Charlotte Olympia Cherie Poodle Heel Platform Sandal

Yes. Yes it is. That’s a poodle. A poodle for a heel.

The Charlotte Olympia Cherie Poodle Heel Platform Sandal (see, it’s right there in the name) takes designer Charlotte Dellal’s penchant for using everything from bird cages to garden lattices for heels and ratchets it up to the next level. Now, a little resin dog is there to provide the wearer with several extra inches of height on top of the several extra layers of kitsch. A good thing or a bad thing? Depends on your personal feelings about shoe humor.

I don’t love the shape of the shoe over all – the structure and proportion of the platform with all of the little straps is 90s in a way that I’m not yet prepared to revisit – but I do love irreverence. I also love a designer that doesn’t take herself or her product too seriously, and Dellal is famous for her funny shoes for fun-loving women who also love seriously well-made footwear. I certainly can’t imagine myself donning this particular shoe for a number of reasons, but if it speaks to your pink-poodle-loving soul, then you shine on, you crazy diamond. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $1,695.

  • It’s so cute! For sure, fashionistas are now excited to own this! 🙂

  • I must admit, this is brilliant. I wouldn’t wear these, but I picture Anna Dello Russo rocking them in style !

  • I’d never wear this shoe, but I’m so happy it EXISTS.

  • sandy

    wow, such knock-off the brand that did greyhounds last season….

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