Usually when the weather is terrible outside (and it is terrible in New York City and seems like it’s been that way forever), I try to find a corresponding shoe to urge a little practicality among the stiletto lovers. As much as I love looking at Louboutins, we all have a need for stylish flats, boots and inclement weather options in our closets.

In this situation, thought, I felt motivated to do the exact opposite; instead, I went looking for the most ridiculous, outlandish, sparkliest shoes I could find. Sometimes reality is too depressing, and that’s when you need crazy shoes, even if they’re just to look at. That’s where the Giuseppe Zanotti Crystal Exaggerated Wedge Platforms come in, but you had probably already puzzled that out by now.

I’ve done some comparisons between this design and Zanotti’s other nutty platforms, and here’s what I can tell you: these are even nuttier! They’re not as aggressively “heelless” as some of the previous pairs we’ve looked at, but the wedge does swoop inward noticeably, giving the wearer a considerably smaller surface area for steppin’ than they’d get with a regular wedge. Secondly, these shoes are even taller than you’d imagine. Six inch wedges still look super tall to me, so I figured that maybe these would be seven. I was low – you get an additional eight inches of height with these shoes, not to mention the exponential increase in foot sparkle. Wear them carefully, though, and preferably only while sitting down. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $2195.


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