Mix taupe, brown, and neon yellow and what do you get? One funky color, that’s what. Ok, that may be true, but what these colors do create is a color block sensation. For this post, I waas interested in finding the shoe that best demonstrates the colorblock technique. Please put your hands together for my favorite colorblock shoe of the week: United Nude’s Pin Naomi Metal Heel Color Block Bootie.

As you all know, colorblocking is a major trend right now. Some designs are conservative, preferring to combine black and white, black and brown, black and gray and so on. Things get a bit more drastic when designers starting doing things like mixing black or neutral colors with neons, metallics, and animal prints. This United Nude bootie works as a colorblocked piece because it combines two neutral colors with the perfect pop of color, neon yellow.

What’s also interesting is this shoe plays with the idea of juxtaposing textures. The front is leather in the taupe color, the back of the bootie is brown suede, and the neon yellow elastic in the middle acts as a bridge to tie these colors together. The small platform and skinny metal heel also add to the textural story. These combinations make for a fun boot to flaunt in the fall and winter months because of its unique structure and color combination. Does anyone agree? Available via ShopBop for $300.

  • sara

    Imagine that shoe walking on ice! Ouch!

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