that, at least for today. I was browsing through Bloomingdale’s when I came across the Gucci Crystal Cage Sandals, and alas, the obsession begins!

While the brand’s fall runway shoes were full of ’60s inspired go-go boots, you won’t find any platforms in this selection of evening shoes and booties. It’s the minor details that make all the difference, including gold cap toes, crystal embellishments and cage detailing, all rendered in luscious suede or all leather. We have an inside joke here at TalkShoes that when something’s good, we say, “That’s so Gucci,” and these shoes are definitely so Gucci.

With the ’60s inspiration comes mega platforms, chunky heels and knee-high boots, and it’s easy to conclude that Gucci was influenced by this iconic era in fashion history. While there are no crazy prints or lace-up suedes in this Fall 2014 collection, by prepared to see lots of platforms.

We covered this collection after it appeared on the runway, and now that it’s available for purchase, we felt it worthy of a second look. After reading a lot of your comments these last few weeks, most of you would like all platforms to take step aside and let the single-sole shoes have its moment, but for some reason, it seems like designers are hesitant to let that happen. I don’t know exactly why that is all I can say is, but I’m with you in wanting to give the single sole it’s moment.

Taylor Swift has really upped her style game in the last year. Case in point: here she is exploring New York City, wearing an adorable yellow pair of Gucci Suede Pumps and carrying her trusty Dolce & Gabbana Sara Bag. That little floral jumpsuit ties everything together perfectly. Taylor’s exact pumps are currently on sale for $319 at Gucci (down from $635).

Taylor has had quite a love affair with the Dolce & Gabbana Sara Bag; she carried it almost exclusively for months on end earlier this year. You can see all the myriad ways she’s styled her many Saras in this PurseBlog post. You can also check out her favorite handbags of years past in “The Many Bags of Taylor Swift”, which is sorely in need of a follow-up post.

After her show, Gucci creative director Frida Giannini reported to Vogue that the brand’s latest collection is all about “real clothes for real women,” and the Fall 2014 Gucci Shoe Collection exemplifies just that. These boots were nostalgic of the sixties, and many were knee-high and made in either python or patent leather. Styling played a clever role during this runway show, as it looked like some of these boots may have been ankle length, but the pants were simply pulled over the knee-high boots to simulate that effect. Also notable was the absence of the fashion-favorite stiletto; every boot was practical with its low heel. This Gucci collection is especially appealing because it balances both practicality and holds to the brand’s standard of delivering luxury.

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I am, admittedly, not a sequin girl. In the TalkShoes offices, as you might imagine, Katherine takes that title. What I am, though, is someone who appreciate ultra-modern finishing, particularly when applied to a traditional shoe or when coming from a traditional brand, and that’s why I’m really into the Gucci Ali Sequin Ballet Flats.

Ballet flats aren’t the non-heel shoe of choice in fashion at the moment (although, come to think of it, the simple ballerina is probably due for an ultra-chic revival any minute now) and have never been my personal favorite, so the combination of the shape and sequins should put me off in this situation. These sequins, though, are cool enough that I can’t stop looking at them. As the name would imply, the effect is indeed one of green-yellow shifting fish scales, but they look as though they’re almost lit from within. I’ll gladly take a pair, even if I don’t have anything to wear them with. (A shell bra, perhaps?) Buy through Neiman Marcus for $795.

When online shopping is a major part of your job description, you see some very interesting shoes. There are some shoes you see that you can’t get out of your head for days, and then there are some shoes you see that you truly wish you could erase from your memory. When it comes to these Gucci Coda High Top Satin Colorblock Sneakers, I just can’t. With sneakers becoming an acceptable fashion statement, we’ve seen everything from bejeweled sneakers to wedge sneakers, and even metallic sneakers. Yet, it’s these Gucci sneakers that are bothering me most.

One of the reasons for my unsettling feelings is that I have largely moved on from the color blocking trend, although it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. As I’m sure you can tell from the color combo, these sneakers are part of the Spring collection, but the real issue for me is with the colors’ vibrancy. These sneakers look like they should be paired with a 1980s tracksuit, and while I may not be an 80s baby [Ed. Note – I feel old.], I know first-hand that those ensembles were not appealing. The juxtaposing colors of these sneakers all rest on a silk upper, and because of silk’s high ability to take dye, the colors are super rich. If a different material was used, such as canvas or leather, the colors would be muted and there would be a strong possibility that my opinion of these sneakers would change.

If you don’t agree with me, my father is to blame. He sports his 1980s tracksuit jacket to this day, and while I have begged and pleaded and bargained with him to update his look, the man just won’t budge. Maybe it is because his tracksuit jacket would match these sneakers perfectly )seriously I mean perfectly), but when it comes to these Guccis, I stand by my earlier statement: I just can’t.

Buy your sneakers through Bloomingdale’s for $515.

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