Holographic Shoes

As you might have heard from us before, “holographic” is the word of the moment when it comes to texture. The finish works particularly well on shoes because they’re not directly in anyone’s line of vision and generally don’t have all that much surface area, which lends itself well to bold finishes that could look cheap in larger doses. If you’re curious at all about holographic clothing and what it can do for your wardrobe, shoes are the place to begin.

We’ve assembled a number of holo options in virtually every price range, but there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind before you begin. First, an extreme finish or texture works best on a simple shape. Second, a holo finish can often be elevated it by layering it over something more tactile – for instance, the natural scales of snakeskin help to break up the shine a bit and achieve a subtler look. If subtle’s what you’re looking for, anyway – some of these shoes are the exact opposite.

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