Christian Louboutin Highness Pumps, $1075 via Net-a-Porter

I got into an interesting conversation with a group of female friends yesterday – are heels ever really, truly comfortable? For the overwhelming majority of women, I don’t think high heels ever are. Sure, most of us might be able to endure a couple of hours at a party, and a lot of us might assure our friends that our heels are great, but the women who actually feel that way are few and far between.

Giuseppe Zanotti Mangrove Snake Peep Toe Pumps: Were $750, now $375 via Net-a-Porter

As you likely know by now, when Net-a-Porter has a sale, the site adds new products and takes additional discounts off existing sale items every Monday. That makes for some lucky finds after a few weeks, and today I have scoured the 11 pages of sale shoes to find the best bang for your buck: the Giuseppe Zanotti Mangrove Snake Peep Toe Pumps.

Rosamosario Suede Mules, $1140 via Net-a-Porter

If you followed along with our footwear coverage of the various Spring 2012 fashion weeks, you probably noticed something a tad troubling – the fashion industry, in what I can only call not one of its finer moments, has decided to try and make mules happen again. Sadly, I don’t mean the animal, although I’d rather have an actual mule around the house (good for carrying cases of Diet Coke home from the grocery store!) than wear a pair of mule shoes.

Miu Miu Sequined Leather Pumps, $890 via Net-a-Porter

I’m a huge Miu Miu fangirl, as you all know, and I’m always prepared to slobber all over whatever new Miu Miu might land on the Net-a-Porter new arrivals page. And don’t get me wrong, I do really, really like the Miu Miu Sequined Leather Pumps. I like that they’re a little bit like the disco version of Dorothy’s ruby slippers.

Moschino Cheap and Chic Wet-a-Porter Wellies, $170 via Net-a-Porter

I love a good play on words, and the name of the Moschino Cheap and Chic Wet-a-Porter Wellies is just so meta. The booties were custom-designed for Net-a-Porter and feature a take on the site’s name, which is itself a take on the French term for “ready to wear” clothing, pret-a-porter.

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New York City has been a dreary, no-fun mess for days. Rainy, windy, cold, you name it – Sergio Rossi’s Spring 2012 shoes could have come along at a better time to perk me up. Maybe if I focus really hard on them and not on what’s going on outside of my windows, I can actually make the weather less awful.

Christian Louboutin Asteroid Pumps, $1595 via Neiman Marcus

When you think about it, you touch things with your feet a lot during the day. A playful kick or footsie session under a table, using the toe of one shoe to scratch the back of your opposite leg, the various upholstered cars that you get into and out of on a daily basis.

On Black Friday, we listed our best buys from the always-amazing Net-a-Porter seasonal sale. Naturally, things sell out quickly, but the best part about the Net-a-Porter sale is that it gets new items (and still-available items get reductions) every week like clockwork. Yesterday, a brand new crop of shoes showed up for our shopping pleasure, some at dazzling discounts, and we’ve got our choice for the 10 you might want to snag before they sell out, after the jump.

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