Shoes: Charlotte Olympia Fiesta Meredith Fringe Wedge

Price: $1,295 via Bergdorf Goodman

Why It’s the Shoe of the Week: It’s that time of year: holiday stress has set in. As we finish up our holiday shopping, we can all use a little bit of fun, and this Charlotte Olympia wedge is just that. This all-around fringe looks like a hula skirt, but it’s up to you to get your shoes to shimmy.

We all knowCharlotte Olympia to be two things: quirky (very quirky) and expensive (very expensive). With Charlotte Dellal’s newest collection, Party Shoes, don’t expect to see kitties, pinup girls or gummi bears anywhere.

Dellal is well aware of her target audience, but she also does a very good job of broadening her business to welcome newcomers to the brand. These Party Shoes are the perfect gateway for new customers and an opportunity to develop a new, loyal fan base; these pumps are stripped of all things irreverent and instead are adorned with luscious satin. They come in a variety of colors that range from hot pink to a deep violet, and all are edged with PVC; a detail that was also used in Dellal’s other conservative collection, 9 Till 5. These pumps are as luxe as they are practical, and just in time to wear to all your holiday festivities.

The 85mm low heels are $665 and the 110mm pumps are $695, which constitutes moderate pricing for the brand. You can shop this collection at Charlotte Olympia.

Shoes: Charlotte Olympia Pinup Sandals

Price: $982 via

Why It’s the Shoe of the Week: It may be irreverent and unconventional, but this Charlotte Olympia Pinup Sandal definitely made us smile this morning. It features a playful cartoon of a pinup lady that we promise will cause a lot more laughs and a lot less controversy than Kim K’s backside.

Here’s actress Jena Malone, looking especially glamorous at the London premiere of “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part I”. Jena paired gilded satin Charlotte Olympia Satin Dolly Pumps with a high-slit, off the shoulder satin gown. You can find a suede version of these Dollys for $795 at SSENSE.

Jena Malone has been acting since she was a child, and she spent most of her adolescence toiling away in grittier indie fare, but her high profile role in The Hunger Games franchise has finally catapulted her into the high fashion stratosphere. Incidentally, she also fronts a band called The Shoe.

Here’s Taylor Swift, exiting the Good Morning America studios on Monday morning (the day of her highly anticipated 1989 album release). She’s wearing an especially vertiginous pair of bold, bi-color Charlotte Olympia Dolly Suede Pumps. These shoes are currently on sale in a different color combo for $605 (down from $1,009!) at

I half-expected Taylor to be wearing a pair of Charlotte Olympia’s Kitty Pumps, given her newfound affinity for cats and all things cat-related. Taylor has been acquiring/wearing new designer pumps at an impressive clip, and while she doesn’t have her own edition of “The Many Shoes of…” just yet, I’m guessing one will magically appear on TS in the very near future.

Shoes: Charlotte Olympia Monroe Unzipped Print-Heel Pump


Why It’s the Shoe of the Week: You may be surprised to find that these are Charlotte Olympia pumps, but they’re indeed a Charlotte Dellal creation. This black pump gets edgy with its zipper detailing and printed heel; if you thought you couldn’t turn to Charlotte Olympia for a basic black pump, you may want to think again.

Charlotte Dellal may have looked into her Magic 8 ball when she debuted her now-famous Charlotte Olympia Kitty loafer seasons ago, because within the last few months, the cat craze has reached an all-time high. (Just think for a second how many times you’ve seen the Grumpy Cat in the past year; that cat has probably traveled to more places than either of us). Dellal isn’t done yet – she has more kitties on the way.

The Charlotte Olympia brand knew when to capitalize on the Kitty loafer, and this collection now features personified cats, like a very studious Clever Kitty or the bohemian Hippy Kitty. The Kitty loafer, in its all-velvet form, is very polished in appearance while still evoking the brand’s signature playfulness. The designs of Charlotte Dellal may leave me baffled at times, but I will admit, I’ve always been a fan of these loafers.

Check out the full collection in the gallery below and tell us which Kitty flat fits with your personality!

It can be a challenge to find work-appropriate shoes to wear in the summer, and while we offered our expertise in this department not long ago, we now have one more designer to add to the list of those that cater to such practical needs: Charlotte Olympia. You’re probably wondering when would Olympia’s quirky and whimsical shoes ever be accepted at the office, and designer Charlotte Dellal was probably thinking the same thing. Now, the Charlotte Olympia brand has debuted its newest line, the ‘9 till 5′ collection, which is available exclusively at Net-a-Porter!

The conservative pumps from Charlotte Olympia’s ‘9 till 5′ collection were designed with the working woman in mind. The heel height is moderate, and all of the options are covered in luscious suede. Dellal chose to spice things up just a pinch by adding minor flourishes like PVC inserts, tassels, and a buckle at the vamp. As for the price, the shoes from this collection are not as expensive as even the most basic pair of Olympia’s wilder offerings, which start at $695; shoes from the ‘9 till 5′ collection range from $645 to $665.

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