Once in a while when browsing the web you come across that one shoe that makes you stop and cringe. Unfortunately, this Dolce & Gabbana Tapestry and Leather Ankle Boot had me wincing. Yes, literally wincing. I’m all for letting accessories take over the spotlight in an outfit, but this is just, well, awful. The needlepoint detail gives off a grandma-ish quality that I don’t believe works well with anything, even a classic black dress.

The tapestry detailing is your typical floral print that incorporates various pink, blue, green and yellow hues. (It’ss probably very similar to what your grandmother’s work if she’s into needlepoint). This design is set throughout the entire boot, including the heel, with added gold accents in the center of the boot. I understand Dolce is trying to evoke a vintage and European-inspired kind of style with its fall collection, but I don’t think a tapestry shoe is the way to go about producing this look. So what does a shoe like retail for? Try $1,575. You can try this look yourself at Net-A-Porter.

  • Love those shoes…..

  • Isabella

    I don’t konw, usually I go for shoes with one max two colors and preferably whiteout any bold details. But I do love these!

  • Larisa

    I kind of like them!

  • I actually think this is an excellent statement shoe and i’m absolutely in love with it.

  • Melissa

    Are all of you people crazy?! These shoes are hideous. I cant think of any outfit or occasion when these shoes would be appropriate.

    And yes, this is a excellent statement shoe…if the statement is “I’m a crazy cat lady”

  • Anjum Hameed

    I like these shoes!!..

  • FashionableLena

    I am in love with these shoes, and I’m not a shoe person.

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