Balenciaga Fall 2013 Shoes (7)

The fashion world has been waiting not-so-patiently to see Alexander Wang’s debut collection for Balenciaga, mostly with a certain amount of pent-up derision for how the young American designer would never live up to the legend that Nicolas Ghesquiere built at the company. As it turns out, though, Balenciaga Fall 2013 has met with critical praise; Wang stepped up to the position and produced a smart, modern line of clothing with just enough nods to the company’s past. But what’s the deal with the shoes?

The show walked at 3:30 a.m. New York City time, so suffice it to say I didn’t watch live; as a result, I don’t know how well the models fared in these logic-defying pumps. This might be as much toe cleavage as I’ve ever seen, though, and likely as much as is physically possible while still maintaining the guise of possible forward movement. The thong straps that bisect the models’ feet on most of the designs are likely there out of pure necessity, and I can’t imagine they’re a pleasure to wear. If you’re looking for the last word in modernity, though, these shoes are likely it. Would you ever try a pair?

[Images via Vogue]

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  • Kate B

    Ugh, they’re all so unattractive and uncomfortable-looking. And they make the models look like they all have club feet!

    • Unfortunately I agree – these look highly uncomfortable and they don’t do justice to anyone’s foot…

  • David

    the only shoes ive seen that were more open and impractical were heels from margiela spring summer 2011, these shoes are all scary

  • Sandra

    I hate seeing this as I love Alexander Wang and have several pairs of his shoes. The shoes look awkward and uncomfortable….and the cut is just not flattering to the foot.

  • If the models can’t make these look good, I doubt they will look any better on my foot. They just look too clunky and unflattering.

  • Amanda

    No. Just…no.

  • foxgal

    Well, I’ll be the discordant voice here – I actually really like them. Looks like the pictures were taken when the models were mid-step so with pressure they may look ackward, but I can see how they would look awesomely sexy sitting with legs crossed. Same as CL’s and all the other torture devices out there! MUCH nicer and more flattering than some of the collections I’ve seen featuring thong-straps and open toes!

    • Michelle Ditomaso

      Do you know the name of this style?

  • albryu

    high heel that without straps are much harder to walk these days, they slip easily… any good experience to share that you can walk effortlessly.

  • Steph

    Toe Cleavage Overload

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