Brian Atwood TriBeCa Sandals

I love when resort items start to arrive for pre-order online. As much as I personally prefer the type of dressing that cold weather requires, there’s just something so jubilant and lively about spring footwear, and resort is often springier than spring itself. Originally, resort was meant to clothe and shod the well-heeled on their tropical winter vacations, but now it’s just the first sentinel of the next part of the dressing cycle; the red-breasted robin of the fashion industry.

Resort shoes have started to arrive in earnest at all my favorite online retail haunts, and designs like the Brian Atwood TriBeCa Sandals are turning my head left and right. Spring is coming. We just have to get to (and through) winter first. So tell me – when warm weather finally arrives (or when you chase it down for a holiday vacation in a batter climate), what would you pair with these shoes?

If you’d like to play this game in real life, pick up your own pair for $1695 via Neiman Marcus.

  • shueaddict

    same shade of salmon Halston chiffon dress I picked up last year … but to be honest I am kind of over the platform shoe, nevermind the double one.

  • FashionableLena

    the bathroom. With a heel and platform that high, that’s about as far as I could go. If it were shorter, I’d wear it to Vegas. Gold studs belong in Vegas.

  • FallonLatrece

    To a wedding. Or a first date….!!!

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