Balenciaga Origami Sandals

You’d think that there are something things that inherently cannot be made minimal. Ruffles, bows, that sort of thing – embellishments that have an intrinsically maximal feel to them, not least by virtue of functioning as embellishments in the first place. You’d be wrong, at least when it comes to Nicolas Ghesquiere’s genius last collection for Balenciaga. Not only did he conceive of a wonderful ready-to-wear collection full of stark black and white ruffles, but the Balenciaga Origami Sandals are proof that the brains behind the brand can do interesting things with bows as well.

From this angle, you can see both the front-side “bow” visual and the intricate folding that allows strips of leather to take on that look. It’s made even more three-dimensional with the use of a double-sided material – peach leather on one side, grey embossed lizard on the other. That gives the design a sense of depth that wouldn’t otherwise be as grand, and without it, the “bow” effect wouldn’t be quite so pronounced. It’s all very clever – feminine, but not girlish. Attractive, but not pretty. It walks a fine line, and the ability to walk that line will be much missed with Ghesquiere’s departure from the brand after 15 years and brilliant collection after brilliant collection. Buy through for $774.


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