I’m always a fan of Charlotte Olympia, but in the past few weeks, as Resort 2013 has started to show up at online retailers for pre-order, I’ve felt myself become downright obsessed. Perhaps the designer’s irreverent, highly detailed designs just naturally fit well with the renewal and liveliness of spring, or maybe we’re watching Charlotte Delal mature as a young designer before our very eyes. Maybe it’s a bit of both! Whatever the reason, shoes like the Charlotte Olympia Dolly Feather Rainbow Pumps are a whole lot of fun.

As soon as I set eyes on these shoes, I knew what they reminded me of – a gay pride parade. Anyone who’s ever been to one or seen one pictures probably knows exactly what I mean; they’re exuberant celebrations where feathers, rainbows and vertiginous platform shoes are in abundant supply. It wouldn’t surprise me to see these shoes donned by someone like Kathy Griffin while serving as the Grand Marshall of such an event, or if they’re available in large sizes, maybe even Miss RuPaul herself. I mean that, of course, as a compliment to the design – drag queens always have the fiercest accessories and the best makeup tips. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $1495.

  • Courtney Hathaway

    I think someone is spamming your comment section. Look at this post and the last couple. Just saying…

  • they actually remind me of a macaw, which leads me to Alexander McQueen S/S 08 which then may or may not remind me of a gay parade but the do remind me Karlie Kloss

  • J.H.

    They’re like Sesame Street themed shoes for adults! 😀

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