Not only are sneakers comfortable and perfect for just about any season, but they’re enormously trendy right now. Not only have high-end designers all put their own spin on the classics, but regular, affordable sneaker brands are churning out some incredibly fashionable options. Below, check out the shoes that the TalkShoes team is coveting at the moment.

In the summer, wedges are a godsend. They let you look polished and add a little hight at weddings and other outdoor events, but they don’t sink into grass the way that traditional heels do, and they give you a little more support when navigating uneven terrain. In this week’s edition of Want It Wednesday, check out which pairs that TalkShoes team has chosen to lead us sure-footedly through the end of the summer.

Even though it’s still sweltering outside, stores are quickly filling up with all the pre-fall and fall goodies any of us could possibly want. For today’s Want It Wednesday, we’re wading into the shallow end of our seasonal wish lists.

This week, we’re celebrating both a short week and America’s Independence Day at the TalkShoes offices, and obviously we could think of only one color scheme in which to do it in. Below, check out the team’s favorite red, white and blue shoes.

Even with as many different kinds of shoes as we talk about here, everyone in the TalkShoes office is going to be wearing mostly one kind until the weather turns cool again: flat sandals. Not only are they a fact of life in a city where you do a lot of walking in stifling summer heat and humidity, but they’re just pleasant to wear, by and large.

If you’re a regular TalkShoes reader, you know that you can usually find a roundup of all the shoes we’re wanting for the week in this space. Today, though, we decided to dedicate Want It Wednesday to what we want to put on our toes.

I got a particularly inspired blue pedicure this weekend (and, not coincidentally, one that goes particularly well with the silver Birkenstocks I’ve been wearing non-stop since I got them), and it reminded me all the more of how much a good color choice can impact what’s going on below your ankles.

It’s Wednesday, so that means it’s time for our latest round of wishful acquisitiveness in this week’s Want It Wednesday. In addition to pretty neon Proenza sandals, we’ve got some practical summer picks and a little bit of wackiness waiting for you below.

We’re in the midst of sale season, so for this round of Want It Wednesday, it seemed only right that we scour the web for our favorite shoes at a markdown. Below, check out the results of our search!

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