Shoes: Shoe of the Week: Fendi Bag Bug Slip-On Sneaker

Price:$600 via Net-a-Porter

Why It’s the Shoe of the Week: Remember how we spotted Fendi’s Karlito on a pair of fashionable hi-top sneakers? Well, if the Karlito isn’t for you, may we suggest one of Fendi’s Bag Bugs?

Shoes: Shoe of the Week: Fendi Crystal-Embellished Color-Block Leather Sandals

Price:$1,150 via Net-a-Porter

Why It’s the Shoe of the Week: Can you think of a reason not to make these Fendi beauties the Shoe of the Week? Us either. These architectural sandals are elegant and ultra-modern, and they instantly add a hint of glamour to any ensemble. Sounds like a win-win to us!

You’ve probably seen us discuss the evolution of Fendi’s Karlito quite a bit over on PurseBlog. The Karlito bag bug, meant to depict the brand’s creative director Karl Lagerfeld, debuted on the arm of Cara Delevingne at the label’s Fall 2014 runway show.

First, Karlito was a bag bug. Then, he was perfectly placed on an iPhone case/ Most recently, he found his way onto a tote bag. But the adventure doesn’t end there for Karlito; now he has made his way onto footwear.

The Karlito sneaker is as luxurious and quirky as you’d expect from Lagerfeld. When I saw these sneaker on Net-a-Porter, my only inkling that these were a variation of the Karlito (aside from reading the description, of course) was the signature hot pink fur meant to resemble Karl’s “hair.” The suede and patent leather are meant to resemble Karlito’s suit, and, of course, what’s a Karlito without sunglass? They are indeed hiding under all that pink fur we mean “hair.”

I guess the only question left to ask is, where will we Karlito pop up next? Buy your Fendi Karlito sneakers now through Net-a-Porter $1,550.

Anna Dello Russo recently attended Fendi’s debut show at Paris Haute Couture Week in a pair of dramatic red Marco De Vincenzo Braided Sandals. A very similar lambskin and lycra version of this Marco De Vincenzo style is currently available for pre-order at Moda Operandi for $1,080, but only for a few more days.

Karl Lagerfeld chose an extremely controversial theme for his first Fendi couture collection, dubbing it “haute fourrure” (high fur). As you can imagine, animal rights activists were protesting outside the show, and the collection has generated far more buzz from non-fashion media forums than any other collection at Paris Haute Couture Week.

Fendi does an exceptional job at letting the brand’s accessory steal the spotlight during its runway shows; the brand thrives on innovative and directional accessories. If one thing stood out for the direction of the brand’s Spring 2015 sandals, it was that Fendi went bold and glamorous.

The crystals on these sandals are instantly eye-catching. The crocodile tail on the backstay is featured both on the shoes and handbags, and this luxe detail is adorned with intricate crystal detailing. In recent seasons, Fendi has strayed from such a glamorous approach, and it will be interesting to see how well-received these shoes will be by consumers.

Fendi Crystal Leather Cage Sandal
$1,300 via Saks

Fendi  Crystal Leather Cage Sandal

Fendi Crystal Crocodile and Leather Cage Sandals
$2,200 via Saks

Fendi Crystal Crocodile and Leather Cage Sandals

Fendi Crystal Leather Sandals
$2,200 via Neiman Marcus

Fendi Crystal Leather Sandals

Actress Hailee Steinfeld recently donned a head-to-toe Fendi look to the launch party for Fendi’s new Madison Avenue boutique in NYC. She capped off her bold Fendi ensemble with a colorful pair of Fendi Cage Sandals, which are new for Spring 2015. You can find these in a different color combo for $1,350 at Bergdorf Goodman.

Hailee is someone who I still think of as a child actress, even though the Internet tells me she turned 18 this past December. You may remember her from her Oscar-nominated role in 2010’s True Grit. Ms. Steinfeld has an impressive five films on deck for 2015, including Pitch Perfect 2 and something called Barely Lethal, which seems appropriate.

Here’s Mad Men star Kiernan Shipka, getting takeout in LA and somehow managing to look totally age-appropriate in very expensive designer shoes, which is something of a feat for a girl who turns 15 next month. Her shoes are the Mary Jane-esque Fendi Chameleon Pumps, which are available in an open-toed version and a different colorway for $890 at Saks.

Kiernan is barely a legit teenager, but she still has better taste in footwear than many celebs twice her age, as evidenced by this quirky pair of bronze-heeled Fendi pumps. We saw her in a gorgeous, glittery pair of Stuart Weitzman Nudist Sandals last spring, and she wore a darling pair of Oscar de la Renta Peep Toe Pumps to last year’s Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Fendi is just being Fendi, and I’m loving every second of it with the Fendi Spike-Heel Mixed Fur Hiker Boot. This statement-making boot features colorblocked suede and fur, plus and the famous Fendi spiked heel. A lot of things are happening on this boot, but Karl Lagerfeld worked his Fendi magic and we have one very interesting shoe to show for it.

Even with all these different design elements, this boot doesn’t feel overwhelming. There’s the right amount of fur to ensure you don’t look like Big Foot’s little sister, and even though I’m not a fan of colorblocking, the warm tones on this calf hair flow beautifully into each other. This makes for one fashion-forward boot, and the only downfall I see is the very hefty price tag.

If you’re brave enough to wear this boot, buy yours through Bergdorf Goodman for $2,900.

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