Givenchy Fall 2013 Shoes (1)

For being part of an overall collection that had so much going on, the shoes from Givenchy Fall 2013 were remarkably consistent throughout the collection, and perhaps more notably, they were wearable. Sure, striated, multicolored snakeskin mid-calf boots may not be the simplest thing to work into one’s wardrobe, but they’re likely light-years more functional for the average luxury shoe shopper than the fascinating-if-weird sandals from Spring 2013.

The shoes varied in shade from berry to fire, and where the snakeskin itself didn’t provide a disciplined stripe, Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci created one out of layers of leather and snake. I have a feeling the designs would be better-received at retail if they had been either knee-high or ankle-high, but the mid-calf height creates an interesting proportion on models, even if it does make us mere mortals look a little thick through the leg. Something tells me there’ll be a variety of options available come fall. The curved heels, on the other hand, can stay exactly as they are.

[Photos via Vogue]

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  • lulu

    These boots are beautiful. The gentile s curve of the heal, fitted stripped python bodice and thankfully no peep-toe nonsense make this an amazing series. Rich complimentary color combinations-YUMMY.

  • shueaddict

    I love everything except the curved heel … nevertheless, stunning runway shoes !!!!

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