To be clear, I don’t personally support the sneaker-wedge trend. Not only do I remember the first time it happened, way back in the 90s, but I didn’t like it then, either. It’s a look that doesn’t appear to be falling out of favor any time soon, though, and as a result, I feel like it’s my duty to present to you, the reader, reasonable alternatives to the perpetually sold-out Isabel Marant gold standard when they present themselves. As such, here are the Ash Perforated Wedge Sneakers. (more…)

When a pair of shoes is as sought-after as the Isabel Marant Sneaker Wedges, it’s only a matter of time until the copycats come out of the woodwork. In footwear, there are a number of brands that seemingly make their entire living on the coattails of more expensive brands, and in this case, Ash is one of those brands. The Ash Bowie Sneaker Wedges changed very little from their French inspiration. (more…)

Be gentle, you guys. I’m kind of embarrassed.

I spent most of last year grumbling about how much I don’t like clogs, and over the winter, I had some harsh words about the super chunky platforms that started to appear across the footwear landscape. I was resolute in my correctness, just as I was sure that those would be two trends that would never turn me into a believer.

Well, I was wrong. And now I really want to buy the very reasonably priced Ash Vicky Crisscross Clog Sandals, which combine the two trends into one shoe that I might love just a little bit. (more…)

Alexander McQueen is oft-imitated and never duplicated, but you can’t hold it against a girl for trying. The Alexander McQueen Ski Ankle Booties ring in at four figures, and that’s just not in everyone’s shoe budget. Luckily, the Ash Egoist Cuff Boots have a similar feeling without being an obvious rip-off, and the price is much more palatable. (more…)

Clearly, it’s unfair to compare Christian Louboutin’s shoes to those of almost any other brand on the market. Not only does Louboutin make arguably the most stylish footwear on the planet, but his prices are equally out-of-this-world. When other premier designers struggle to compete, what hope does a “contemporary” brand have?

As it turns out, with some design restraint and a bit of flair, a few mid-priced brands aren’t doing too badly for themselves. When you compare the Christian Louboutin Egoustina Boots with these Ash Studded Motorcycle Boots, it’s abundantly clear which pair is more expensive and luxurious. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t also love to have the lower-priced pair, though, particularly at a sub-$400 price point. (more…)

As most of us know far too well, the bigger the shoe, the bigger the price tag. Leather boots regularly bump up into the four-figure range, and it can be difficult for fashionistas on a budget to find knee-high boots that are good quality but also don’t send them to the poor house.

I’m one of those fashionistas on a bit of a budget, and because of that, I’ve been following new brand Ash very closely. According to the company’s website and my vague memory of the semester of Italian that I took in college, the brand has been making shoes since 2000 but has just recently gained widespread distribution in the US. And not a moment too soon, either – I am coveting the Ash Tall Ruched Wedge Boots for fall. (more…)

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