Christian Louboutin Foraine Glitter Platform Pumps

It says something about the brand’s incomparable record of footwear delights that it took me this long to find a pair of Louboutins that just do nothing for me at all, but finally, the time has come. I can find nothing redeeming about the Christian Louboutin Foraine Glitter-Platform Pumps and it’s almost comforting to admit that. It’s how you know the designers at Louboutin are still human beings; I had begun to doubt it.

For sure, I’ve found Louboutins in the past that I didn’t personally care for, but I still understood why some people would find them attractive. Even with this pair, which I think is as objectively unattractive as a Louboutin will ever get, the workmanship that the brand puts into its shoes is clear. Instead of using printed striped leather, which would have provided the same visual effect with much less work and expense involved, the stripes are created with stitched-together leather pieces.

That’s an unnecessary detail, but even in a shoe I don’t like, it demonstrates one of the major reasons that Louboutins are so popular – they deliver a full luxury shoe experience, all the way down to the details, which isn’t something that all designers worry about much anymore. The delicate pink trim is also a nice touch, if you like that sort of thing. I don’t like any of the color choices that are going on with this pair of shoes, but I respect what went into them. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $995.

  • shueaddict

    so true !!!!

  • Laureen

    Ha I kind of love these, though I could do without the little bow.

  • sara

    the color combination here makes me a little nauseous

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