Victoria Beckham wears her own Manolo Blahnik Fall 2013 runway shoes (5)

Victoria Beckham was recently spotted in Paris wearing a fetching pair of pumps from her Fall 2013 runway show. All of her runway shoes were custom designed for the show by Manolo Blahnik this season. That gig used to belong to Christian Louboutin, who created custom CL shoes for VB shows for several seasons, (check out the Christian Louboutin Vicky boots – a collaboration between CL and VB) but Victoria switched to Manolo for her Spring 2013 line and chose to continue the partnership for Fall 2013. These pumps are, of course, too new to be available online, but you can shop an extensive selection of Manolo Blahnik shoes at Neiman Marcus.

While the Beckhams relocated back to the UK just this year, Victoria has already trounced rumors that she’ll be moving her runway shows from NYC to London. (But keep your fingers crossed, London Fashion Week. Her brand is super hot, and we imagine it’d be nice to have it closer to home.)

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