Christian Louboutin Spikes Pumps

I bet Christian Louboutin looks back fondly on the day he decided to start covering his shoes in studs (or “spikes,” in the parlance of the brand). Since then, the embellishment has adorned everything from incredibly chic smoking flats for both men and women to terrifically sexy stilettos and platforms (Also for men and women, if you’re open-minded like that), generally to great effect and even greater consumer response.

Naturally, that brings up one of the most important questions of our time: do you like your spikes to match the body of the shoe, or do you like a little metallic contrast? Louboutin’s first spiked shoes were black with silver studs, and the Christian Louboutin Fifi Spikes follows in that tradition. Lately, though, Louboutin has branched out into tonal studs, like you see on the Christian Louboutin Pigalle Spikes. I must say, I’m partial to this version, especially for sexy stilettos – it feels very modern. Which do you prefer?

Christian Louboutin Fifi Spikes
$1195 via Neiman Marcus

Christian Louboutin Pigalle Spikes
$1195 via Neiman Marcus

  • Iram

    I love both versions, both are HAWT.
    Although the contrast ones slightly more :-)

  • Maya

    Definitely matching!

  • dontaskmetosmile

    Tonal, for sure. The nude and black versions of the Pigalle are gorgeous! The flats are lovely, too. To me they look more elegant than the contrasting ones. The black and silver combination are a little too “biker-stripper” to me.

  • Joanna

    I love the red version!!!

  • esion lin

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