Heiress/model/owner of covetable designer goods Tamara Ecclestone seems to be on a whirlwind tour of the US this week. Purseblog spotted her in NYC just a few days ago, downing a Tasti D-lite fro-yo, and now here she is again on the opposite coast, teetering around West Hollywood in her Christian Louboutin Maillot Platforms and sipping on a tall Frappuccino. You can grab a pair of these truly epic pumps for yourself for $1195 on the Christian Louboutin website.

Ok you guys, truth-telling time. I don’t believe anyone can walk in these things. Exhibit A: Tamara Ecclestone does not even seem to be in motion here. The platform base looks like it’s sturdy enough to prevent you from toppling over at any second, but why oh why would you strap these on for a walking tour of West Hollywood? Don’t get me wrong – from a design standpoint, they’re gorgeous. They were made for the red carpet. They’re just probably a lot more functional if there’s a handtruck standing by to wheel you to your next destination. (Louboutin enthusiasts, please feel free to prove me wrong.)

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  • shueaddict

    oh come on, of course you can walk on them … not very far mind you but still. My first CLs were Rolando pumps … I have spent hours stoically teetering over a cocktail crowd … but it was sooooo worth it .

    • Innnnteresting – so I’m correct in thinking the mobility factor = not so awesome, but they’re not impossible to walk in, for very limited distances?

  • I totally agree with the author, these are just too glamorous and precious to be worn on daily basis, but after all, we’re talking about Tamara Ecclestone’s shoes here.

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