Anna Kendrick recently made an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman to promote the upcoming movie musical Into the Woods. She wore a rather witchy ensemble for the occasion that happened to include a pair of black leather and purple suede Christian Louboutin Corsita Booties. You can find a pair of Corsitas in black leather and leopard print calf hair for $1,295 at Net-a-Porter.

These lace-up Corsitas are a most unusual design for oversexed Christian Louboutin brand. It’s a very tailored design with a bit of a Victorian vibe. I have literally never seen another celebrity wear them (though it’s entirely possible that several have, far off my radar), which makes me excited to see what other curiosities Anna Kendrick might have in her shoe wardrobe.

Here’s Gwen Stefani, walking the red carpet at the The Voice: Top 5 party in LA. She’s wearing a pair of Christian Louboutin Corafront Pumps, so named for the big red heart plastered on their vamp. Sadly, the Corafronts are currently nowhere to be found online, and it’s unclear when and if they ever will be. In the meantime, you can shop a large assortment of Louboutin pumps at Net-a-Porter.

These pumps really pop on the red carpet, and they do a great job of drawing the eye away from those garish orange shorts that look like a nylon track jacket wrapped around Gwen’s waist. Gwen is quite partial to Louboutins, but you’re just as likely to see her in a pair of low-key Converse sneakers. Mall styles mesh well with the the high-low, couture-punk vibe Gwen has been cultivating for over a decade now.

Christian Louboutin has already entered the world of beauty in the most luxurious way: with a collection of nail polishes encased in a dramatic, architectural bottle unlike any other. The Loubtouin red, Rouge Louboutin, is without a doubt the most notable in this collection, and now this iconic shade is getting a very glamorous makeover, just in time for the holidays.

This exclusive Rouge Louboutin Starlight features the same multi-faceted bottle and long tip, but this limited edition version is encrusted with 1,500 strass crystals. The packaging is just as luxurious as the bottle itself, with two leather flowers, also adorned with strass crystals. If these flowers look familiar, that’s because they are from the Pensamoi pump that was a part of the Fall 2014 collection (and before that, the popular Pensee Pump).

If you thought $50 was an absurd amount to spend on Louboutin’s line of nail polishes, then get ready to brace yourself for this price tag. The Rouge Louboutin Starlight will set you back $675; for the same $675, you can buy a pair of So Kate pumps. But if this crystal bottle is on your wish list this season, you may want to hurry, because only a thousand are available. You can buy yours through Christian Louboutin.

There are few unspoken rules when you go sample sale. Arrive early to get the best selection (and if you think you’re early–arrive fifteen minutes earlier), grab everything you think you may want and decide later, and always bring plenty of credit cards, just in case your usual one acts up. You have to make big choices in the heated moment of a sample sale, because there’s no coming back a week later. I thought I was doing well by telling myself that I was only going to spend a maximum of $400 at the Christian Louboutin sample sale last week, but somehow that didn’t happen. (Does it ever?)

The day of the sale, I arrived a minute before the doors opened and was immediately faced with stacks and stacks of signature Louboutin boxes. The rows were separated by size, and before walking over to mine, there were stacks of boot boxes. I grabbed the last box in my size without even looking at them and kept walking. In my row, it was just me and one other girl looking through the endless boxes that contained loafers, wedges, booties, platform pumps, single-sole pumps and slingback heels.

After opening each box and putting aside everything I wanted to try on, I had a stack piled up to my mid-thigh. I’ve never been so happy to be a size 35 because the rows for larger sizes were packed, and my row had a mirror and a chart that displayed the prices for each style. I put back the platform pumps, the slingbacks and the wedges, and when I tried on the “I Love My Loubies” leopard loafers, they were the perfect flat to match my style and were on sale for $350. A shoe that is the essence of me and within my budget–score!

I put back a few more pairs of shoes, and the last thing I had to try on were the boots. As it turns out, they were an all black over-the-knee leather boot, and they were beautiful. I tried them on, and after looking at myself in the mirror, I knew that I didn’t just want them, I needed them. It’s a classic that I’ll always have, and they were simply too beautiful to leave behind. This Armurabotta over-the-knee boot retailed for $1,795, and they were on sale for $500!

The only problem, of course, was that I had already nearly maxed out my budget on a pair of loafers I really loved. I decided to be spontaneous and a bit irresponsible and buy both; the prices were just too good to pass up. I left the sale nervous and giddy all at the same time, but in the end, I knew I made the right choice. Two pairs of Louboutins for $925 is easily the best shoe deal I’ve ever gotten.

Now that I’ve said my spiel, I want to turn things over to you: what’s your best shoe deal of all time?

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Believe it or not, the man who has professed widely that comfort is not at the forefront of his mind when designing his shoes (and trust me, that’s clear) apparently cares about your comfort during at least one part of your life. Christian Louboutin has swapped his towering heels for the comfortable Air Loubi travel slipper.

The Air Loubi is a combination of a slipper and ballerina flat and is finished with a demure bow and the brand’s famous red sole. The brand refers to the Air Loubi as the travel slipper because Louboutin got inspiration for the design while watching a woman change into more comfortable shoes for a long flight.

At the end of the day, sometimes luxury and comfort win the race. If you are looking for a slipper for travel or to wear around the house, the Air Loubis will set you back $345, which is a relatively moderate price for the brand. You can shop these slippers at your local CL boutique or through Christian Louboutin online.

Kerry Washington was recently spotted heading into The View studios in NYC earlier wearing a lovely multicolored satin pair of Christian Louboutin Pigalle Follies Pumps. The Pigalle Follies pairs the new So Kate heel with the traditional Pigalle toe box, which is shorter and more severe than the toe box of the So Kate. You can currently find Kerry’s exact pumps for $625 at Net-A-Porter.

Kerry has amassed an extremely impressive designer shoe collection since her rapid rise to fame a mere two years ago. You can see more of her favorite Louboutins in “The Many Shoes of Kerry Washington”. And if that doesn’t sate your lust for all things Olivia Pope-related, you can also check out “The Many Bags of Kerry Washington” on PurseBlog.

Actress Michelle Monaghan recently attended the American Cinematheque Awards, where her True Detective costar Matthew McConaughey was honored for his contribution to the cinematic arts. Michelle hit the red carpet in a sparkling pair of mixed media Christian Louboutin Pina Spike Sandals. You can find these exact sandals for $1,045 at Neiman Marcus.

Louboutins are always a celeb fave for event carpets, but these sandals have a lot going on, and won’t necessarily mix well with other bold designer wares. Michelle pulls this style off by keeping it simple (and extra feminine) above the knee. Her adorable pale pink frock with floral trim is a Miu Miu, and her simple, glittering black clutch is from Lanvin.

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