Here’s Amber Heard on the red carpet at the 3 Days to Kill premiere in LA, wearing an enticing pair of Christian Louboutin Pigalle Pumps. We’ve seen these shoes identified as So Kates on other sites, but the heel seems too thick, and we can’t find any evidence that they So Kates come in this fishnet overlay. (Though that being said, Johnny Depp’s new fiance probably now ranks pretty high on the list of people who get new Louboutins well before the general public.) You can get a pair of spiked Pigalles in a similar metallic gold tone for $1,295 at Neiman Marcus.

Here’s something I never thought I’d hear myself say: That chick makes Johnny Depp look old. And for good reason – there’s a fairly obvious 23 year age difference there. I was once so optimistic that Johnny Depp wasn’t going to be one of those stereotypical Hollywood celeb dudes who left the hot French mother of his children for someone much, much younger right as he turned the corner on middle age. Alas! I will say this about his new lady love: she has good taste in shoes (and men over 40).

Here’s La La Anthony, looking extra cozy as she arrives at the “Bethenny” show studios in a pair of black patent Christian Louboutin Pigalle Pumps. This pair looks slightly oversized for La La, but I’ve noticed that seems to be a little trick celebs employ, presumably to spare their feet from blisters. You can currently get a multi-tone, spiked black version of the Pigalle for $1,295 at Neiman Marcus.

La La is doing the press rounds this week to promote her new book, The Love Playbook: Rules for Love, Sex, & Happiness, which I assume contains detailed instructions on how to become a hot MTV VJ who then goes on to lock-down one of the highest paid NBA players in the country via holy matrimony. At least, I think that’s what we’re all hoping it’s about.

Kerry Washington walked the red carpet at the Director’s Guild of America Awards last weekend wearing an adorably floaty, polka dotted Oscar de la Renta frock with a pair of bedazzled, PVC Christian Louboutin Bollywood Boulevard Pumps. She could not get any cuter. These pumps aren’t available to the non-A-lister set just yet, but you can shop an extensive selection of Christian Louboutin shoes and handbags at Saks.

And yes, in case you were wondering, Kerry’s dress is concealing a modest baby bump. She is indeed expecting her first child with her new hubs Nnamdi Asomugha, who she wed last year. Other fashion blogs were quick to label Kerry’s get-up here as a “maternity look”, but I don’t think that’s completely fair, as Oscar de la Renta isn’t exactly in the business of designing maternity wear.

Emmy Rossum does not get nearly enough credit for her fab sense of style, in my humble opinion. Here she is leaving Elle‘s Women in Television Dinner in LA, wearing a glittery pair of Christian Louboutin Princess Pumps – a CL newcomer from the Spring 2014 collection and a most appropriate pump for Emmy’s super feminine look! You can get Emmy’s exact pumps for $725 at Christian Louboutin, natch.

Many of the ladies we adore from television walked the red carpet at this Elle-sponsored event, but not everyone brought their fashion A-game. Emmy definitely had one of the best ensembles. (This is how you dress for a dinner that’s tangentially thrown in your honor, ladies.) I’ve been trying to find out who designed her dress all morning, but sadly, to no avail. Emmy’s show “Shameless” is back for its fourth season on Showtime, as of this month.

Last week, we looked on in admiration as Academy Award-winning actress Emma Thompson took the stage at the 2014 Golden Globes and chucked her Christian Louboutin pumps over her shoulder after complaining that they were painful. We been there, girl. We know that struggle. At this weekend’s 2014 Screen Actors’ Guild Awards, Thompson looked significantly more comfortable, but still in Louboutins.

Not only did Emma choose the Christian Louboutin Toboggan Flats in glittering rose gold for her SAG appearance, but she also chose a vintage dress with a hemline high enough to show them off. She’s a smart lady and knew that, after the Globes, everyone would be asking about her shoes, so she put them front and center. Luckily for Louboutin, she went with the brand again, this time in a more foot-friendly form. A match made in luxury PR heaven; both the brand and the actress have been the talk of the Internet for two awards news cycles running.

The Toboggan flats don’t appear to be currently available to non-celebs, but you can shop Louboutin via Net-a-Porter.

Reese Witherspoon has recently been dazzling us with all manner of unexpected shoe selections: a little Saint Laurent, a little Balenciaga – but these chic Christian Louboutin Iriza Pumps are a return to form. In fact, this entire outfit is a perfect example of the classic, preppy style that Reese is renowned for. Nonetheless, it’s nice to see her having a little bit (but just a little bit) of fun with a pop of leopard or an edgy bootie. You can get the Irizas in a slightly different leopard finish for $625 at Net-a-Porter.

Reese’s bag is the extra luxe The Row Day Luxe Tote. You can pick up the XL version for the very A-Lister price of $6,200 at FarFetch. In case you haven’t noticed, Reese has a jaw-droppingly good handbag collection. We invite you to give us your full assessment of Reese’s bag stash after you’ve thoroughly digested the “The Many Bags of Reese Witherspoon” and “The Many Bags of Reese Witherspoon, Part Two” on PurseBlog.

By now, you’ve probably all seen the clip of Emma Thompson presenting an award at the Golden Globes on Sunday, properly sauced and holding both her Christian Louboutin Pumps and a martini in her hands at the podium. The Golden Globes are notorious for letting stars drink and fraternize while the awards are given out, and that means that the crowd becomes progressively drunker as the night goes on. As any adult woman knows, the drunker a group of women gets, the more likely a member of the group is to discard their high heels. This time, it was Thompson, an Academy Award-winning actress, and we absolutely love her for it.

Shoes are often uncomfortable, even the flat ones, and truly gorgeous shoes are almost always excruciating. I don’t believe 99% of women who have told me that their high heels are comfortable; they all seem more like they’re trying to convince themselves than they are me, and even Christian Louboutin himself has publicly admitted that his shoes aren’t foot-friendly and aren’t intended to be. Sometimes that’s fine (usually in the first hour of the evening, when you’re still excited about your own choice in footwear), but usually it just makes you want to sit down and rub your feet, something that is generally not appreciated at the kind of events that necessitate fancy shoes. We’ve all wanted to do it, though. Badly.

Emma Thompson, Oscar-winner, sophisticated woman, elegant Brit that she is, finally just did it. She went on live television, in front of millions of people, in a borrowed gown that costs thousands of dollars at retail, and she was honest. Her feet hurt, she’d had a martini or two, and when it came time to decide whether or not she’d hold on to her shoes or her cocktail, she chose her cocktail. As I would have, and as maybe some of you would, too, if you’re being honest. Being a lover of beautiful shoes will only carry a woman so far.

If you missed the shoe-fling for the ages, check it out below, courtesy of E!


Cate Blanchett walked the red carpet at the 2014 BAFTA Tea Party in Beverly Hills last Saturday afternoon in a bright cobalt blue pair of Christian Louboutin Python Pigalle Pumps, which provided a stark contrast to her adorable, vintage-inspired red dress. You can acquire these exact pumps for $1,345 at Neiman Marcus. Because I know you’re curious, the BAFTA Tea Party is a comparatively casual awards season shindig intended to honor BAFTA nominees well before any awards are handed out.

As you probably know by now, Cate picked up a Golden Globe this weekend for her performance in “Blue Jasmine.” Louboutins, of course, had their own moment during the GGs when Emma Thompson chose to walk onstage barefoot, carrying her Louboutins in hand. She then declared “I just want you to know, this red, it’s my blood,” and tossed them over her shoulder. Emma had a martini glass in the other hand the entire time, natch.

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