Amy Poehler wears black leather Acne Pistol Booties in Beverly Hills (5)

Here’s one of my absolute fave comediennes, Amy Poehler, wearing Acne Pistol Booties while doing a little shopping with her (adorably ginger) kids at a Beverly Hills farmer’s market. You can pick up a pair of your own for $570 at Net-A-Porter. Amy tastes in designer wares tend to skew towards more affordable, up-and-coming names (check her out here with this $363 Claire Vivier Messenger Bag). I like to chalk it up to her general awesomeness, though like any celeb worth her salt, she does throw down the big designer names on the red carpet.

Also, a tiny shout-out to my fellow Parks & Rec fans – how adorable was the wedding episode? How is it that this show continues to warm the cockles of my cynical little heart time after time, while remaining both ridiculously well-written and hilarious?

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