Jennifer Lopez was recently spotted out and about in NYC, wearing one of her favorite pairs of J-Lo exclusive customized Giuseppe Zanotti sneaks. This particular pair is a modified version of the Giuseppe Zanotti Leopard Sneakers. The more minimal, non-custom version (available to common folk like us) is available for $912 at

We actually saw J-Lo wearing these same sneakers on the set of one of her music videos last year. She also owns a pair of similarly customized Giuseppe Zanotti Wedge Sneakers. You can peruse all of Jennifer’s best sneaks, sandals, boots and pumps in “The Many Shoes of Jennifer Lopez.” Her shoe collection is certainly one of the most enviable ones we’ve featured on TS thus far.

Here’s Lady Gaga, out on the media trail in NYC, making a stop at the Good Morning America studios. She’s incorporated a bright red pair of Giuseppe Zanotti Quilted Moto Ankle Boots into her Phantom of the Opera-meets-Michael Jackson, all-leather ensemble. These boots are currently on sale at Barneys for $1,019, down from $1,695.

Her ladyship seems to be having a tiny love affair with boots this month. We saw her greeting fans in NYC while wearing a pair of her beloved Alaïa Lace-up Platform Boots mere days ago. Frankly, I’m surprised Gaga hasn’t already been spotted in a pair of these exorbitantly priced, crystal-embellished Giuseppe Zanotti boots. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.

Here’s Jennifer Lopez heading into an interview for HuffPo Live in a stunning pair of Giuseppe Zanotti Suede Ankle Strap Pumps. While many brands have largely abandoned platforms in favor of single soles in the last few seasons, celebs are slow to turn their back on platforms altogether. The garish platforms of two years ago have been wholly replaced by sleeker, more subtle platform styles like this one, or the ever-popular Saint Laurent Janis Pump. You can currently find J-Lo’s exact platform pumps for $750 at SSENSE.

We’ve discussed Jennifer’s affinity for Zanotti at length here on TS. She gets her Giuseppe Zanotti sneaks specially customized to her tastes, and she also tends to favor the brand’s pumps for more formal occasions. You can see all of her best designer pumps and sneaks in “The Many Shoes of Jennifer Lopez.”

Here’s Taylor Swift, doing a little press for her upcoming album at the KISS FM studios in London. She’s wearing a bright pink pair of Giuseppe Zanotti Suede Ankle Strap Pumps, which pop quite nicely with her vintage-inspired navy dress. You can find these pumps in black or burgundy for $750 at Saks.

Taylor is quite a fan of pink designer platforms. We saw her wearing a strikingly similar pair of towering, dark pink Christian Louboutin Lady Peep Pumps back in July. More recently, we saw Taylor’s celebrity kitty Olivia Benson (literally) in a pair of Keds Taylor Swift Champion Sneaky Cats. Olivia Benson is the adorable star of the new ad campaign for Keds’ latest T-Swift collab.

It’s no secret that designer shoes, in general, are expensive. It’s no secret that Giuseppe Zanotti shoes are often particularly expensive. Now add all-over crystals to the equation, and the Giuseppe Zanotti Open-Toe Ankle Boots just hit a whole new level of expensive. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a shoe this pricey, and the actual number stopped me dead in my tracks.

There’s no denying that these boots are exquisite, and they have all the details I’d look for in a dream shoe: a staggering heel, tons of crystals and vivid colors. (I’m easy to please.) Sometimes I have over-the-top taste, and that tends to come with some cringe-worthy prices, but a price tag in excess of five grand took me by surprise. Giuseppe Zanotti has made other crystal-embellished shoes in the past, and they definitely didn’t compare in price or beauty.

Buy your Giuseppe Zanotti boot (and if you do I’m completely jealous) for $5,715 via Saks.

Here’s supermodel Miranda Kerr, leaving the Sonia Rykiel runway show in Paris while wearing a truly amazing pair of black suede Giuseppe Zanotti Ankle Cuff Sandals and carrying a black, quilted Christian Dior Lady Dior Bag. These GZs are brand new and currently available from the brand’s website for $1,150. I can’t imagine they will last very long, as they’re something of a force to be reckoned with. If celebrities are even half as enamored with these as I am, they’ll probably sell out in a few weeks time.

This bold Giuseppe Zanotti style allows you to get away with practically anything above the ankle, because everyone will be looking at your shoes. Those giant gold studs demand attention. Did you even notice Miranda’s sleek, space-age jumpsuit? No, you didn’t, even though it’s pretty on-point. Miranda has exquisite taste in footwear, of course, and you can peruse most of her designer shoe collection in “The Many Shoes of Miranda Kerr.”

Here’s Jennifer Lopez, walking the streets of New York City with real estate broker Fredrik Eklund, a prominent player on Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing New York. It seems that J.Lo is contemplating a move to the city and has her eye on a $20 million apartment in Chelsea. Anyway, she’s doing her real estate shopping in a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti Wedge Sneakers, which the brand confirms are customized to her liking. The normal version of this sneaker is currently on sale for $995 at

We saw Jennifer wearing a non-wedge, animal print version of this sneaker just a couple weeks ago on the set of a music video, and those were also customized with an extra metallic band just like the sneaks seen here. The Jennifer Lopez-Giuseppe Zanotti adoration is clearly mutual, and you can see a lot more of the brand’s shoes on J-Lo in “The Many Shoes of Jennifer Lopez”.

Here’s Jennifer Lopez on the set of a music video she recently filmed with Fat Joe and French Montana in NYC, wearing a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti Leopard Hi-Top Sneakers. You can find an extremely similar pair for $1,016 at J-Lo’s pair seems to have extra gold metallic bands, but we’re guessing hers were customized for maximum bling factor. Jennifer is a big fan of the Giuseppe Zanotti brand, and you can find more of her favorite GZ styles in “The Many Shoes of Jennifer Lopez”.

These particular GZ sneaks have been around for forever – and by “forever”, I obviously mean since 2011. Three years is a really long time for a high-end brand like Giuseppe Zanotti to stick with a hi-top, side-zip sneaker, but for a couple of years they updated this style to include the then-massively popular hidden wedge trend (seen here on Selena Gomez). Thankfully, I think we can all say with complete confidence that that trend is now well dead, and good riddance.

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