Charlotte Dellal may have looked into her Magic 8 ball when she debuted her now-famous Charlotte Olympia Kitty loafer seasons ago, because within the last few months, the cat craze has reached an all-time high. (Just think for a second how many times you’ve seen the Grumpy Cat in the past year; that cat has probably traveled to more places than either of us). Dellal isn’t done yet – she has more kitties on the way.

The Charlotte Olympia brand knew when to capitalize on the Kitty loafer, and this collection now features personified cats, like a very studious Clever Kitty or the bohemian Hippy Kitty. The Kitty loafer, in its all-velvet form, is very polished in appearance while still evoking the brand’s signature playfulness. The designs of Charlotte Dellal may leave me baffled at times, but I will admit, I’ve always been a fan of these loafers.

Check out the full collection in the gallery below and tell us which Kitty flat fits with your personality!

It can be a challenge to find work-appropriate shoes to wear in the summer, and while we offered our expertise in this department not long ago, we now have one more designer to add to the list of those that cater to such practical needs: Charlotte Olympia. You’re probably wondering when would Olympia’s quirky and whimsical shoes ever be accepted at the office, and designer Charlotte Dellal was probably thinking the same thing. Now, the Charlotte Olympia brand has debuted its newest line, the ’9 till 5′ collection, which is available exclusively at Net-a-Porter!

The conservative pumps from Charlotte Olympia’s ’9 till 5′ collection were designed with the working woman in mind. The heel height is moderate, and all of the options are covered in luscious suede. Dellal chose to spice things up just a pinch by adding minor flourishes like PVC inserts, tassels, and a buckle at the vamp. As for the price, the shoes from this collection are not as expensive as even the most basic pair of Olympia’s wilder offerings, which start at $695; shoes from the ’9 till 5′ collection range from $645 to $665.

Normally I try not feature the same designer two weeks in a row, but I just couldn’t resist. I’m also generally not shocked by Charlotte Dellal’s in-your-face designs at Charlotte Olympia, but when I first laid eyes on the Charlotte Olympia Hands On Embellished Suede Sandals, I was horrified and speechless. (Just for a moment, though. I can’t be speechless about these things for too long, otherwise I won’t have a job.)

Before I started writing, I sent a picture of these shoes to my friends Brittany and Jill. Brittany agreed with my negative feelings, but Jill had a different opinion. She said that they were beautiful and unique, and that if she had the money, she would buy them.

I understand the aesthetic of the Charlotte Olympia brand very well by now, and I do applaud Dellal’s creativity and unique perspective. If one thing is for sure, no one out there is quite as bold as she is, and her shoes are meant to make a statement. As unique as these are, I’m not sure I’m the right person to wear them.

Were you like me and got the chills when you saw these sandals, or did you agree with my friend and would wear these if given the chance? Or are just waiting for the new 9-to-5 collection to debut? Tell me your thoughts in the comments!

Buy a pair through Net-a-Porter for $1,195.

Nothing should surprise me when it comes to Charlotte Olympia’s designs. When I saw this ‘Gummi Bear’ Sandal, was I surprised to see a line of gummi bears descending the shoe’s T-strap? No. What’s surprised me was that this shoe costs over a thousand dollars. (more…)

I’ve come to determine that Charlotte Olympia is a brand that people either love or hate; usually there is no middle ground. Designer Charlotte Dellal has a very distinct design aesthetic that’s often literal and lavish, making many of her designs extremely recognizable. For me, usually her thick platforms, sky high heels and general kookiness are a dead giveaway. When I spotted these Soho Studded PVC Ankle-Wrap Sandals, I was pleasantly surprised that they were indeed a Charlotte Olympia design.

This studded PVC sandal is the most “normal” sandal that I’ve seen from the brand in a long time. When I first saw it, I didn’t think it was from the brand at all. This sandal, by Olympia standards, isn’t over-the-top, the platform is stripped (although a very tiny platform is still visible) and we have no signs of literalness whatsoever. Although this sandal may lack mermaids and tigers, this rather simple design still holds the large Charlotte Olympia price tag that will set you back quite a bit. Maybe her upcoming 9-to-5 collection is influencing her to be slightly more conservative.

Buy your Charlotte Olympia PVC Studded Sandal through Bergdorf Goodman for $1,195.

Charlotte Olympia is known its conversational and literal accessory collections, and while we’ve given mixed reviews about many of these designs (let’s remember the Soda Bottle Heel Sandal), practicality is often an issue even if we love Charlotte Dellal’s creations. With Dellal’s new 9-to-5 Collection, coming soon, women who need more practical (but still stylish) shoes will get a bit of a break.

As Fashionista reports, Dellal’s theory for the 9-to-5 Collection is to provide a solution for “stylish women who need accessories that are a bit more understated for the office.” This new line will definitely give a new dynamic to the brand and broaden the consumer base as it lures in clients that may not be open to the whimsical pieces you see above.

This collection is will consist of day-appropriate handbags (a first for the brand), as well as basic versions of the brand’s already popular pumps. In case you worried that the collection would be without Dellal’s signature whimsy, the new collection’s shoeboxes will resemble briefcases. We are loving with the briefcase shoebox idea, along with the modest accessories, and we are really looking forward to seeing this new collection!

What do you get when you mix PVC, glitter, suede, and a soda bottle? If you weren’t able to guess, the answer is these Charlotte Olympia Soda Bottle-Heel Platform Sandals. If that was a real bottle of soda attached to this sandal, then we might be be impressed at the designer’s ingenuity, but otherwise, this is just another Charlottel Dellal creation that I just cannot bring myself to endorse.

Writing about shoes, very few design choices seem to astound me anymore, but this one made me shriek. In fright. I can get past the PVC and glittery suede, but the soda bottle heel is very literal, even for me, who can, for the most part, accept the brand’s design choices. I understand that this sandal has a strong sense of literalness to capture the brand’s nostalgic tendencies and retro glamour, but sometimes that doesn’t translate well to a shoe. Case in point.

If a soda-pop heel is just the sandal you need to add to your shoe collection, then buy yours through Neiman Marcus for $1,695.

Today we have the blog equivalent of a double header for you – two famous Brits, two pairs of fabulous designer shoes, one post! Here’s UK fashionista Alexa Chung, shopping alongside fellow famous Brit (and popular UK singer/songwriter) Rita Ora on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Remarkably, a third famous Brit, Pixie Geldof, was also present, but is not pictured here. As you can see, Alexa and Rita’s personal styles could not be more dissimilar, but they are both sporting pretty premium shoe selections.

Alexa is wearing the ever-adorable, black velvet Charlotte Olympia Kitty Loafers, which you can pick up for $525 at Net-A-Porter. She’s also carrying a Chanel Classic Flap Bag. Alexa Chung’s handbag collection, as you might suspect, is pretty amazing – you can take a gander in “The Many Bags of Alexa Chung” on PurseBlog.

Rita, on the other hand, is wearing an edgy pair of Saint Laurent Rock Booties and carrying a bag we don’t recognize. You can find Rita’s booties at My Theresa for $1,575. Rita may not be a household name in the US just yet, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve her own edition of “The Many Bags of…”, which we rightfully awarded her back in 2013.

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