Acne Brush Suede Cowboy Boots

There’s nothing that strikes fear into the hearts of shoe lovers like white suede. Independently, suede shoes and white shoes are difficult enough to keep clean; shoes, after all, do spend an inordinate amount of time on the ground. When those two attributes combine, you’re simply a spilled glass of red wine away from disaster. With as much white space as you find on the Acne Suede Cowboy Boots, your problems increase exponentially.

I saw these shoes in person before I encountered them online, and in real life, they’re…striking. Or maybe “attention-grabbing” would be a more value-neutral way to put it; this design in this particular shade and texture certainly draws the eye, particularly since the boots are so tall, but they boggle the mind in a lot of ways. There’s the initial question of how you keep $750 of white suede clean, of course, but also, what do you pair it with? I could see this design being a clever substitution in the old floaty-dress-with-work-boots equation, but even then, where do you wear these boots that they wouldn’t be immediately ruined? Nowhere in New York City, that’s for sure.

Give us your destination ideas in the comments, or if you think your powers of cleanliness are very strong, pick up these boots for $750 via Net-a-Porter.

  • Sandra

    Maybe a cowboy wedding, if I had lost my mind….no, not even then. They are hideous.

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