If you’re a regular reader over at PurseBlog, you know that holographic materials are officially A Thing for…well, the pieces have been spread across Fall 2012, Resort 2013 and Spring 2013, but trust me, it’s a thing that’s happening. Whatever the holographic materials is – leather, nylon, some sort of nondescript frankentextile – a holographic finish can either be futuristic-cool or shiny-tacky, simply by its very nature. Designers who take it on are doing something genuinely risky if they’re not confident in their talent.

Stella McCartney, of course, is supremely confident. Which brings us to the Stella McCartney Mirror Prism Pumps, which are either resplendent or terrible, depending on how traditional your sense of style is.

This much holographic finish all on one piece can be bracing, especially out of the context of a well-considered outfit. Holo is best used sparingly, as an accent to more traditional finishes and textures. With a pair of holo shoes, though, the wearer has an opportunity to use them as their own accent. At first this design seemed too over-the-top, too shiny, too 80s-looking, but when I tried to imagine it in the context of a really smart ensemble, it started to make more sense. Imagine these shoes as a futuristic detail with a sleek, modern ensemble – something from the upcoming Dior or Balenciaga collections, for example. In that context, these shoes look great. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $760. (Are they worth the money? I’m not sure. There are some more subtle and luxurious versions out there.)

  • sara

    Perfect shoes for Future Barbie!

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