Designer Christian Louboutin has made his mark with red soles, and now Louboutin is about to leave another kind red footprint. The shoe maven is entering the beauty realm in the most relevant way by creating a line of signature nail polishes. Upon hearing this delightful news, I took a little “lunch break” to see this fabulous display at Saks; when you’re only ten blocks away, why not?

The entire collection will feature 30 shades that will be debut August 31st, but today you can buy the infamous Rouge Louboutin shade, which is the same color as the brand’s infamous red soles, at or Saks’ flagship store here in NYC. WWD reports that this “month-long lag in distribution rollout between the red polish and the 30 remaining shades is designed to give the Rouge enamel its own time in the merchandising spotlight.”

The Christian Louboutin nail polish bottle is unlike any other bottle in your nail collection, with a distinct, architectural bottle and cap that resembles a calligraphy pen. It’s eight inches long and is modeled after the eight-inch heel of Louboutin’s Ballerina Ultima. This ultra long cap will makes for one luxurious applying experiences, and this shade will be a sure knockout with whichever pair of Louboutins you choose (or any shoe – a touch of Louboutin lacquer will always do you good).

But, of course, what’s a Louboutin product without the Louboutin price tag? These nail polishes will cost you $50 each, and you can try yours today at Saks.

Here’s Emma Stone, heading to dinner after an appearance on Letterman in an extremely exotic pair of Christian Louboutin So Kate Python Pumps. In case you missed it, Louboutin has finally started producing So Kates in quantity, so they don’t sell out immediately whenever they hit online storefronts. In fact, you can actually find a similar pair of python So Kates at Neiman Marcus for $1,395 right now.

Emma is currently on the PR warpath to promote her new flick, Woody Allen’s Magic in the Moonlight, which hits theaters on July 25th, and we recently profiled her rather immaculate designer shoe collection in “The Many Shoes of Emma Stone.” You can also browse through her matching, so-good-it’s-ungodly designer handbag collection in “The Many Bags of Emma Stone” on PurseBlog.

Here’s Khloe Kardashian, doing a little shopping in NYC with her sisters while carrying a bright blue Hermes Birkin and wearing a pair of black suede Christian Louboutin So Kate Pumps. As you can see, they do phenomenal things for some of her best assets. For the first time in TalkShoes history, these exact So Kates are NOT almost completely sold out! They’re actually available in a full range of women’s shoes sizes for $625 at Bergdorf Goodman.

Earlier this week we posted a TalkShoes reader poll that pitted the CL So Kates against the brand new CL Pigalle Follies, a slightly reinvented version of the infamous Christian Louboutin Pigalle. The Pigalle Follies currently have the edge, but that could all change in the next 12 hours. Sadly, this might mean that the So Kates are no longer the hottest thing going for Christian Louboutin. The era of So Kate supremacy could be coming to an end!

If any two styles from the Christian Louboutin shoe family are going to be the most identical and cause the most competition, it’s going to be the So Kate and Pigalle Follies pumps. The brand recently introduced the Pigalle Follies, and with the So Kate’s extreme pitch and slender heel, coupled with the Pigalle’s shorter toe box, we have a feeling these pumps are going to be the brand’s next hit.

Today, we are turning things over to you – we want to know which is your favorite! Are you a Pigalle gal or a So Kate lady? I think you might have an idea where my vote will be going.

Buy your pair of So Kates through Neiman Marcus for $625 or buy your Pigalle Follies pumps through Barneys for $625.

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Shoe:Christian Louboutin Camo & Metallic Red Sole Bootie

Price: $1,195 via Bergdorf Goodman

Why It’s the Shoe of the Week: Mix a little bit of camo with and a little of metallic, and what do you get? This beautiful Christian Louboutin bootie that will give any outfit a tough girl edge.

Here’s UK pop star Lily Allen, attending the Serpentine Gallery Summer Party, wearing quite a (literally) cheeky ensemble that includes a sparkly pair of Christian Louboutin Pigalle Glitter Pumps. There were plenty of other London notables in attendance (Cara Delevingne, Keira Knightley, several members of the royal family, etc.), but I can’t imagine their outfits were quite as eye-popping. You can find a regular black leather pair of Lily’s pumps for $625 at Net-A-Porter.

Lily gets a lot of blogspace on both TalkShoes and PurseBlog because her designer wardrobe is absurdly good, and she has a much stronger/edgier sense of personal style than most celebs. Lily is also one of Karl Lagerfeld’s many celeb pets, so she’s up to her eyeballs in Chanel and Fendi bags and accessories. You can peruse Lily’s many fab looks and choice handbags in “The Many Bags of Lily Allen.”

The newest addition to the Christian Louboutin shoe family is the Pigalle Follies pump, and we have a feeling they may give the So Kate a little bit of competition within the brand, melding the Pigalle’s revamped toe box with the So Kate’s slender heel and steep pitch.

When we first reported on this debut, many of you were excited to grab a pair to call your own, and we have some good news for you! We found a great selection of the Pigalle Follies pumps in both a 100mm heel and a 120mm heel, available for purchase at Barneys, all are retailing for $625! Check out the full selection in the gallery below!

Alessandra Ambrosio recently attended a Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer charity function in Santa Monica wearing a beautiful pair of tri-color Christian Louboutin Gwynitta Sandals. Alessandra is quite a fan of the Gwynittas (and Louboutins in general); we saw her in a pretty neutral version of these sandals back in March. You can find the Louboutins seen here for $745 at Saks.

Few celebs wear summer better than Brazilian supermodels. You can check out all of Alessandra’s best looks and pick up more than a few summer styling tips in “The Many Bags of Alessandra Ambrosio” on PurseBlog. For even more seasonal inspiration, you can also revisit “The Most Memorable Celebrity Shoe Moments of Summer 2013.”

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