A good deal is hard to find in the world of fancy shoes. Cheap shoes almost always look cheap (often even cheaper than they actually are) and expensive shoes…well, sometimes they look cheap too. If you’re on anything resembling a reasonable budget, finding a chic, wearable pair of shoes that doesn’t break the bank can be an exhausting endeavor. At under $300, the detailed, modern Rebecca Taylor Syklar Snakeskin Pumps might be exactly what you’re looking for. And yes, hey’re real snakeskin.

These shoes tick so many important boxes right now – pointed toe, sleek design, ankle strap, exotic elements – that I can barely believe they exist at such an attainable price point. The combinations of textures is particularly impressive; the laser-cut ankle strap combined with the grey snake vamp creates a very high-end look that could easily retail at a much higher price. What’s perhaps best about this design, though, is its versatility. These shoes could accompany everything from a set of slim wool crepe trousers at the office to a floaty little black cocktail dress on a Saturday night. Buy though Net-a-Porter for $295.


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