Here’s Rita Ora on the set of The One Show in London, where she apparently played a little soccer in a pristine pair of Christian Louboutin White Sandals. These shoes are not yet available online, and we’re fairly sure we haven’t seen them before, so we’re guessing they might be from Louboutin’s pre-fall or fall collections. You can always shop a wide selection of Louboutins at Neiman Marcus.

We just saw Rita in a pair of Christian Louboutin Door Knock Pumps earlier this week. We don’t mean to keep pummeling your eyeballs with pictures of Rita Ora, but truth be told, she’s one of the only celebs consistently wearing interesting shoes right now. She’s currently doing a UK press tour to promote her new single, and this tour seems to call for a wealth of Louboutins.

Here’s UK pop star Rita Ora, looking particularly regal while doing the press rounds in London in support of her new single. Her bedazzled pumps are the Christian Louboutin Door Knock Pumps, which, as you can probably tell, are basically embellished $945 at Neiman Marcus. Since actual So Kates are frequently impossible to source online, I’d throw these in the virtual shopping cart tout suite.

Rita Ora is quite the jet-setter – we just saw her last week on her way to a Met Gala after party in NYC in a gilded pair of Casadei Over The Knee Strappy Boots. The last time we saw Rita in London, she was heading into a recording studio and dressed in head-to-toe Adidas gear. (I like to be comfy when I create, too.)

Here’s Blake Lively, leaving her NYC hotel in a pair of glittering, iridescent Christian Louboutin Fastissima Volcano Strass Ankle Boots that perfectly match her Valentino Butterfly Brocade Coat. The boots are covered in hand-applied crystals, which gives them their unique, ultra-sparkly, color-shifting quality. These shoes were produced in very limited quantities and are no longer available to plebeians like you and I. Blake Lively, however, is a long-time Louboutin VIP and friend of the brand, so she has special access to hard-to-find CL pieces.

You can find a more low-key pair of strass’d Christian Louboutin Iriza Pumps for $3,395 at Saks, and you can also find a very similar Valentino Butterfly Brocade Coat for $4,980 at Bergdorf Goodman. Super toned, Barbie doll-like Blake Lively legs sold separately. Christian Louboutins were essentially made with women like Blake in mind (i.e. women who have somehow attained standards of physical perfection previously thought to be unattainable); here she is in a peachy pink pair of Christian Louboutin So Kates last year.

A wedding shoe is no ordinary shoe; it has a purpose much more valuable then that. It’s a shoe worthy of taking you down the aisle, to your first dance with your hubby and to a night of celebration and laughter (and maybe a selfie or two) with your family and friends. The Christian Louboutin 2014 Bridal Collection is worthy of your special night and beyond, because a red-sole never disappoints.

Whether you like the modern appeal of a peep-toe or lace-up pump or a more traditional closed toe or slingback, Christian Louboutin has answered your inner shoe-wishes. The collection offers a great variety of white shoes like the Iriza, the Martha, and the newest edition to the Louboutin family, the Aposotrophy heel.

Of course, Louboutin didn’t forget about the bridesmaids, mothers of the bride or attendees; the collection also includes gold styles, like the Jazzy Doll and the Valnina. They do double duty for brides who aren’t into the all-white look.

We know brides have a lot on their plate leading up to their nuptials, so we are here to offer an ounce of help and hope that this great collection will be worthy of your special day!

Check out the gallery below to view the entire collection, and you can shop the Christian Louboutin Bridal collection here.

The Christian Louboutin So Kate Pumps are the most covetable, hardest-to-find shoes on the market right now, and a few styles have just arrived for pre-order at Saks! Versions in red patent and animal print calf hair are now available, and although they’ve only been available for about 48 hours, both pairs are already sold out in certain sizes! If you’ve been longing for a pair, I suggest you click on the links below, get your credit card out and start typing away! If you can start your day by buying a new pair of So Kates, you know whatever comes after it will be good.

Christian Louboutin So Kate Striped Calf Hair Pumps
$825 via Saks

Christian Loubout So Kate Striped Calf Hair Pumps

Christian Louboutin So Kate Patent Leather Pumps
$625 via Saks

Christian Loubouitn So Kate Patent Leather Pumps

Lily Allen was recently spotted in London leaving BBC Radio 1 studios after a radio interview, wearing Christian Louboutin So Kate Glitter Pumps and carrying a bubblegum pink Chanel Classic Flap Bag. These glittery So Kates are particularly magical, but don’t even waste your time falling in love. Trying to shop for So Kates online right now is like falling down a rabbit hole – they’re nearly impossible to come by in even their most basic forms. However, if you’re dead set on acquiring a pair, you’ll want to bookmark their product page at Neiman Marcus.

Neiman Marcus had exactly one size of the black patent leather So Kates available as of yesterday morning, but they’re now completely sold out. The relentless demand for So Kates will force the retailer to restock eventually, though. One day, dear readers (probably not any time in the near future), you’ll be able to acquire these pumps sans waiting lists or indefinite rainchecks. I’m guessing 2015-2016, most likely.

Sofia Vergara is rarely seen in public without a pair of sexy pumps. If Vergara is breathing oxygen and within 100 yards of a working camera, odds are she’s probably also wearing a sky-high pair of designer heels like these crystal-studded Christian Louboutin Decorapump Platforms. Sofia donned these at the premiere of Fading Gigolo in NYC. The Decoras were a seasonal offering from Louboutin and are no longer available. However, they’re built on the Daffodile base, so if you love the silhouette of these heels, you can find a pair of leather Daffodiles for $1,075 at Saks.

Fading Gigolo is a John Turturro-directed film that stars Woody Allen as an accidental pimp. I feel that’s really all any one needs to know about this film, but I suppose it’s also worth mentioning that Sofia Vergara plays a woman who arranges a menage with the gigolo in question and her gal pal, played by Sharon Stone. Scintillating.

Orange Is the New Black‘s Taylor Schilling recently donned an eye-catching, multi-colored pair of Christian Louboutin Air Chance Peekaboo Slingback Pumps on a rather unfortunately colored carpet at the Reel Stories, Real Lives benefit in LA. (It’s certainly a lot more carpet-like than most event carpets, isn’t it?) These slingbacks feature a layered mix of colorful leather, patent leather and PVC elements. You can get Taylor’s exact Louboutins for $845 at Neiman Marcus.

OITNB fans will be happy to know that all thirteen episodes of Season 2 will hit Netflix on Friday, June 6th, which confirms that I can safely opt out of Netflix for the next two months and not miss anything. If you haven’t caught the first season of OITNB yet, I highly recommend you binge-watch it in a single weekend (but not in the company of anyone who might be squeamish OR maybe a little too curious about girl-on-girl prison love scenes).

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