In the TalkShoes offices, we’re looking forward to spring so badly that it’s not even February and we’ve already completely eschewed booties in favor of summery pumps and sunny sandals. When it comes to Want It Wednesday that is – we’re not looking to lose any toes, so in real life, our feet our still firmly planted behind socks and boots.

As much as anything, Proenza Schouler is a brand famous for its hardware. While some brands use leather trim or signature colorblock schemes to differentiate their bags from others, Proenza has always adorned its bags with highly unique, often ornate hardware, much of which has become a de facto logo for the brand’s most high-profile products.

Until now, that hardware has been isolated to Proenza’s cash-cow bags and small leather goods, but as of Spring 2014, the brand’s signature pieces, specifically from the PS1, are heading south – to your feet.

I’m usually a little bit dubious of a glitter pedicure for one reason: from a distance, the glitter might look like dirty or chips in your polish instead of shimmery shards of reflective material. Dirty toes: not a good look. For the Deborah Lippmann Space Oddity Collection, though, I’d be willing to give it a shot for our pedicure of the week.

We’ve given you a solid 24 hours to wrap your head around the Chanel Couture Sneakers, which we now know took 30+ hours apiece to make and will only be available to those who purchase their corresponding clothes, so now let’s tackle the Dior Haute Couture Spring 2014 Pool Shoes. Yep.

If you’re not familiar with pool shoes, let someone who grew up going to the panhandle of Florida every summer in the early 90s (the only qualifications necessary to be a pool shoe expert) inform you: they’re sorta like thin, cheap sneakers, but instead of a normal upper with laces, you have a wide, enclosed swath of stretchy neoprene that makes it virtually impossible for it to be sucked off your foot by a wave.

Around the TalkShoes offices, we’ve mostly decided to move onto spring shoes. Sure, I went to Barneys over the long weekend and tried on every boot and loafer they had in a 39.5 or 40 on the sale rack (big feet, I have them), but I didn’t end up buying anything; spiritually, I’m already living in spring, and so are my footwear compatriots.

Last week, we looked on in admiration as Academy Award-winning actress Emma Thompson took the stage at the 2014 Golden Globes and chucked her Christian Louboutin pumps over her shoulder after complaining that they were painful. We been there, girl. We know that struggle. At this weekend’s 2014 Screen Actors’ Guild Awards, Thompson looked significantly more comfortable, but still in Louboutins.

It seems like the entire shoe industry has been abuzz with curiosity over Sarah Jessica Parker’s new shoe line, SJP, since the project was first announced, and with good reason: George Malkemus, CEO of Manolo Blahnik, has been helping her out with the line’s development. Based on the line’s preview video from The Coveteur, you can see Blahnik’s influence all over the designs.

By now, you’ve probably all seen the clip of Emma Thompson presenting an award at the Golden Globes on Sunday, properly sauced and holding both her Christian Louboutin Pumps and a martini in her hands at the podium. The Golden Globes are notorious for letting stars drink and fraternize while the awards are given out, and that means that the crowd becomes progressively drunker as the night goes on.

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