Kate Spade Gwen Flats

With single-sole pumps the chicest thing going in the heel world at the moment, it seems that flats have gotten a bit of a stylistic cleanup of their own. Of course, flats suffer from a few design challenges: they provide little surface area for a designer to work with, people expect them to be comfortable to an extent that they don’t expect of other types of shoes and the angle at which a foot interacts with the back of a flat can often be more blister-inducing than even the worst heels. Making a flat that looks as angular and sophisticated as one of the season’s single-soles is a tall order, but Kate Spade’s done it with the Kate Spade Gwen Flats.

I’ve never been a huge fan of pointed-toe flats, but this design is easily the best version of the shape in recent memory. With a loafer-like vamp and mirrored leather (in both silver and gold, but I prefer silver), the design takes a couple cues from some of the hottest footwear trends going right now. The overall aesthetic of the shoe is also fresh and forward-looking, without any of the saccharine trappings that tend to plague contemporary flats.

As far as comfort goes, I can’t personally attest to whether this pair is painful or not because I’ve never tried them on. I’d really like to remedy that in the near future, though. Buy through Nordstrom for $258.


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