Prada Tricolor Double Platform Ankle Strap Sandals

If there’s one thing Miuccia Prada loves, it’s the challenge of taking something ugly and recasting it in a beautiful light, and while doing is, challenging her consumers to rethink their own concepts of what can or can’t be aesthetically appealing. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at the Prada Spring 2013 Runway Shoes, some of which are now available for purchase at

As she always does, though, Miuccia managed to translate some (emphasis on “some”) of the runway madness into something totally wearable. The leather/satin boot-sandals (bootdals?) are still around, but the strict straps and pretty bows have also been used to create a few sandals that manage to be both girlish and modern without sacrificing the finer points of either. You can have the full-on madness or just a touch of it – take your pick. Check out our picks from the runway collection below or shop the full selection via Neiman Marcus.

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  • Sandra

    Hideous. period.

  • shueaddict

    I thought recasting the ugly into the new beautiful was Marc Jacob’s job.
    Anyhow … less shoes to tempt my gold card

  • nappy

    the sandals, i would totally wear, but the boots, a bit hard to pull off if you’re not a “Fashion” person

  • Sailor Orbit

    What are you talking about? This whole collection is just so friggin awesome! Why can’t anyone see that? It’s getting the heel without having to tighten up your Achilles’ tendon. Anyway I desperately want the runway shoes which I can’t find anywhere!

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