Charlotte Olympia Fall 2013 Fairy Tale Shoes

If you’ve seen any of the (many) Instagram’d images from the Charlotte Olympia Fall 2013 shoe presentation, you probably had some kind of idea in mind of what was going to come next. After all, designer Charlotte Dellal isn’t one to play coy with her inspirations and ideas, and a giant Rapunzel braid snaking down a hotel’s grand staircase would let even the densest among us know that we’re in for a fairy tale in shoe form. Naturally, that’s exactly what Dellal delivered.

Charlotte Olympia is up for pre-order now on Moda Operandi through March 11, and the shoes themselves cover fairy tale territory ranging from Sleeping Beauty to Goldilocks and the Three Bears to whatever it was that gave us the whole Frog Prince scenario. (As you can tell, I’m not entirely up to speed on my fairy tale history.) If you’ve never found Charlotte’s particular brand of whimsy interesting before, there’s likely nothing here for you now; the brand seems determined not to stray far from its irreverent roots. If you Dellal’s humor, though, these shoes are the latest in an impressive string of hits. Shop the full selection at Moda Operandi or take a look at our picks below.

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