We all have designers that can do no wrong in our eyes; a brand that feels as though every shoe is made for you personally. When that designer creates something awful, it can feel like a betrayal. Today, I feel betrayed. I’d complete our Fill in the Blank like this: These Prada Suede Asymmetric Flat Sport Sandals are a a designer Teva gone terribly, terribly, (did I say terribly?) wrong.

Prada is one of the brands that always puts forth innovative, influential, trend-setting designs that I generally appreciate. Today, not so much’ there’s not one thing I value about these sandals. When it comes to loving ugly sandals, we know Amanda takes that crown around here, and when she saw these sandals, even she couldn’t find any sort of aesthetic pleasure. It was good to know it was not just me who felt so strongly, and I have a feeling that many sizes of these shoes are going to end up on sale shortly. Let us know how you’d fill in the blank in the comments – I can’t wait to hear!

Prada Suede Asymmetric Flat Sport Sandal, Black/Blue
$710 via Neiman Marcus

Prada Suede Asymmetric Flat Sport Sandal

Prada Suede Asymmetric Flat Sport Sandal, Black/Purple
$710 via Neiman Marcus

Prada Suede Asymmetric Flat Sport Sandal

For this round of Fill in the Blank, I wanted to find a shoe that was interesting, conversation-worthy and a bit out of the ordinary. Suffice it to say that these Emanuel Ungaro Wrap Around Ruffled Leather Sandals fit that description more accurately than I could have hoped.

Sometimes a shoe that looks amazing on the runway seems like it could never work well in your footwear collection, and more importantly, that you might never actually be tempted to wear them. After seeing these Emanuel Ungaro sandals, I had all these worries. When you look at the picture on the left of the shoes by themselves, they look like a mess of straps and organza. When you see them modeled, it’s easier to see the distance between the leather straps and the ruffle ornamentation, and the proportion makes this sandal feel much more balanced.

Without a doubt these sandals are a work of art, but can they easily be paired with clothing in your wardrobe? Now is when I turn things over to you: ” I would wear these Emanuel Ungaro Sandals with… ”

Buy your Emanuel Ungaro sandals through Net-a-Porter for $1,645.

Chunky. And also a little too clunky. Yes, I believe that’s the only correct way to describe these Sergio Rossi Platform Sandals – bit too chunky and very, very clunky. Normally I would wait until the end of a post like this to voice my answer, but I just couldn’t hold it in. When I saw these sandals on The Corner, I was surprised to read that we were designed by Sergio Rossi; usually Rossi’s shoes are exceptionally chic.

These flatform sandals not only look clunky to walk in, but I couldn’t imagine them being functional for long periods of wear. I’m going to ask my editor, Amanda, if she would include these sandals in her Ode to Ugly Sandals, and if she does, then I think that says it all. I know we haven’t played the game in a while but now it’s your turn to answer the Fill in the Blank statement in the comments.

[Ed. Note: They are even too ugly for me. -Amanda]

Buy your Sergio Rossi Platform Sandal through The Corner for $775.

I’ll start the game: When I first saw these Manolo Blahnik Lace Sandals, I shrieked. The Manolo Blahnik Plusanda Lace Double-Band Sandals are the epitome of a posh shoe, but of course, that’s to be expected from such an iconic designer, and I’m certainly not complaining.

One of the reasons I instantly fell in love with this pump was because of Blahnik’s use of lace. Normally, many Manolo pumps that feature lace are mounted on mesh with sheer lace overlay, often on a BB-style pump. While I favor everything and anything BB, it’s refreshing to see the lace detailing revived in a new way, while still remaining traditional and ladylike with a black and while color palette. Priced at a bit more then your BB pump, the craftsmanship and fine detailing of this sandal make the price tag worthwhile. We haven’t played the game in a while, so lets see how you would finish this statement in the comments below!

Buy your Manolo Blahik Lace Sandals through Neiman Marcus for $995.

I may not be a country girl, but I can always find a way to wear a great pair of cowboy boots. When I first laid eyes on these Ivy Kirzhner Caballero High Heel Harness Booties, I will admit I didn’t like them. However, sometimes even with things you don’t like, you are compelled to look closer. When I did, well, my initial feeling was still the same…for the most part.

Was I captivated by the art deco-inspired detailing, a pattern made up of different geometric and neutral colored shapes? Yes. It took me a while and a lot of staring at the computer to come to the conclusion that it was really the boot strap of which I was not fond. The mixing of the leather upper, the calf hair and the geometric triangles on the boot strap felt like a bit much. The back of the bootie and the heel are a showpiece on their own, and to create balance, the front of the boot should be kept simple. The mixing of leather and calf-hair would have been plenty. With all that said, I do have some good news. For anyone who felt the same way as I did, the boot strap is optional.

Buy your Ivy Kirzhner booties through ShopBop for $650 and play our Fill in the Blank game in the comments!

Tacky? Weird? Unmatchable? The list of negative adjectives can keep going but I will stop there. I consider myself a daring person, fashion-wise, but there are times when I stop and wonder, how in the world is anyone suppose to wear this? Well, this moment occurred to me after looking at the Sophia Webster Jessica Printed Mixed-Media d’Orsay Pump. I admire many of Webster’s designs, but I don’t know if I can wrap my head around this one.

When it comes to print mixing, there is always a common ground that helps the flow of these various patterns. Yes, there is a method to the madness. In most cases, the patterns follow the same color scheme or scale, or the same pattern may be used in various colors to make an outfit come together. For me, this same idea translates when I find successful mixed-print shoes, and as long as the overall presentation of the shoe makes sense, then I’m all for it. After looking at these Sophia Webster pumps, the colors and patterns of this shoe do not marry well and it feels like a color blocking disaster. The tortoise shell and black and gold polka-dot are not too terrible, but the pink and black stripped cap-toe is what throws the balance of this pump completely off. Maybe that was the objective Ms. Webster had in mind when designing this shoe, but whatever the reasoning, it didn’t work for me.

Would you consider rocking these pumps? Buy your pair through Bergdorf Goodman for $470.

“Tall?” “Literal?” There are a lot of potential ways to end our Fill in the Blank sentence when it comes to the Kate Spade Le Taxi Slingback Pumps, and none of them are particularly flattering. (more…)

The Isa Tapia Ivana Rabbit Fur Pumps may not be the shoes we want, but they might be the shoes we deserve. At least in a theoretical sense. We’ve only ourselves to blame for what’s transpiring north of this paragraph. Ourselves and Phoebe Philo. (Rejoice, because this might be the only time most of us are ever in the same group with Philo for any reason.)

Although her brand is relatively new, Isa Tapia has quickly established herself as a designer with a very particular aesthetic – bright, bold, trendy. These pumps certainly tick all those boxes, but the trend involved – fur shoes a la Celine’s famous fuzzy pumps – is one that has a particularly high failure rate. Celine’s version worked because it was so obviously not intended to be viewed in a self-serious way, and obviously the few pairs that made it to retail would be snapped up as collector’s items. They’re not the kind of shoes that need a “look for less,” but in the current consumer climate, everything needs a look for less. Someone will buy it.

Alas, that’s what we have here. Unlike with Celine’s shoes, the suede pump underneath peeks out, and the fur ends up working as some sort of muff for your ankles. So, if you have cold ankles, these might be for you. Or maybe you should just, you know, buy some boots. Have some thoughts of your own? Finish our title sentence in the comments or check out these shoes at ShopBop – they retail for $650.

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