When listing the biggest names in the footwear industry, Giuseppe Zanotti is one of the first to come to mind. Zanotti isn’t just loved greatly by celebrities like Chrissy Teigen andKhloe Kardashian – his luxurious, ornate designs are beloved by fashion fans of all stripes.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Zanotti’s eponymous line, and his Fall 2014 collection reflects the designer’s long history and enormous experience in luxury footwear.

The Zanotti Fall 2014 collection includes the brand’s staple sneakers and sneaker wedges, along with new patent leather slingbacks and snakeskin mules. The true beauty of the collection lies in the details, with splashes of color and crystal appliqués, luxe materials like snakeskin and velvety suede, and sculpted gold ornamentation. Together, these details make this line classically Giuseppe.

Fur on shoes is nothing new; Celine was one of the first brands to put all-fur shoes on our radars several seasons ago. The brand’s all-fur shoes from Celine Spring 2013 weren’t particularly well-received by anyone but crazy fashion people; I wasn’t a fan then, and now, I’m not a fan of the Giuseppe Zanotti Fur-Trim Wedge Zip Sneaker.

The amount of fur that consumes the front of this shoe is hard to get past, and with the added gold hardware across the center (and if you look close there’s also gold hardware going across the vamp), it makes this sneaker look gaudy. If the fur was kept to just trim at the top of this high top, as opposed to a ball of fur that we’ve got going on, I think it would be a more practical sneaker in terms of styling. Aesthetically speaking, this fur frontal is not pleasing. Although, I think if anyone will be seen wearing these sneaker and could possibly make me eat my words for disliking these shoes, it would probably be Rihanna.

Is anyone else sick of designers trying to make fur shoes happen?

Buy your Giuseppe Zanotti Fur-Trim Wedge Zip Sneaker through Barneys for $1,395.

Here’s model Chrissy Teigen, walking her French Bulldog Pippa in NYC’s East Village. She’s wearing an edgy pair of Giuseppe Zanotti Spiked Flat Sandals with a casual outfit that includes, yes, the bottom half of a highly fashionable-looking pair of overalls. (Who knew such a thing existed?) These sandals are nowhere to be found online, but you can find a similar style of GZs for $730 at SSENSE.

Chrissy and husband John Legend also have an English Bulldog named Puddy, but Puddy is also nowhere to be found in these pics! English bulldogs aren’t exactly renowned for their athleticism and stamina, however. Puddy and Pippa pop up quite frequently on Chrissy’s Instagram account, so you can get your bulldog fix there, if necessary. Stars, they’re just like us! They can’t stop taking random pet portraits!

Here’s actress Lucy Liu arriving at the Late Show with David Letterman to promote her hit CBS show Elementary. She’s wearing an intimidating pair of black, gladiator-inspired Giuseppe Zanotti Cutout Booties. These booties appear to be from a previous season, and have likely been sitting in Liu’s closet (or her stylist’s) for some time; Zanotti doesn’t currently make many platforms. You can shop an extensive selection of Zanotti’s current offerings at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Giuseppe Zanotti recently celebrated 20 years in business with the release of the first of four anniversary capsule collections. The brand’s debut anniversary capsule collection is called Jewel, and you can view all of its limited edition sandal styles and read an interview with Zanotti himself over on our sister site, PurseBlog.

To celebrate his brand’s 20th anniversary, Giuseppe Zanotti has revealed the first of four capsule collections, entitled “Jewel,” which will arrive in select Zanotti boutiques in June. The designs in this first collection are a selection of flat, gold sandals, embellished with jewels, which pay tribute to many of the jewels used in Zanotti’s past designs. We got a chance to speak to the famed designer and you can read the full interview and see the full collection over on our sister-site, PurseBlog. Be sure to come back and comment on the collection below!

Crystals, sequins and seashells all make their mark on these Giuseppe Zanotti Coline Embellished Suede Sandals. These open-toe stilettos are an eyefull for sure, but aside from the assorted embellishments, one thing I can’t wrap my head around is paying $1,995 for pumps that can be part of a fun DIY project courtesy of Etsy or Pinterest.

When you buy a luxury good, the craftsmanship, authenticity and exclusivity make the significant expense worthwhile. From my track record of posts here on TalkShoes, it’s fairly clear I’m on board with all kinds of embellishments, for the most part. While these sandals certainly are a beauty to look at, I just can’t see myself paying almost two grand for suede and faux seashells and crystals. I need something a little more luxurious. If these Zanotti sandals are just what you were looking to wear on your next getaway or to get ready for an upcoming summer endeavor, buy yours through Net-A-Porter for $1,995.

Nicki Minaj recently donned a vibrant purple pair of Giuseppe Zanotti Suede Zipper Booties to attend Jay-Z’s star-studded concert at the Staples Center in LA Monday night. Here she is being escorted around the venue by her security detail in a pretty fabulous ensemble – studded leather moto jacket, graffiti-patterned mini dress and bright purple GZs. You can pick up Nicki’s exact booties for $448 at Zappos Couture. (That’s half price, BTW.)

It seems like Nicki got the biggest star treatment of any celeb that was caught on camera by the paps at this show. Celebs flocked to the Staples Center for Jay-Z’s LA concert en masse – Kardashians, Hiltons, and plenty of actors and fellow rappers all turned up to enjoy the show. (As you might suspect, there were also a lot of great handbags and shoes in attendance.)

I’ve always had a crush on Giuseppe Zanotti, but are these Giuseppe Zanotti Mixed Print Peep Toe Pump a deal breaker? While mixed prints are still a huge trend, these shoes are a study in print-mixing gone terribly wrong. On purpose.

When something is downright crazy and unconventional, it naturally sparks conversation. Just think about how people are still talking about Miley Cyrus at the VMAs, and that was back in August. This same idea applies to fashion. These Zanotti shoes are more a conversation starter than a wearable shoe that you will find its way to your foot over and over again. Even if the craftsmanship holds true to the Zanotti standard, we just need to strip away these crazy patterns, or at least modify them to reflect the brand’s best work. We know Zanotti can make a great leopard shoe; remember these pumps from not too long ago? Heck, even simple polka dots and the blue piping would look great on their own, but leopard and polka dots and two types of piping are a bridge too far.

If you fancy these Mixed Print Peep Toe Pump, don’t let me stop you. Buy yours through Bergdorf Goodman for $775.

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