UGG Classic Short Boots

The TalkShoes team is taking President’s Day off to recharge after Fashion Week and watch House of Cards on Netflix, but for those of you who are looking for a distraction in the office or some amusing reading on your day off, we’d like to point you toward this little article about how much Vogue editors and writers, theoretically some of the chicest men and women on the planet, all secretly adore their enormous collections of UGG boots, some of which are personalized. Oh, and Helmut Lang, too. Grace Coddington totally outed Helmut Lang’s UGG collection. Why? Because she wore her UGGs to his house.

Other notables in the article who cop to wearing UGGs for all kinds of around-town activities include Andre Leon Talley, Meredith Melling Burke, Lynn Yaeger and Jessica Sailer. The message is clear: If you’ve shied away from these comfy-cozy shearling wonders because you were afraid they were gauche, you’ve been had. All of the people who tell you what to wear have been secretly sporting them for years, all the while assuring you that the road to style was paved with sky-high stilettos. Even my most ardent heel-loving friend dons a pair from time to time.

Me? I have two pairs: the UGG Classic Short Boots in grey, above, and the UGG Belcloud Boots for more serious weather. I wore the latter to plenty of New York Fashion Week shows after last weekend’s blizzard, in addition to a round of shoe shopping at both Barneys and Bergdorfs. No one batted an eyelash. They all have secret UGGs, too, and eventually, everyone’s UGGs become not-so-secret.

Go ahead, join the club. Pick up the Classic Shorts for $155 via Neiman Marcus.


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