Charlotte Olympia Jingle Bell Dolly Pumps

I may have become addicted to writing about Charlotte Olympia’s shoes. I restrained myself all last week, but when I saw the Charlotte Olympia Jingle Bell Doll Pumps show up on the New Arrivals page at Net-a-Porter, I simply couldn’t stop myself any longer. Not only are these pumps a beautiful shade of red, but you can make actual shoe music with them.

Sure, the market for jingly designer platforms is probably pretty limited, but Charlotte Delal has never been afraid of appealing to a very specific niche audience. Specifically, she appeals to those who have big shoe budgets and even bigger senses of humor. In that context, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better or more appropriate shoe for a holiday party. Red velvet atop a gold platform, finished with gold jingle bells – what’s not to love? Unless you’re one of those people who finds bells annoying. Bah humbug.

Occasionally, though, Delal even makes allowances for practicality. The jingle-dotted strap is completely removable, which means that once the party season is over, people will be none the wiser about your musical secret. Unless you want them to be, of course. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $825.

  • puia

    lovely color! the combination of red and gold is regal! like walls of Buckingham Palace!

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