Clear shoes

Over the last few years, clear shoes have gone from pole dancing essentials to the ultra-feminine Valentino Spring 2013 runway, which is the type of steep, swift ascension known only to Jennifer Hudson and the former prostitute who now shows her lingerie collection at Paris Couture Week. (Google that, I’m not making it up.) (Google that carefully.)

These days, clear shoes come in two varieties (clear heel or clear upper) and seemingly endless aesthetics, all the way from girlish to super-sexy to just plain weird. There’s likely a clear shoe somewhere, at some price point, that would appeal to you, if you’re so inclined. But are you? Personally, I love a well-executed clear heel (one that looks modern and interesting instead of aggressively sexual), but I don’t know if I could do a clear upper. My feet sweat, and they’re already pretty hard to please without being in contact with plastic all day. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy looking, though – I’ve picked some of the best at a variety of price points for the slideshow below.

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  • Nida

    Love the louboutins and the valentinos. Damn those studded valentinos. The more I see them, the more I want them…

  • cchan2009

    I think they are great shoes when the clear goes on the heel making them a lucite feel. Clear is hard to do without looking cheap. On the heel it is safer and look classier. My POV.

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