B Brian Atwood Linford Floral Booties

If you spend any appreciable time looking at, thinking about or shopping for shoes, you’ve probably noticed that premium designer brands are more adventurous than their contemporary counterparts. That’s for good reason; premium designers have a somewhat narrow customer brace that’s primed to push the aesthetic boundaries and try new looks and trends, even if they do it at great expense. Contemporary brands, on the other hand, have a broader base that spends less on shoes, so it’s sometimes a risk to count on them spending on shoes that are particularly impractical or trend-specific. With the B Brian Atwood Linford Floral Booties, Atwood clearly isn’t worried about toeing that narrow line.

In the context of the Atwood aesthetic, shoes like these – bright, bold, trend-riddled and focused on an audience that loves a fun shoe. For the longtime admirer of Atwood’s shoes who just can’t spend $700 or more per pair, the B line is a great opportunity – the aesthetic hasn’t been watered down much, if at all, even if the details are a little more simple. If Atwood’s diffusion line is selling well, this design will probably follow suit because it hits a lot of high-end trends that Atwood fans likely covet at a relatively, while still maintaining a relatively achievable price point.

Does the design itself work? Well, it’s a much-maligned open-toe bootie, so that will eliminate it from consideration for some people. I do like the print, though, especially in the small dose that a shoe provides. If I’m being nitpicky, I wish the laces were shorter. Ultimately, though, I think it’d make a very modern addition to a simple black cocktail dress. Buy through ShopBop for $495.

  • Lizzy C-F

    Just letting you know – for me,
    buy through shopbop” link goes to the Barneys “Ware of the Dog” sweater, not the shoes!

    • Hi Lizzy! Thanks for letting us know. We updated the link!

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