Call me crazy, but I am dying to try Christian Louboutin’s nail lacquer, even if it’ll cost me $50. We showed you the iconic Rouge Louboutin shade that debuted a few weeks ago, and this week marks the debut of the rest of the 30 shades that make up the rest of the much-anticipated collection. These colors are divided into three categories: The Pops, The Nudes, and The Noirs.

The Pops are vibrant colors ranging from rich purple to neon yellow, The Nudes are various tones of neutrals and blushes and The Noirs consist of rich, darker hues.

All thirty shades are available for pre-order at Saks, along with Loubi Nail Primer and Loubi Nail Gloss, which are the brand’s base and top coats. I can’t decide if I should pull the trigger and spend the money on one of these fabulous, high-shine colors, so I would love to hear your input. Should I or shouldn’t I buy one of Christian Louboutin’s new polishes?

Here’s Rihanna, leaving Butter restaurant in NYC after a dinner with her lady friends. She’s rocking a pair of white Christian Louboutin Impera Lace-Up Pumps, as well as some insanely long hair extensions. These shoes are from a previous season and are now completely sold out, but a broad selection of Rihanna-appropriate Louboutin pumps can be found at Neiman Marcus.

If it hasn’t been totally telegraphed already: we adore Ri-Ri. She has the best style/stylist in all of celebdom, and you can see all of her fabulous looks, fancy pumps and designer handbags in “The Many Bags of Rihanna” and “The Many Bags of Rihanna, Part 2″ on PurseBlog, as well as “The Many Shoes of Rihanna” right here on TS.

Elle Fanning recently attended the Hollywood Foreign Press Association Installation Dinner in Beverly Hills wearing a gorgeous, glittery pair of Christian Louboutin Iriza Strass Pumps, paired with a striking Vivienne Westwood Gold Label dress. These stunning Irizas aren’t currently available online, sadly, but a lovely burgundy satin Iriza that will be absolute perfection for fall can be had for $625 at Net-A-Porter.

I write about fashion every day, but I am frankly stumped as to how to explain what’s going on with the back of Elle’s dress. It’s like a strange peplum effect that creates something I’ll call “intentional bubble butt,” which looks good on ingenues like Elle, who have just the right amount of butt. In any case, you can see more of Elle’s best looks, bags and shoes in “The Many Bags of Dakota and Elle Fanning.”

It’s no secret that Christian Louboutin doesn’t design with comfort in mind; anyone who owns a pair of Louboutin pumps can vouch for that. Fashionista has quoted Louboutin saying, “I don’t want to create painful shoes, but it is not my job to create something comfortable. I try to make high heels as comfortable as they can be, but my priority is design, beauty and sexiness.”

Louboutin takes the idea that ‘beauty is pain’ to heart, and nothing looks more painful than his Daffodile pump. These are by far the most daunting heel and platform in the Louboutin shoe family, and I was curious to try a pair and see if these pumps are as scary as they seem.

I normally wear a size six, but in these shoes, I wear a five and a half. When I slipped my foot into a pair, the toe box was a bit more narrow then I expected, but once the back of my foot was in, I was able to wiggle my toes just fine. Then came the moment of truth: Could I walk in these monstrous pumps? While I was sitting, I felt like my knees were a bit closer to my chest than normal; clearly, these shoes were not playing around.

With the heel measuring six inches and the platform measuring two and a quarter inches, that was an understatement. Surprisingly, though, I could walk on both carpet and tile with ease, and I didn’t feel my limbs straining to keep my balance. With most of the weight falling to the front of this pump because of the platform, I actually didn’t feel like I was being weighed down. My foot also didn’t slip out in the back because I opted for a half size smaller than normal, which is a problem I usually face with pumps that do not have a strap to keep my foot in place.

In the past, the Daffodile’s heel and platform were enough to turn me away, and now I’m starting to have a slight change of heart. The platform and heel give off a very extreme and exaggerated look, however, but these pumps were actually made for walking longer then a few moments. While the So Kates are near and dear to my heart, those are pumps that are made for looking sexy and doing very little walking. The Daffodiles, on the other hand, will make you look sexy and mobile, for a bit longer than the So Kates, at least.

Buy a similar pair of Daffodile Pumps for $1,075 via Saks.

Here’s Megan Fox, on the red carpet for the premiere of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in LA. She’s wearing Christian Louboutin Gwynitta Sandals, which are popular on the red carpet for the same reason that Nudists are – their high heel and minimalist construction mean that they elongate the leg without competing with an actress’ outfit. You can currently find a sparkly silver version for $745 at Net-A-Porter.

We saw Megan last week spreading the gospel of TMNT at Comic Con in a pair of strappy Jimmy Choos. In a Megan Fox’s Jimmy Choos vs. Megan Fox’s Louboutins death match, I think Megan’s Jimmy Choos win, but only by a hair. Megan seems to be sticking to a simple black and white color scheme for these PR appearances, and I think it’s working pretty well for her.

Here’s a just-noticeably-pregnant Zoe Saldana, arriving at GMA in a pair of Christian Louboutin Apostrophy Slingback Pumps and a sleek maroon dress. The Apostrophys boast a (comparatively) more modest heel for Louboutins, and have a slightly more modest price to match. You can find Zoe’s exact pumps for $645 at Neiman Marcus.

Zoe is making the press rounds this week to promote her new flick, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, in which she plays Gamora, a green-skinned alien bounty hunter. GOTG is Zoe’s third space-based movie franchise, after Star Trek and Avatar. Zoe has yet to actually confirm her pregnancy, but rumors are already swirling that she is expecting twins.

Shoe aficionados know how fast Christian Louboutin shoes can sell out, and as I was browsing the web for some shoe inspiration, I found myself on a webpage that made me smile foolishly (and I’m ok with that). Fall styles from Christian Louboutin are available now for pre-order at Neiman Marcus! With new styles from the Pigalle Follies to the Irizia pump, don’t miss out on some of the hottest shoes of the season while they’re still in stock.

Order your new pair of Christian Louboutin’s through Neiman Marcus now!

Here’s Taylor Swift, heading into lunch at Angelica in Soho, wearing a dazzling fuchsia pair of sky-high Christian Louboutin Lady Peep Pumps. Taylor is already tall, so in these, she’s probably a head above everyone she passes on the street. (Both literally and figuratively.) You can currently find a pair of these in glossy black patent leather for $945 at Barneys.

Just to recap: We’ve recently seen Taylor on the streets of NYC wearing nude Prada Suede Mary Jane Slingback Pumps and bright yellow Gucci Suede Pumps. (That’s a pretty bold shoe game, T-Swift.) Taylor seems to be adapting well to city life, and by “city life,” I mean “being followed from your apartment to brunch/your gym/the bodega by paparazzi on a daily basis.”

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